African Black Soap for Acne and Magical Benefits

Whether your acne is chronic or it flairs up occasionally, you understand how difficult finding the right product can be. There are a lot of different lotions, creams and medicines that help, but treating your skin with all the chemicals is not without its downsides. Some solutions work, but as soon as you are off the product, the acne return. ButĀ African black soap for acne might be different than others.

african black soap for acne

You should consider going to a natural and organic product. One, that does not have any adverse effects on the skin and that you can trust wholly. In this case, African black soap for acne is a surprise. Unlike what you may be expecting from acne products, African black soap is soft and it is also soothing to the skin. Here is what you need to know about this amazing cure for acne.

What is the African Black Soap

It is a soap traditionally made in Africa with a unique collection of ingredients which all contribute to its magical properties. The soap is made in Ghana and Togo. Its ingredients are coconut oil, palm oil, water, plantains, cocoa pods and shea trees. The bark and the leaves of palm trees are also utilized for the soap. Where some of the oils keep the skin supple and glowing, other products exert different effects, such as the cocoa pods which contribute anti-inflammatory properties to the soap.

African Black Soap for Acne

The benefits of African black soap for acne are countless. However, the one property that it is renowned for is the removal of acne. Acne is caused when sebaceous glands on the skin produce too much oil, and that extra oil gets clogged in the ducts and channels of the gland. Once there is a buildup of oil, bacteria and other microorganisms inhabit this nutrient-rich environment. Their growth gives you the typical spots that are seen in acne.

Black soap completely cleans the skin. It removes oil from these glands and prevents acne from occurring. Other than this, irritating skin products often exacerbate acne. On the contrary, black soap has a soothing effect on the skin. It speeds up the recovery of the acne pits on your skin. The ash, which is an important ingredient of black soap, also exfoliates the skin and clears the sebaceous glands, and at the same time, the oils in the soap also impart the oil layers which is also important to maintain a soft and healthy skin.

All the ingredients work in tandem to fix your acne and to make your skin healthier and softer. The oils and the shea butter moisturize the skin, ash removes excess fat and other ingredients also give anti-fungal effects.

Other Benefits of Black Soap

There are some other features of African soap which make it a god send. All these features an perks contribute to why it is a great skin product which you should have at home,

  • It works with all skin types: irrespective of the tone of the skin and the health of your skin, there is always something that the black soap has to offer.
  • It is cheap and affordable. If you are unsure about starting a new and traditional remedy for your acne, you should know that there really is no downside. The black soap does so many great things to your skin and all for a minor price.
  • Eczema and Psoriasis are the pathological conditions. Black soap is a very effective remedy for this. The oils and soothing elements, on one hand, make the skin softer and less itchy and irritating. On the other hand, iron and vitamins which are present in black oil also promote recovery of skin and replacement of the psoriasis with supple healthy skin.
  • Back breakouts can also be remedied with black soap. Prickly heat can be an irritating problem in the summer. Using black soap makes it go away quickly.
  • Dark scars or areas of hyperpigmentation are tough to hide or to get rid of. Black soap certainly helps in the process because it evens out the skin tone. Experts suggest that using it with turmeric actually improves its benefit even further.
  • It is very useful for cleaning and rubbing off makeup.

african black soap for acne

How to Use African Black Soap

The best thing to do when trying out a new product to help you get rid of acne is to be patient. Most organic products exert their effect slowly but surely. The same can be said about black soap. If there is any redness in the skin, then you should stop using African black soap for acne. You should also make sure that the black soap available to you is natural or not. Usually, washing your face with black soap twice a day keeps the glands clean and it also keeps your face healthy and moisturized.

How to Know if the Soap is Natural

It is possible that you are not getting the real and natural black soap. The following sings will help you determine the quality of soap you are using.

Manufacturing country is a tell-tale sign because the traditional production of black soap is led to a few African countries. There are no preservatives or coloring agents in the natural soap and so they should not be mentioned on the ingredients list as well. Real black soap has a dark brown color and it has an earthy smell. Both are from the ashes and other natural ingredients. Any other smell or color would indicate then you should look for other sources of black soap.


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