Best babysitting games to make the task easy

Babysitting is a respectable job. It is an excellent opportunity to earn money when professional jobs are not an option. It is a great experience that many young people have lived at least once. However, it is not easy. Some children can feel a bit leery of spending time with a babysitter while mom and dad are not at home. Babysitters have to prepare age-appropriate activities. Babysitting games are the best option to have fun and improve mutual trust. A babysitter must have to be the knowledge, how to take care of a baby properly? After breastfeeding period, a babysitter has to take care about baby’s fitness with the proper fitness tracker.

babysitting games

When children are given to caregivers while their parents are away, dealing with them it is difficult. There are lots of activities for kids that result in fun and educational at the same time. Doing these activities helps to break the ice and ensure a smooth and wonderful experience for all. It is useful if parents and children feedback their opinions to be better. Babysitting games have to be age-appropriate, fun and educational.

If you are a babysitter, you should remember that kids probably will always remember you and the experience they lived when you took care of them. Keeping busy these little humans can be difficult, but it is possible. For building a strategy, the first thing you need to know is the characteristics of the place you are going to be and the main information about the kids. If you know your working conditions, you can plan games according to specific situations. There are babysitting games for all the ages. Some of them can only be played indoor or outdoor. Depending on the situation, many games can be played or not.

Try to do always something different. You need to be creative. Surely, kids will be thankful. They just want to have a good experience while their parents are away; for that reason, boring games are not an option. You can be helped by technologic devices like computers and smartphones. Here is a list of some babysitting games for your next babysitting job. You will sure have a good time together if you play:

Indoor games:

Simon says: This is an amazing traditional learning activity to teach younger children vocabulary, part of the human body and more. It is very famous for schools and kids love this game. Children have to do all that the babysitter says.

I spy: This game is perfect for shy kids. These kids need to be encouraged. You can do it by playing a round of this fun game. You can start it out in the room they are most comfortable in. The objective is to find interesting thing inside and outside the house.

Hide-and-seek: This is a classic. When kids are older, it can be played in the dark, but when you are taking care of little cares even a little quick round of peek-a-boo can be enough to break the ice.

Storytelling: All the kids love to tell stories. Whether they are young or old, they will enjoy sharing their stories if there is enough confidence.

Freeze dance: It is an excellent way to break the ice and get kids moving by dancing. Play a kid-friendly song and stop it. Children must stop or freeze every time that the music stops. They must stay freeze until music plays again.

Charades: When you are babysitting multiple children, you must integrate them all in the games. This game is interactive and can be played by younger and older, equally. It is better if you play charades in two teams. Just grab a pen and paper and write down a few kid-friendly topics, such as habits, popular movies or characters, cartoons, TV shows, and others. Cut the paper into pieces and put them into a bowl. One team has to choose a member to represent the team. This person has to select a piece of paper and act out while the other team member takes a few guesses. You can chronometer each team time using your smartphone or a conventional stopwatch, for example. To score points, it is necessary that the team guess what they represent tries to explain just by acting.

Puzzles: Some kids might think this is a boring game. However, this is one of the most educational, engaging, and rewarding games that children can play. Babysitters can play with kids as well and it is very useful for developing intelligence and self-confidence. Finishing a puzzle will provide the children a very positive sense of achievement. They will feel that they can accomplish objectives on their own even when they mom and dad are away. This is not a game that should be played in your first time as a babysitter; however, if mutual confidence is strong enough, you can have fun playing puzzles and other brain-boosting games.

Outdoor babysitting games

Pop the burbles: It can sound simple, but kids love to compete and this is a very competitive activity. Go outside with the kids in your charge and tell them that the one who pops the most bubbles wins. Blow bubbles into the air. They can pop bubbles all at once or take turns. You decide.

Balloon tennis: Take balls and rackets or make them with recycled materials such as paper plates and paper. Being creative is up to you. Blown up one or two balloons and use them like tennis balls. This is game is perfect for developing their fine motor skills. Older children will completely love it because it is extremely fun.

Babysitting games are designed to be a good way of developing children´s skills. They increase self-confidence and mutual interaction. Many values can be taught by playing. At the end of the day, it does not matter how many games you play, children will remember those amazing moments with you while their parents were away.

Babysitting jobs are a good way to earn money and learn about life and babysitting games will be making your job easier. Children are little humans that can make you see lots of things every time you spend time with them. Playing is the best way to learn and have a good time together. They probably will remember you for years!


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