Black Seed Oil for Skin and the Benefits You Might Be Missing

Black seed oil is extracted from black seeds, also known as black cumin. In Arabic, black seed is called Habbatul Baraka which means “blessed seed”. It’s rejuvenation qualities have always been suspected and believed in, but now, with modern research and experiment, the presence of these qualities is confirmed. The extent to which the uses of black seed oil for skin have been tested is proven by the fact that there have been more than five hundred research papers and two hundred studies on the oil in recent decades.

Black seed oil for skin

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It is always good to have some black seed oil at home. The human skin is susceptible to damage by dryness or nutritional deficiencies as well as infections. Many nutrients are absolutely fundamental for a healthy skin. These include various vitamins, ions and anti-oxidants.

Black seed oil for skin

Some nutrients are distributed to the skin through the body, whereas other nutrients can also be absorbed topically from lotions and oil massages. Here are some benefits of black seed oil for skin.

Regrowth of Bald Patches

Alopecia is very common among lots of people. These bald patches often appear at obnoxious and noticeable places. One of the benefits of black seed oil for skin is that it promotes the regrowth of hair in these bald patches. This quality is owed to the fact that is packed with more than a hundred micronutrients and a lot of essential and healthy fatty acids. Potassium, calcium, zinc and essential fatty acids are found in great quantities in black seed oil.

Acne Treatment

If you want an organic treatment for acne and if you are reluctant to start on steroids, then you should at least give black seed oil a try. The acne pimples appear in part because of inflammation of the glandular tissue and cells. Black oil, because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. This anti-inflammatory effect makes the pimples smaller, and it speeds up their recovery.Black seed oil was used to treat skin irritation in ancient times, and its soothing effect is still recognized and utilized today. Black seed oil has also been proven to slow the spread of acne, and it considerably halts the appearance of new pimples.

Black seed oil for skin

Moisturization of Dry Skin

Dry skin is a problem that everyone has to deal with in the winter. Though there are a myriad of different treatments, the organic and natural moisturizers are believed to have the best qualities. Black seed oil is rich in plant fatty acids and amino acids. They enrich the skin and maintain the lipid barrier which is keeping your skin from drying and cracking. The soothing effect of black seed oil, combined with its moisturizing quality will give your skin an amazing glow.

Prevention of Premature Aging

Black seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants which fight off a myriad of toxins inside the body. They also remove free-radicals from the blood and thus prevent their accumulation and damaging effects on the skin and hair follicles. This damage is in part responsible for premature aging, and prolonged use of black seed oil keeps your skin young, healthy and glowing. It prevents appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, the neck and the cheeks and it imparts a youthful glow to your skin.

Stimulatation of Hair Growth

Hair growth is perhaps the most famous quality of black seed oil for skin. It strengthens hair follicles, helps them grow faster and it also prevents formation of split ends. It speeds up the growth rate of hair because it is packed with lots of essential amino acids. These amino acids are directly absorbed and utilized in the hair buds of your skin.This is also a fast and effective treatment if you suspect that there is lack of essential amino acids or fatty acids in your diet, and it is slowing down hair growth, or causing hair fall.

Hair Softening

If you have course hair, then you are no stranger to how hard and course they can get. Use black seed oil and it will soften them. The best thing is that it only takes about three teaspoons of oil to completely and adequately massage your hair, and that this is a remedy for all hair types from curly to frizzy and straight.

Eye Lashes and Eye Brows Thickening

Not only does black seed oil speed up hair growth, but it also increases the density of hair by promoting development of more hair follicles. This effect is best seen on the eye lashes and eye brows. By dabbing your brows with a finger covered in black seed oil is sufficient and you will begin to see result within a very short time.

Black seed oil for skin

Treatment of Diseases

Black seed oil was used in old ages to treat infections and skin diseases and to prevent irritation resulting from these infections. The same qualities are recognized by scientific research. The utility of black seed oil is limitless. It helps to reduce itching in chicken pox, it soothes the skin and softens it for patients suffering from eczema. It has anti inflammatory effects which help fight urticaria and inflammation.

To treatment conditions like eczema and urticaria, the best procedure is to mix black seed oil with olive oil or any other natural oil. It is also recommended to add a bit of honey to give the oils the proper consistency for a soothing massage.


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