Bob Proctor Net Worth in 2020 | Amazing Facts About His Money Making!

bob proctor net worth

When do you feel depressed or stressed in a day? Maybe you will reply- morning/ night. Well, sometimes, we indeed feel so low and scattered.

Most of us then listen to songs, motivational speeches, etc. These words rebuild the energy in us. They work like magic. But do you know who the magician is?

Exactly, Motivational speakers are our mood lifter and new hope to start a modern-day. Bob Proctor is one of them.

And we know many of you want to learn about his life. So why not start with Bob proctor’s net worth?

Okay, end of this article, you will know about His net worth, the background of his career, and last but not least, there will be a short chat about Bob Proctors’ bio.

Who is Bob Proctor?

You have already known that Bob is a famous motivational speaker. There are a few mind readers, and Bob is one of the leading experts in mind reading.

Not only this, the renowned speaker owns a wellness company, Proctors Gallaher Institute.

This person is a role model of positivity. There will always be a heart-melting smile on his face.

Besides speaking, he loves to write and spread positivity. Peoples from home and abroad early wait for his sessions and books.

His maximum books have acknowledged as the bestseller books. He is a pioneer in the advancement of mental health.

Once people neglect the importance of mental health, but his efforts make them realize that mental health matters to be a better person.

And for his tremendous effort, he was awarded the Toastmasters– Communication and Leadership Award in 1988.

And in 2001, he received another acknowledgment as an Honorary Chairman. Here he got National Charity Awards.

Bob Proctors bio at a glance

NameBob Proctor
Date of birth5th July 1934
BirthplaceOntario, Canada
Age84 years old
Zodiac signCancer
Weight72 kg
EducationUniversidad del Salvador Organizational coaching  
ParentsNot found
SiblingsNot found
Marital statusMarried
Girlfriend / WifeLinda Proctor 
ChildrenThree children  
Net worth20 million
WebsiteProctor Gallagher Institute
Last update  October 2020

 Bob Proctor Net Worth

The famous influencer started his earning from just 100 dollars, and by don’t of his hard labor and dedication, he made it in millions. Till October 2020, Bob Proctor has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

You may now ask the source of his income. Well, most of his earnings come from motivational seminars, counseling.

And he publishes a book every year or two that brings him the best selling award as well as plenty of dollars.

The career of Bob Proctor

You will be amazed to know that Bob was a college dropout. He proves that if you have the passion and quality, everyone will honor you.

And if you are talking about his career, let me tell you that the figure is a versatile character. He started his life as an entrepreneur.

Over time he became a teacher, a businessman, a counselor,  and an author. But his excellency was in public speaking. He can cast a spell on his listeners. He is now also working as a career consultant for many youths.

In school, he preferred to read inspirational books like Earl Nightingale, Wallace D. Wattles, and Napoleon Hill, etc. These books have broadened his outlook, and he changed his way of living.

Another interesting fact about the person is he roamed around the world, and in his early life, he worked in chain shops, hotels by a minimum payment. He also worked in different companies. 

Later he met with Earl Nightingale. He joined Nightingale Conant. Nightingale inspired him continuously by teaching personal growth and development.

After becoming Vice President

So, as a result, he ranked as a Vice  President of the sale of the  Conant. Later he set up his mind to start his own company to motivate people, teach people how to extract the best qualities.

With the time Bob got students from Canada and the USA, and after Bob’s counseling, the students were doing good.

From the early ’70s to now, he is trying to give people a better life. Now he has his corporate office in London, Toronto, Ontario.

With a view to it, Bob started to write books on personal development. Two or three of his books became the bestseller books. “Contact Capital,” “You were Born Rich,” “The ABCs of Success is notable among these.

The famous Bob isn’t only good at reading and writing; instead, in 2006, he made an appearance in a film named The Secret.

From then he also simultaneously popular in TV shows. A prestigious invitation from Larry King and Allen makes his profile attractive.


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