Carpet Beetle Bites-Learn How to Deal with Carpet Beetles

Notice some spot on the skin? Thinking it’s a Carpet beetle bites? Well, it’s not only just you. Most of the people think carpet beetle can bite. This is truly a misconception; maybe developed in peoples mind due to the fact it looks pretty similar to bed bugs. As bed bugs are a blood-sucking pest, so we mismatch it with carpet beetles. In this article, we will discuss how to identify these pests, the reaction of carpet beetles and how to get rid of it. So let’s start.

So just what carpet beetle?

carpet beetle bites

Carpet beetles belong to the insect family named dermestids. These pests are approximately 1-10 to 1-8 inch long, almost round in shape. The color may vary from reddish to light brown. As the name indicate, carpet beetles mostly found on the carpet. It was named back to that time when the carpet was prepared from wool. But nowadays most modern and fashionable carpets form of synthetic fibers. As a result, these we don’t usually found carpet beetles from the carpet in the present day. Normally these insects prefer dead organic material like shed hair, linen, feather, dead bugs and wools.

According to the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program, there are three major varieties of carpet beetles.

  1. Carpet beetle
  2. The furniture carpet beetle
  3. The black carpet beetle

Carpet beetles usually have 11 segmented antennae that look like a club. Their wings are apparently membranous as well as covered by an exterior shell. It’s very hard to find a carpet beetle’s eyes.These beetles love to live to infiltrate homes and outdoor. So they can accidentally enter inside with food or even flower. Once they got inside the home, this insect search a dark location. If they get the suitable condition, it can live up to one year in your home

Some interesting facts about carpet beetles you should know to avoid Carpet beetle bites

  • Carpet beetles are very shy.
  • They will attract to you while you are sleeping. You wonder why? It’s because of the CO2 gas exhale when sleeping.
  • It can fly.

Do Carpet Beetle Bites Human?

There is a huge misconception, carpet beetle bite human. But sharp clumps of hair larva is the main culprit and mistaken as carpet beetles bites. It’s human’s natural ultimate action to control insects’ bites. This bit of hair or larva of carpet is pretty sensitive to the victim who has an allergic reaction, especially children. It also may affect skin ailment like lymphadenopathy, dermatitis or vasculitis, and allergic rhinitis. But we assure you this red lesion on the skin is not a bite, but happen for an allergic reaction.

carpet beetle bites

In a word, carpet beetles may damage your possession and belonging but will not damage your skin. This misconception developed for the bite of evidence they create on human skin. It may also leave a spot like red bumps on the skin, sometimes itch and red welts. As we mention earlier, these are not for bites.

Carpet Beetle Bites vs. Bedbug Bites

As carpet beetles look very similar to bed bug, most of the people misidentify these pests. Where bed bugs come from the family Cimicidae, carpet beetle is in the family of Dermestids. The main difference between these two is bed bugs sucking blood by piercing skin while beetles use their mouth chewing the plants and fibrous material. So the good news is carpet beetles don’t bite the human, and bed bugs do.

Carpet beetles usually prefer nectar and pollen. On the other hand, bed bugs feed on the blood of human and other pets. Besides, the diets of carpet beetles also include fur, silk, cloth, hair and little fibrous material. As a result, they do some serious damage to your upholstery, carpet, furniture, family possession. Another important difference to note between these two, carpet beetles can fly. So it can enter through doors, windows, cracks and another opening. Bed bugs actually can’t fly.

How to identify carpet beetles?

Most beetles larvae and beetles are small- about an eighth of an inch or maybe less. So identify a carpet beetle is a tough task. They are oval-shaped; the larvae are more likely reddish with short hairs. They shed their skin also so it may cast-off its skin. As they prefer dark places like under furniture, floor crack, corner, in ducts under rug end, you should find animal fur or the cost of. On the other hand, you may find sign and wastage of stored wool item, clothing or maybe the food product. So we will be sure there is caret beetle there.

How to get rid of carpet beetles?

Though preventing the carpet beetles is a big challenge, yet hope is being lost. Here, we discuss some of the steps to eliminate these beetles and preventing from coming back. So follow the step carefully.

Step-1: Identify the Problem

At first, verify that there are carpet beetles in your home. Then search for the sources where it comes from.

Step-2: Indoor Treatment

To prevent, start the elimination with some indoor treatment.

  • Vacuum the carpet properly.
  • Throw away and dispose of infested clothing and garments.
  • Wash to clean the fabric.
  • Apply insecticide in those areas.
  • Set hormone-based glue traps.

Step-3: Outdoor Treatment

  • Apply a barrier process or treatment around the area.
  • Remove the entire nest around the house.

Step-4: Finally, Follow Up

  • Protect targeted or susceptible items
  • Try to leave doors and windows closed.
carpet beetle bites

Carpet beetles are poisonous. So follow all the precautions while identify and prevent it. Handle carefully and keep livestock, pets, and children away from Carpet beetle bites.

Final verdict

To wrap Carpet beetle bites article up, we could say that carpet beetles are shy and don’t feed blood. The similarity with bed bugs builds a misunderstanding that it’s a bloodsucker and harmful for human being. Though they don’t feed blood, there is an allergic reaction and can damage your property and possession. So take necessary steps to get rid of it. Keep in mind; they are poisonous. We hope you enjoyed our article.


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