Chevy Chase Net Worth In 2020 | How He Makes Money!

chevy chase net worth

‘Stand Up comedy’, when you utter the term, most probably you imaginary a jolly face, chubby cheeks, and above all, a happy look, right? Yeah, these feelings in obvious.

Well, let us make you more nostalgic. If you are a 90s kid, then you might be a die-hard fan of our today’s star. He is also known as the funniest man in America.

Yes, your guess is right, here, we are going to disclose this celebrity’s net worth. Well, Chevy is most famous for his looks. In America, most of the people believe that he was born to be a comedian.

Because whenever you see his face, it is apparent that your heart will lift with joy. Follow us to get more interesting facts about him.

Who is Chevy Chase?

Cornelius Crane Chase, known as Chevy Chase, is an American writer, filmmaker, and famous for having a great stand up comedy career.

Don’t think that Chase just completes graduation and join the comedy niche. Not like that, he had celebrity brought up from the very beginning. His parents and grandfather were active in mainstream media.

 However, he had excelled in another profession. But following family footprints, he joined media and started acting in films. Later he joined in comedy.

Why the Name is Chevy?

chevy chase net worth

Chase’s nick e is Chevy. Besides these, there is a short story behind him. As you know, Chase has a bit of of extra weight. He was so chubby in his childhood. This Chubbiness looked cute one him.

His family members used to call him with the nickname. Later, when he joined comedy, he used the name.

Short bio of Chevy Chase

Real nameCornelius Crane
Celebrity nameChevy Chase
Date of birth  8th October 1943
Birthplace  New York
Nationality  American
Age76 years old
Height1.92 m
Weight110 pounds
Zodiac SignLibra
EducationStockbridge School
ParentsCathalene Parker  Browning Mother Edward Findley Chase (Father)  
PartnerJayni Luke  
Marital StatusMarried
Children3 (Caley Leigh, Emily Evelyn, Cydney Cathalene)
ApartmentNew York
Per month income$72222.22
Per year income$8.68 million  
Net worth50 million
Last updated2020

The net worth of Chevy Chase

 If you look at Chase’s career, you can identify the amount he earned per month from comedy shows. However, this man has an estimated net worth of $50 million, and per year this celebrity earns around 9 million dollars.

But we think this is no astonishing. Because he is in the industry for decades, so he made all of the things he deserves.

The Journey towards Comedy Career

After completing his school, Chase started his career in 1967 by co-founding a comedy channel. It was an underground comedy assemble track.

In 1970 he started to write in a magazine besides comedy show. He wrote for Mad magazine. It was one-page proofreading of the series, “Mission.

Later in mid-1973, he wrote the script and was a member of the radio program: The National Lampoon Radio Hour “It was a series broadcasting program on national radio. This program was his debuts in a comedy career.

He joined NBC’s comedy show: Saturday Night Live in 1975. Here he got the attention of various famous comedians, which help him grow faster and create e a bold position in the industry—here hosted as show: Weekend Update. He also wrote many skits for NBC programs.

1980 was the turning for his career. He signed for motion pictures in the following three years. In 1980 he was cast in Caddyshack. After three years later, he came back with a series, “National Lampoon Vacation.

Career After 1980

He’s one of the famous motion pictures, “Fletch got released in 1985, And he joined in National Lampoons Christian Vacation series in 1989.

After completing this show, the versatile comedian took a break From the industry because he accidentally met three flop films.

By the way, after the significant loss, in 1993, this fighter makes his mind start again with Chevy Chase Show”, and he was famous for the dialogue, “I’m Chevy Chase, and you are not.”

This time he appeared in lots of comedy shows and made his mind join in film again. InIn early 2006 he shoots for the comedy film “Zoom.”

In 2009 he returned to NBC and joined in a sitcom named “Community “After completing four episodes in he left the show in 2012.

Later he worked in cinemas like The hot tub in 2010. Moreover, he made an appearance in the Netflix film, “The Last Laugh in 2019.

Closing Words

Chevy had a great career with an impressive net worth. But he Didn’t find it ready-made.

The comedian also had to cry, struggle for the recent e and fame. From Chevy Chase’s net worth, it is clear that if you can dream it, you can do it.


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