Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream: Choose the Best One

Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

Gelato & ice cream are both frozen dessert items. People love to have both of them. They usually think that gelato & ice cream are the same thing. But they are not. These are kinds of street food and have some basic differences which is why we are covering this topic.

There is a thin line between gelato & ice cream. These differences mainly depend on their ingredients, taste, air contains, churn process, etc.

So, to select which one is better, you should know the difference between gelato & ice cream. This discussion will help you to test the better one.

Ice cream is a trendy frozen dessert all over the world. On the other hand, gelato is mostly famous in Italy & it is one of their best creations in the food industry.

In this article, we have tried to take a dig into this specific topic. We hope this will help you to prefer the best one as per your taste.

Gelato or Ice Cream: Which One Tastes Better?

Gelato is one kind of ice cream but not like the usual ice creams. There are differences in consistency, amount of creams & milk, weight etc.

You need to know the difference between gelato and ice cream, to select the best one to taste. We hope you will make the right choice to have the best one by reading our article.

Let us put light on the comparison table to see the differences between gelato & ice cream.

More About Gelato & Ice Cream:

We have discussed more details about gelato & ice cream below. Hopefully, it will be helpful to make the right choice.


Let us start with gelato to know about its taste better.


Gelato is a dessert that we mostly find in Italy. It is a popular food item there. So, it is imaginable that it is an Italian dessert.

People have some confusion over its origin. Some think it was from Florence & some others believe it was from Sicily.

Making Process:

Cream & milk are the two main ingredients for making gelato & ice cream. It differs by the quantity of them in both desserts.

It is rare to use egg yolk in gelato. For this reason, gelato only contains 5-7% fat. You have to churn it, to make it scoopable.

The Churning process put air into the mixture to make it fluffy. In the case of gelato, it churned at a slower speed to make it dense. 

As a result, it gets a silky & smooth texture with less air containing. Gelato usually contains about 25-30% air in it.

Flavor & Profile of Nutrition:

Gelato is denser than the ice cream. It manages to have much more flavor than ice cream. Sometimes, gelato makers also take their flavors from natural sources.

It contains less fat compared to ice cream & the amount of fat is 4-9%. A ½ cup gelato contains 160 calories with 17 grams of sugar. Gelato usually has less butterfat than ice cream.

Style of Serving & Temperature Fact:

You can serve gelato at a warmer temperature than ice cream. It can be at 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit, which will help you not to numb your mouth with a chill. At this temperature, you can feel the better test of a frozen item.

People do not scoop the authentic Italian gelato to serve. They use a spade to serve this frozen goodness. Sometimes, you can get a beautiful design of gelato while you have it.


Gelato is a bit pricey than the ice cream. It can cost you 30-50% more than ice cream. The price of gelato is high because it contains less fat & it is creamier than ice cream.

Ice Cream:

Let’s know something more about ice cream.


The origin of ice cream is still unknown. Some find ice cream in the history of ancient China. They have found that the King Tang of Shang had a favorite dessert, which was a mixture of buffalo milk, flour & ice.

Later they add different fruity & honey flavors to it to make it more delicious. It was mainly the food for elite society.

The ice cream did not get popular before the 19th century. During this century, people started to produce ice creams by using technology in the dairy industries & large quantities.

Making Process:

Cream, milk & air are the three main ingredients for making ice cream. It contains more cream than gelatine. People also use egg yolks in making ice creams.

You have to mix egg yolks with the custard to make it. Next, churn it at high speed. This process helps to incorporate more air in ice cream.

More air makes it more fluffy & light. After churning the ice cream, you need to freeze it at a lower temperature to set it. 

It needs 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit less than gelato to freeze. Otherwise, it will melt.

Profile of Nutrition:

Ice cream contains a lot of sugar & a lot of butterfat. It contains 10-25% fat in it. A serving of 78 grams ice cream has 210 calories & a total of 16 grams of sugar.

We can see that ice cream is very high in calories & sugar. So, it is good to consume as little as you can.

Style of Serving:

Since ice cream has a lot of fat, you can scoop it easily. Fat helps to shape it into a firm round ball.

People usually use a typical round spoon to scoop it. Sometimes, they serve it on wafers or on brownies to make it more attractive & testier.


You can get ice creams at a lower price than gelatos. It may cost you $1-$4 for one scoop. 

The price mainly depends on its brands & tastes.

Which One is to Pick:

If you like silky & smooth texture, you can have gelatos. It will give you more flavor to resist. On the other hand, to enjoy more cold & crunch you can have ice creams.

It would be best if you also kept the pricing fact in your head. Gelato is a bit pricey than ice cream. So, if you are not allowing yourself to spend more money, then you can have ice cream.

If there is no money problem, gelato can be the best option for you.

People should also consider the fact that both of these desserts contain a lot of calories & sugar. An excessive amount of having both of them can cause you high blood pressure, diabetics, weight gain, etc.

So, people should eat or consume them at a limit. They can also have these desserts as an occasional treat.

Ice cream & gelato both are heavenly frozen goodness to eat. It is tough to find someone who does not like ice creams or gelatos. 

These desserts do have some differences in their preparing processes, textures, amounts of fats & air containings. We have tried to bring them in light of our article.

We hope this will lead you to choose the best one that you can have to treat yourself with goodness.


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