Top Difference Between Hair Mask and Conditioner

To some of us, it is difficult to make a more precise decision which hair care product to choose, this because there are so many hair care products in the market today. There are shampoos, serums, lotions, oils, balms, conditioner and hair mask. All these products can confuse some on which to choose. The most commonly choose product is the hair mask and the conditioner. There has a slight difference between hair mask and conditioner. The two are meant for hair care, but there is something that makes each unique. They make hair look smooth and shiny, and they give a beautiful appearance of hair.

difference between hair mask and conditioner

What the difference between hair mask and conditioner?

Which is better than the other? All these questions are the disturbance to the lovers of these products, but the differences are here.

It is factual that hair mask is a full treatment of the hair. It is like eating well-cooked meal unlike the conditioner which looks like a well-prepared meal but only pleases the eyes inside is raw. Hair conditioner is just makeup, but hair mask is a treatment as well as hair makeup.

No one hair is perfect in all ways. Your hair may look great, but there is always something that doesn’t make it perfect. The only hair that needs no conditioning is that of a child. This means we need to establish the difference between the two common hair care products son as when making a choice which use to be certain.

Many prefer hair conditioner as it the cheapest and require less time and skills to apply. On the other hand, hair mask works perfectly well, and you should include it in your care products. With this in mind, what makes hair mask different from conditioner?

Hair mask is meant to nourish your hair, but hair conditioner is for conditioning the hair.

Hair mask is used as hair product to nourish your hair. When you use this product, your hair shines and looks smooth always. If you choose to apply this product, you will find that your hair will be well moisturized as it penetrates your hair, skin structure and reaches follicles. This makes your hair from the root be catered for. Hair masks give hair food necessary for its growth and be of high quality.

Hair conditioner is meant for conditioning. This product will make your hair look smooth, shiny and moisturized but it appears on the area it is applied only. Deep inside the hair, it is dry as it never penetrates there. Conditioner will not give food your hair that is necessary for its growth. This shows clear difference between the two products and educating you which to choose.

Quality of time takes to apply the two hair care products

A clear difference even comes in the time required for application in the two. Hair mask will require half an hour to one hour and finish its use. These due to that it needs to penetrate inside your hair giving you good results later. As for conditioner, it will require three to eight minutes, and you are done doing your hair. From this difference in time of application reflects the difference in result.

Time of application

As to the way, these to hair care products are applied dictates the results. Hair mask is always applied before hair wash that is in dry hair. After that you wash your hair as the hair mask is doing its great work penetrating the hair. Conditioner is applied after you wash your hair either with a shampoo. You only rinsed although there some conditioner you leave at that, and you are done. This gives an open differential and even showing which hair product to choose.

Hair mask is made up of natural products as compared to conditioner made up of more chemical products.

The ingredient which adds up to these two hair care products brings a clear difference between the two. Hair mask is made up of natural products such as butter and oil. Here are some hair musks name as coconut, avocado hair musk, organ, egg hair musk, and Shea. There is a grantee that no damage will occur to your hair when you apply this product. It is an additional bonus in hair mask products as they smell really good. This fragrance is gotten from natural plants and added in this hair care product. This will make your hair smell nice all the time. Oil is also well used for hair growth. Kalonji oil is so powerful oil to strengthen the hair and treatment.

Hair conditioner is generally acidic products, this because the acid is meant to make cuticles shiny and smooth. The most commonly ingredients used to make conditioners are; protein, water, traces of glycerin, silicon oil and oil from herbs or fruits. All these ingredients add up to make your hair look nice for a single occasion. This due to that they only improve the textile of your hair. You can take a look to our 11 Amazing DIY Leave In Conditioner article.

Although these two products undergo, manufacturing hair mask retains more natural ingredients than conditioner. This brings clear difference in between hair mask and conditioner on what makes these two products.

Hair mask is meant to repair hair as well give beauty while conditioner is for beauty only.

Hair mask is not only meant for beauty but to repair your hair if it is damaged by other hair products. The oils and butter which makes this hair care product do this purpose. In one single application of the hair mask, you will notice a difference. There will be a great change regarding your hair quality compare to use of conditioners. The only work a conditioner will do is giving you that minute beauty. The ingredient making the conditioner doesn’t last long enough to make hair grow with a smooth texture.

This shows a factual difference and practical one. It is cheap to apply the conditioner, but the results are not good. As it is cheap is expensive, the difference between these two products is clear to the saying.

From the definition of these two terms.

Hair mask is a treatment that is done to the hair using well-formulated ingredients. This definition gives a clear function of this hair care product. Hair conditioner is a liquid applied to the hair after shampooing it to improve its condition. This means the only thing a conditioner can do is to strengthen your hair not to do any change. It enhances the feel and appearance of your hair as compared to hair mask which nurtures hair to betterment.

As from these definitions, there is a difference which is clear and giving an answer which to choose.

Frequency on application

You will have the more regular application of hair conditioner as compared to hair mask. This due to that conditioner doesn’t last for more extended periods. The service offers only lasts for a short period. Hair mask will require less regular application as it lasts a longer period in one’s hair. For hair mask is only done once after two weeks. Conditioner is done almost every day because it is just meant to manage your hair. This brings to the point a difference and which hair product between the two is more of importance than the other.

Purpose of these hair care products

Hair conditioner main purpose is hair manageability. This is by reducing friction between the strands as to be able brush your hair with ease. For hair mask its main goal it is to treat your hair. It helps repair damaged hair, prevent your hair breakage and help prevent frizzing of your hair. Both make your hair soft and shiny, but their main purpose brings the difference in the two hair care products.

Which is more beneficial than the other?

This is the question many would wish to find an answer, and it is here.
Hair mask has double benefit. It will repair your hair as well give you the beauty look. Conditioner will only give you the beauty and that all.

Hair mask is safer to use. It can be applied in all kind of hair and not damaged it. Conditioner you have to find out which suits your hair before applying it.

Hair mask saves your pocket. It is applied after a long time as to conditioner. It may be expensive to make the application but think other benefits you will find. With longer use of conditioner without hair mask, your hair may get damaged.

No residues of hair mask as to conditioner. You will require removing residues of conditioner before applying again which need money and time. That not the case with hair mask as no residue is left all penetrates to the hair follicles.

Hairstyles might be a minor cause of hair problem. You need to style your hair in the proper way. You can try out our article Protective styles for natural hair to avoid the stressing factors.

These difference between hair mask and conditioner give a clearer picture about these two hair care products. Their significance is also well dictated from these differences which are even educative. For this reasons; you don’t need to put your hair into more stress as now you are familiar with the two hair care products. No more confusion which is which at the particular time you need to do your hair make up. Wise choice on which product to use is from these differences and nowhere else’s.


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