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DIY handbag storage ideas
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When handbags are not in use, there are many options for choosing where to put them. Some handbags can be relatively heavy and, at the same time, fragile, and you may have a huge collection of them.

 If you are thinking of DIY handbag storage ideas, it is best to think about safe, secure, and visible storage. An exemplary storage process that protects the bags is must essential.

Some effective DIY handbag storage ideas

There are many options to suitable both small and extensive spaces, and some bring little worth and attempt to implement them. Here are some of the simple and easy storage options for helping to maintain the quality of the handbags.

Let’s check them out!

Wicker Baskets

One of the best DIY bag storage ideas is to wrap them up and store them in a wicker basket if you are short of space. Wicker baskets are a perfect idea because they allow air circulation and take up less space to store it.

Thus, the bags are protected from harmful elements as they get adequate light and air supply. However, it would be wise to store bags or handles without folding them. Because the folded bag can lose its shape so, try to save it without folding.

Under-Bed Drawers

If you have a whole collection of seasonal handbags or purses that are not in full use outside, you can store them in the drawer under the bed.

A low-profile drawer is properly equipped with mechanics to store bags or clothing and is made for complete comfort in sliding outside.

Be sure to increase the level of protection by wrapping each bag in tissue paper or similar. This will protect your bag from dust and dirt, and bright colors will remain.

Door Hooks

Hooks are a simple method to store your DIY handbags, and it is another best DIY plastic bag storage idea.

You can use these hooks on any door, but in this case, the closet door will be the ideal place. Moreover, you can install hooks on the walls to keep handbags visible and within reach.

Make sure the bags are just hanging neatly behind the closed door. And don’t hang them anywhere because you’ll get into them too often.

Closet Organizer

A simple purse handbag storage idea out of harm’s way is likely to be the many choices available with the canvas closet organizers.

They are not only able to provide a safe place for storing multiple handbags of all shapes and sizes, but they are also able to offer excellent visibility for ease in selection.

Most of these organizers can strap or hang on an existing pole inside the closet. A quality aspect of the canvas-based organizers is that they aren’t likely to cause any damage or scratch the handbags’ outer surface.

Hanging Hooks

Multiple Hanging Hooks is the best bag storage idea for small spaces. Urban Outfitters, The design of the Seychelles hook makes it perfect for holding the bag’s handles, which also looks very nice.

Moreover, it’s an excellent idea for everyday use because you can easily keep your bag hereafter use and pick it up easily if needed.

Storage with Wire Baskets

The wire basket provides an easy and quick way to DIY purse storage. Show them instead of hiding your desired handbag in them.

Cover the handbags with something like tissue to protect them from dust. Since the wire baskets are relatively small, you can store them on Wardrop’s shelves.

Multi-Use Hangers

A multi-use hanger is another way to handbag storage solutions hanging. You can put handbags of any size here by using any metal hook.

¬†Arrange your handbag according to the serial in the multi-use hanger, hang it on the wardrobe’s wall. In addition to handbags, you can store more different things like belts, curves here.

Final Thoughts

In modern fashion, women are using handbags as one of the most important parts of fashion. Your collection may contain handbags of different designs.

If You leave without saving them in the right place, they may lose their usability. Also, careless storage can lose its color and shape!


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