Eric Andre Net Worth 2020! How Does He Make Money?

eric andre net worth

Are you a regular viewer of Cartoon Network? If so then Eric Andre is a familiar face to you. He is one of the prominent comedians in Stand Up comedy.

Our today’s article is all about Eric Andre’s bio, career and net worth. If you are passionate about comedies, read it and know about one of the pioneers in comedy.

Who is Eric Andre?

Eric Samuel Andre, known as Eric Andre, is a famous comedian, television host and tv actor. Parody,  Public Speaking and stand up comedies are his area of interest. This jolly guy has a great taste in art with a good sense of humor.

The atheist actor has a legendary career line up. Though he is known as a film artist, Hossain actual stardom came from ‘Adult swim: program by Cartoon Network.

Quick Bio of Eric Andre:

Celebrity NameEric Andre
Real nameEric Samuel Andre
Date of Birth4th April 1983  
Zodiac Sign 
Age37 years old
Height1.83 m
Weight77 kg
Birthplace  Boca Raton, Florida, USA  
EducationDreyfoos School of the Art. Berk lee College, Massachusetts
GirlfriendRosario Dawson  
Per year income$475,000
Per month income$39,583.33
Per week income$9134.62
Net worth3 million USD
Last updated2020

The net worth of  Eric Andre

Eric Andre is a young millionaire.According to the last update of September, Eric Andre  Jas an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Though the funny man works in films and televisions in a considerable number for his massive income  ‘The Eric Andre Show’ is the game-changer.

Eric Andre’s Career

Eric has a charm for arts. Most probably that’s why he graduated in Music. He came to the mainstream media through television and film.

He started the journey towards his dream by signing “The Invention of Lying” and the “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Though these are not big-budget show, But as time passed by, Eric polishes his flaws and create a positive image in Hollywood.

Later he signed in various films and tv shows like: ‘The big bang theory’, ‘Hot in Cleveland’, ‘The Internship’, ‘Fact Checkers Unit’ and many others shows.

‘The invention of lying’, ‘Getting a dough with highs’, Flock of Dudes’, ‘Rough night’ etc. All of them create more values in his profile. He also acted on the FX series.

However, Eric is most widely known for his ‘2 Broke Girls series’ and ‘Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, here his role as Mark Reynolds gave his stardom in a night.

Moreover, he has incredible presentation skill too. He hosted   ‘The Eric Andre Show’ on Cartoon network. He wrote the scripts of the show.

Here he exhibited his humour, talent. This show was a challenge for him. Because it was not so easy to compete with Skidoos binging of classic toons, But with a splendid voice Eric changed the game.

And this show has gained huge demand for his hilarious presentation. He made Adult Swim a reliable platform for the upcoming comedians.

In 2015 he also joined in a comic series: ‘Man seeking Woman’.Recently he has been flooded with compliments for acting in a role of Hyena in ‘The Lion King Field’.This film released in 2019. And critics also praise him for the improvisational acting.

Final words

That’s all about the famous actor, Eric  Andre’s net worth. He joined the industry almost a decade ago. In the meantime, he achieved name and fame.

But the man doesn’t make any misuse of it. He acquired a fan base through his hard work and talent. Still, now he has a long way to go. And  For more updates about your favorite celebrities, you can stay connected with us.


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