Essential Oils for Hives to Get Rid of it Rapidly

We have been known in the school about the beehives which the bees reside. They are called hives because the bees reside into them in patches. It is similar to the skin condition called the hives which are patches of skin rashes like condition occurring in red bumps in grouped patches which makes the external appearance of the skin very clumsy. It is also known as Urticaria and produces a burning sensation in the skin and causes some sting like appearance which is still a great burden for many people.

Nearly twenty percent of the population which includes mostly middle-aged and adults had been suffering from the skin disease. This hive can be eliminated through many medications in the market but they would pose some side effects. So the natural medications through the Essential oils for hives can thoroughly eliminate the hives with no side effects.

essential oils for hives

People who are affected by hives

The hives may affect the people of all ranges but it is most prevalent in those people of middle ages and the adults.


The symptoms include the skin rashes and irritation and prolonged redness of the skin which later develops into a skin rash. Then the bumps will be clearly visible at the next stage. Further symptoms include Nausea and vomiting, swelling around the throat and feeling of difficulty in breathing, exhaustion and tiredness, difficulties in breathing, rapid heartbeat with some light headed feeling.

Essential oils for Hives:

There are many essential oils for hives problems. You can get rid of this problem following the use of those oils. and some of them include

Peppermint oil:

The peppermint oil contains Menthol as the primary component and therefore gives efficient cooling effect. It also helps in soothing the skin inflammations thereby reducing pain, eliminating the bumps and also itching. Peppermint Oil has many antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiallergenic, antifungal, and other such insecticidal properties. Peppermint oil is the best remedy for treating hives and it is one of the essential oil too.

But there are some specifications in the usage of this essential oil. The oil should be used only after the consultation of the physician for those patients who are pregnant and those who are allergic to this oil. The usage is very important. The peppermint oil cannot be used directly on the skin for the irritation because of the hive. It should be diluted firstly with a carrier oil or jojoba oil before usage.

If the jojoba oil is not present then the diluted water is best to be mixed before the usage. It can also be used through the spraying technique by filling the oils after dilution in the spray bottle.

essential oils for hives

Lavender oil:

The lavender oil will be giving not only the cooling effect but also some pleasant smell and essence which makes the best choice to be bought for treating hives. It is the one of the most versatile of all the essential oils, with an extraordinary therapeutic benefit and outstanding curing effect.

This oil is not only anti-inflammatory which is used to treat the hives but also analgesic, and antimicrobial which can be used for treating various other diseases. This oil will eliminate the itching effect and provides a cooling effect and gives a soothing relaxation along with a pleasant aroma and essence.

For best relief from the hives specifically, the bath water may be treated with 5 to 7 drops of lavender oil along with oatmeal and gypsum salt and to be stirred for about thirty minutes. If the gypsum salt is not available then the baking soda can be added.

Tea tree oil:

Tea Tree oil is also called as multipurpose oil as it is used in treating of many skin conditions hives, shingles, and other skin diseases.. it has many properties including the antiviral, antiseptic, and antigenic properties that can cure the diseases more effectively. It can efficiently curb all the activities of the hive causing microbes thereby preventing further infections and also alleviates itching along with other skin inflammations.

Tea Tree Oil provides a shield for the skin, and it makes it immunity strong enough that even after itching it cannot be affected by any other defects. It also protects the skin from the sunburns and also reduces blemishes and boosts up the immune functions. Before using the tea tree oil, the affected hive area should be rinsed with the cold water and then the oil should be applied to the affected area by diluting it with the carrier oil for better results.

Chamomile oil:

This oil is just used to eliminate many skin irritation and other skin diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides a soothing effect on the skin. It not only provides relief from hives, but also used for acne, skin rashes and other skin related diseases and can also be used for allergies. The application is simple as the usage of the tea tree oil. The affected area should be washed with cool water and the oil is put after diluting it with carrier oil along with the jojoba oil.

Other Essential oils for Hives

There are also many other Essential oils for Hives especially the Myrrh oil, Helichrysum oil, Lemon oil and coconut oil for the effective treatment for the hives. But these above-mentioned oils provide a great relief for the hive affected patients and provide a soothing effect with quick relaxation.

We have discussed several essential oils for hives. These oils are very effective to get rid of hives which is very unusual kind of problem in the skin. Try out any of these oils to get rid of your hives and enjoy your life.


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