Fitness tracker for kids along with the benefits and best uses

Being a parent is a very difficult job, especially when you have other things to do. One of a parent responsibility is to protect children from dangerous things. The tracker for children has made it easy. These gadgets or portable devices are equipped with a GPS tracker, a stepper tracking sensor for children, heart rate sensors and other important hardware. The fitness tracker for kids is a great way to know how many calories your kid burns. Besides this, parents can always keep up with the location of their children in real time.

fitness tracker for kids

If you are worried about your child eating and you are not able to decide what should be chosen for them. You can read out our article Foods that start with A, what are some to take. This article will give you some best food ideas those might be best for your children. If you are concern about your child fitness only, please continue the article.

What the fitness trackers for kids are and what are they for

Before you start to read this entire article, we think you should first know the most basic data about the fitness tracker for kids and everything its stand for; Children’s Step Counters are a way of knowing how much your child is walking and how many calories they burned. Basically, step counter of children works with the help of a step sensor (pedometer). This sensor is equipped with a fitness monitoring device that can be used with any type of device. These devices work silently in the background of the gadget and record each of the steps and gestures made.

These portable devices are connected to a mobile device and one can view the graphic report daily, weekly or monthly at any time. A fitness tracker should not be only an item for adults, also for kids. Since there are more than a third of children overweight or obese just in the United States, an increasing number of wearable’s offer creative solutions to get the younger generation moving as well.

These devices are specifically designed to help your kids get fitter and healthier, while the counting step it’ll feel like a fun game for them. All the big name fitness tracker brands are turning their attention to getting kids active trying to fight against the serious children overweight problem.

Important info about fitness tracker for kids

As we said before, overweight is a very serious problem that humanity is facing right now, and by disgrace, it’s getting bigger since is now affecting children as well. Childhood obesity is now 30% bigger than 5 years ago, and this is only into the United States, this case needs to be treated as soon as possible, and fitness tracker for kids is a great way for it.

It may be difficult to motivate your child to eat healthily and to move more doing exercises since, you know, eating candies and playing video games is way too easier. But. official medical guidelines on the amount of recommended activity suggest at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. This can include either moderate intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking or also vigorous intensity activity such as running. It’s also pretty much important to be sure to include vigorous intensity aerobic activity on at least 3 days per week.

While the features and specs list might differ to the trackers designed for adults, the goal is the same; and that is to keep the user moving and in an active mood. That does mean finding more interesting and fun ways to motivate the younger ones to count steps and go out and play regularly so they can keep a better health. The major benefit of using a fitness tracker like device for your kids is motivation. By setting goals, getting feedback and being rewarded, and kids are encouraged to do more.

Beyond this, with the fitness tracker for kids, you can count the total number of steps of the children and you can also measure the distance the kid has walked with the number of steps taken. Besides, some exercise monitors also have the function of measuring the number of calories burned, in that way you can see and know how much exercise is necessary for you to be healthy.

fitness tracker for kids

There is a nice fact, there are a lot of fitness trackers which are including Disney characters and features which makes each step for the kids, really funny and enjoyable. How is that? Well, when kids hit their goal of 60 minutes of daily activity, they advance in a larger game they’re taking part in, which varies depending on which Disney IP the kid go with.

Since the fitness tracker for kids is controlled by Bluetooth, parents can also log into the app to keep tracking each of their kid’s steps, how much time the kid sleep and his activity level. Beyond that, if you want to set reminders for chores, the bands will ring and vibrate and remind the kid what they need to do, isn’t amazingly practical? For example, if a paper and pen show up in the gadget, that means homework time.

By completing these tasks can earn virtual coins, which can then be redeemed with the adults for agreed-upon rewards. The demand for fitness trackers for kids is increasing rapidly, is seriously huge. The main reason behind the popularity of these exercise monitors is that they are useful tools that make the parenting experience way to easier and even more convenient. Parents can use these devices to know the health and physical condition of their children. So if you are a parent, you can remotely access your child’s activity by using those devices.

Kids can choose different sizes of the fitness tracker for kids: an adjustable, buckled equivalent intended for six-year-olds and above and a stretchy band intended for children aged four to seven. besides you can also choose from three designs, based on Disney, Star Wars and Marvel characters, each coming in two variations, this may seems like not too much interesting but is good for you to know that the design of the trackers get the attention for the kid so it is actually very important, since if the children like what they see, they will be more able to try it.

You also don’t need to worry about charging every night, either, since the replaceable battery lasting up to an entire year.


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