Some of the best food that starts with U

If you’re a gastronomy lover, you are probably proud of how many dishes you’ve tasted. But, do you know how to keep a record and discover other dishes to try? Well, it’s really easy if you count them alphabetically. Here is the food that starts with U.

YES! That’s a trend these days, to count foods that start with every letter in the alphabet so you can quantify the delicious treats you’ve gotten or the ones you’re lacking.

food that starts with u

In this case, we’ll help you find out foods that start with “U” and you can tell us which ones you’ve tried, which ones you have not and even add some more to the list! Let’s begin:

Some of the best food that starts with U

  • Udon: Japanese flour noodles.
  • Upside Down cake: pineapple cake that is turned upside down so the pineapple wheels get on top.
  • Ugali: a Swahili type-of-polenta usually made of cornmeal.
  • Uunijusto: oven cheese.
  • Urnebes: Serbian salad made with cheese and hot chilies.
  • Urda: some kind of cream cheese made out of a mixture of cow and sheep milk.
  • Urap: an Indonesian salad made out of steamed vegetables and coconut.
  • Utah scones: fried scones served with powdered sugar and honey.
  • Uthapam: some kind of Indian crepe that is mixed with the ingredients instead of stuffed.
  • Uiro: Japanese candy made out of wheat flour and sugar with different flavors added.
  • Uyghur lamb skewers: lamb skewers with the special seasoning of the Chinese tribe of Uyghurs
  • Ustipci: fried dough balls, similar to donuts commonly served with powder sugar and popular of Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • Uszka: little Poland dumplings stuffe3d with mushrooms or ground meat.
  • Ugli pie: a pie made out of Jamaican Ugli fruit that’s created combining grapefruit, orange, and tangerine.

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Foods that start with A, what are some to take

  • Ukha: Russian soup made out of different fishes.
  • Ukranian heart: a unique Ukranian tomato.
  • UlavaCharu: Indian soup made out of horse grams, a not-so-common kind of beans.
  • Ubriaco: a very delicate Italian cheese.
  • Ube ice cream: Ube or purple yam is a vegetable root that’s mildly sweet. Mixed with milk for making the ice cream.
  • Unagi: Japanese dish made out of sweet water eel.
  • Umeboshi: a pickled version of the Japanese plum called Ume.
  • Umngqusho: An African dish that includes sugar beans, onions, potatoes, butter, and other ingredients.
  • UmiBudo: it’s Japanese algae also known as green caviar.
  • Upscaled deviled eggs: deviled eggs where the content is not stuffed but put over the boiled egg.
  • Undens Klinger: pretzels made out of Caraway or Persian Cumin seeds dough.
  • Ugly duckling cake: a cake made out of canned cocktail fruits, coconuts, and nuts, the name comes from the looking of the cake that may seem a bit “ugly”.

And that’s the list of food that starts with U, did you like it? There’re some pretty exotic dishes, we bet you haven’t tasted them all or have? Let us know and if you have any extra recipe that starts with “U” we’ll be glad to hear about it!


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