6 foods that are easy to digest but have food values

Nowadays, many people have problems with their digestion. The reasons behind that are countless, it could be due to an illness, because of your age or thanks to a bad diet that includes processed foods without nutritional value. Instead of taking lots of medication to combat the symptoms, you should try to include in your diet things that are easier to digest. That’s why we are sharing with you our list of foods that are easy to digest.

foods that are easy to digest

6 foods that are easy to digest

Here we give the detail description of 6 foods that are easy to digest. You might have the problem to digest food, continue reading it to get your problem solved forever.

  1. Rice

When consuming rice and trying to have a better digestion, your best option will always be white rice. Even though brown rice is very healthy and nutritious, it has higher levels of fiber, which could lead to certain digestive issues and make digestion harder.

White rice has many good aspects. It is gluten free, so people with allergies shouldn’t worry. It will give you the energy you need for the day, as it contains healthy carbohydrates. It has different nutrients, like magnesium and thiamine, which are related to the improvement of the immune system and the memory, and it has low levels of sodium.

  1. Yogurt

Consuming yogurt has many health advantages. This dairy product is full of nutrients; it contains high levels of calcium, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Another important benefit that makes yogurt great is that it contains probiotics that will help you digest other foods. So yogurt is not only easy to digest, but it will also help you to digest the rest of the things you consume!

When you go to the supermarket, choose those brands of yogurt that contain the lowest amount of added ingredients, because many contain ridiculous amounts of sugar and artificial flavors. If you have problems with lactose, there are many options of lactose-free yogurt brands in the market.

Another great thing about yogurt is that there are many ways of eating eat. You can consume it alone, with fruits, with seeds or cereal, in a smoothie, at breakfast, in ice cream… There is no way to get bored of it!

  1. Fish and Lean Meat

When buying meat choose chicken, turkey, salmon and others types of fish instead of red meats. Remember to buy them fresh and to cook them well before consuming. Also, avoid eating them fried.

On the one side, lean meats have low-fat contents, especially when you compare them to red meats. Always buy skinless chicken, because there is where the biggest amounts of fat are. They are a good protein source, they have fewer calories and they contain many nutrients, like vitamins B3 and B6, selenium and choline.

On the other side, eating more fish is one of the best decisions you can make. Besides being high in protein and low in fat, they are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which are essential in our diet and most people don’t get enough of it. The best options are the fatty ones, like salmon or tuna.

  1. Avocado

If you are an avocado lover like us, you should definitely consume more! Although it has high fatty acid content, its levels of cholesterol are very low and it has fewer calories than other dietary products, like butter. They also contain a very large list of nutrients that include magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins C, B6, B-12, A, D, K and E.

Avocado has different uses. You may like our article How to make avocado hair mask at home easily which is an effective use of avocado.

Of course, avocados are a good source of natural fiber, which will help you with your digestion and to prevent constipation.

Just like yogurt, there are many ways in which you can consume avocado. You will get the best of it if you consume raw, and it can be eaten with salads, in sandwiches, with toasts, as a dip, in smoothies or as part of healthy desserts.

  1. Bananas

Although most raw fruits tend to be hard to digest, bananas are the exception. They have a high content of potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6 and C and copper. They have a very low content of fat and high content of water.

foods that are easy to digest

Eating bananas will keep you full for a long time, and its content of insoluble fiber will help to keep you regular.

As other foods in our list of 6 foods that are easy to digest, bananas can be included in your diet in multiple ways. They can be eaten at breakfast, with some milk and cereal, with yogurt and other fruits or be smashing them to make banana pancakes; you can make a smoothie; you can include them in your dessert recipes, being able to make banana muffins or ice cream; or you can consume them by themselves, as a healthy and satisfying snack.

  1. Eggs

Unless you are vegan, you probably already consume eggs regularly. And that is no surprise! Eggs are versatile and very popular. Although they have a bad reputation because of their cholesterol levels, it is all a myth!

Yes, eggs are high in cholesterol, in fact, only one egg contains 212mg, and if you compare it to the recommended daily intake of 300 mg, that is more than the half of what you need for a day! However, many scientists agree that cholesterol in foods does not necessarily increase cholesterol levels in the blood and that consuming saturated and trans fats do. Actually, eggs can help you increase your levels of HDL, which is also known as “good cholesterol”.

If we go to the nutritional value of eggs, the list is surprisingly long. They contain vitamin A, B5, B12, B2, phosphorus, selenium, choline and folate. They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that help fighting the degeneration of our eyesight.

Eggs are also a great source of protein and amino acids. A single egg has 6 grams of protein and all the essential amino acids that our body needs. Although many people tend to eat only egg whites to avoid consuming calories, most of the protein is in the yolk.

Eggs can also be eaten in many ways, as the rest of the foods in our list of 6 foods that are easy to digest. You can eat them scrambled, boiled or poached; you can consume them at breakfast, with other things like a toast, or include them in salads. You can also make an omelet or an egg fritatta.

Finally, we described here 6 foods that are easy to digest for the people who are facing digest problem in the real life. You can have this 6 food to what easy to digest but have the real food value keep you fit.


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