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Earth is a special place in this vast universe. It is “infested” of life and fresh air. On this planet, we can make our lives and die as well. Our behavior has not been the best. The contamination on our planet is a direct consequence of our harmful actions. Gardening Know How is a website where you can learn about how to take care of your garden and Earth at the same time.

gardening know how

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Know how gardening easily at home with Gardening Know How. Taking care of your garden never was so easy. This very useful website will not disappoint you. Here is the main structure of this user-friendly webpage:

Sections or categories of gardening know how:

Home: The homepage is beautifully designed. It includes interesting articles that probably could help you if you want to start gardening or you have any doubt. Here, it is possible to know more about the website because there are links that take you to their blog and Questions and Answers website where you can ask what you would like to know. The homepage is user-friendly.

Gardens: There is nothing better than gardening and enjoy the final results of your efforts. Here you will find a large number of tips about edible plants. The information includes tips about classic herbs and how to design, prepare, plant, care and harvest your favorite fruits and vegetables in your garden. It is divided into four sections more: Edible, Ornamental Gardens, Special Gardens, and Gardening How To.

Houseplants: If you cannot consider yourself a gardener, this section is for you. It is very common to have houseplants and they deserve special cares. Learn how to care for houseplants in order to grow them successfully. Here you will learn some basic that can take into the gardening world. You can look for information in two sections: Specific houseplants and General Houseplant Care.

Problems: Here you can find all the information about the problems that could affect your plants. Problems in and out of the garden are simply inevitable. Learn how to deal with gardening problems, from pests and diseases to environmental issues as environmental pollution. This section will help you to keep your garden clean and safe. Here you can select the following categories: Garden pests, plant diseases, weeds, and environmental problems.

Lawn Care: This section can help you to answer your questions about how to take care of lawn depending on its characteristics. Tips can help you to keep your lawn healthy and green. There are three categories: General Lawn Care, Specific Lawn Grasses, and Lawn Substitutes.

Composting: Composting is an important topic you need to know about when gardening. It can carry numerous questions. Learn the basics of composting, how to start, what to use and more. The information in this section will surely answer your questions. There is information about various types of earthworms and tips to enjoy the benefits that composting provides. This section includes four specific sections: Composting Ingredients, Composting Manures Composting Basics, and Vermicomposting.

Gardening help: It is probably the most important section of the website. It includes information about their blog, the Gardening Companion Garden App, Find a Local Extension Office, and a complete gardening glossary.

Contact: Join the community. Sing up and get all the latest tips you need for gardening.

Information about the website: Gardening Know How is a website with a history behind what we see on the Internet. Learn more about this project. It is surprising how they grew up and became in the amazing website that many people enjoy in the present.

Gardening writers: Know more about the writers of Gardening Know How.

Media: Find interesting audios and videos about gardening.

• Articles:

Recent articles: In this list are located the latest articles uploaded and probably, you have not read.

Popular Articles: In this list, you can find the most popular articles. Here are located those amazing articles that people have loved and probably you love as well, for you to read them again and again.

Getting started: If you would like to learn how to gardening, these articles are for you. They are very interesting and easy to understand. Here you can find important tips you cannot ignore.

Seasonal: Learn about gardening topic depending on the season.

Learn more…: It is a section where you can find different types of articles. They are related to gardening and they can complement your knowledge.

This website was created for gardeners for gardeners. For sure, I result very helpfully. Gardening Know How is a very complete platform for those that know how dirt feels between fingers and how good is to taste the fresh fruit that has been picked from a humble garden. Passion is the feeling that moves to this wonderful website.

Heather Rhoades is the creator of this project. Gardening Know How started as a small hobby of this gardener that solved a huge problem. Gardening information is usually too technical and difficult to understand. Heather thought that this website could become in the website that many people around the world need to take care of their gardens following easy instructions and tips.

It is a project that has been growing as the time goes by. The process was fast. Articles became more famous day by day. She knew that the website was becoming important and useful. Nowadays, this website as answered over more than 50.000 direct questions related to gardening. 70 million people visit the site every year. That is a big number; for that reason, the Gardening Know How has been growing and creating new platforms to inform people that need an answer to their questions.

They have a blog and an app. In all cases, their love for gardening does not end there. Gardening Know How donates regularly to women in Africa who are trying to improve their worlds by gardening. They volunteer their time to local organizations to teach others about the joys of gardening and how this activity can transform the world. Also, they donate money to schools that take care of their gardens and community gardens. This money is used to build, sustain, and improve them.


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