Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that are nocturnal and classified under the Cimicidae family of insects. These parasites have the ability to multiply fast and can be a nuisance should they invade your house. The insects’ presence can grow from one or two in the house to hundreds within a short time. The insects depend on the blood of humans to survive. It could be the biggest concern for you and you might be looking for home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. If so please continue-

home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Bedbugs are prone in warm climates because the environment is conducive for them. Bedbugs are typically active at the night. Their breeding places include under bed areas, mattresses, furniture and dark corners of the house. If you want to know, bed bug producing areas, you can read out this article “where do bed bugs come from?“. Their presence occurs in headboards, clothing, and drapery. Bedbugs as usual feed on blood by piercing the skin of a person and sucking blood using two tubes that are hollow. To prevent the host from feeling pain it releases an analgesic.

Bites from the bedbugs can cause the skin to develop allergic reactions or infections. Due to their numerous presence and areas in which they hide the bedbug menace can be a nuisance. This is so since it is immune to certain pesticides. The hard outer skeleton enables the bedbug to survive the spray of certain pesticide products.

Their hardy body structure ensures bedbugs continue multiplying. However natural home remedies that are effective are available easily. The remedies can eradicate the bedbugs from your house. Some of these home remedies to get rid of bed bugs include:

Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs using hot water

This seems to be a cheap way to get rid of bedbugs. Using hot water on the bedbug-infested areas of your house is effective. This is because water penetrates small corners of the bed or furniture. The liquidity state of water enables it to reach and destroy the eggs. The hot water also makes the body of the bedbug weak destroying them. Hot water can work wonders for you if mixed with some table salt. This can be a good disinfectant.

The good thing is you don’t have to buy ingredients as they are available in your house. Soak all clothing like bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers and the clothes you wear in water that has boiled. Leave the clothes for some twenty minutes. This will get rid of the bedbugs and their eggs.

Baking soda

Sprinkling the baking soda on cracks or areas the bedbugs hide assists in destroying the bedbugs. Baking soda has microbial features that destroy microbes. The baking soda absorbs the moisture from the body of the bedbugs and kills it. For better results with the baking soda clean the sprinkled one and apply a fresh one. You can do this every day until you see the desired results.

home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Steam disinfection

It is difficult for bedbugs to survive under high temperatures. To eliminate them from your house, steam the infested items in your house under temperatures of 113 degrees (F).the steam produced will penetrate the material and prevent the eggs from surviving and destroying the bedbugs.

However, it’s important to be careful to avoid using the steaming method near electric outlets. You can use the hair dryer to kill the bedbugs and their eggs. Set the dryer to the highest mode directing it to the bedbugs’ location. The hot air from the dryer will definitely destroy the eggs, and kill the bugs. Steaming is an effective home remedy for getting rid of bedbugs.

Cayenne pepper

The cayenne paper contains antimicrobial features that can assist in killing the bedbugs. To get the right concoction for the job, take one teaspoon of oregano, grated ginger, and cayenne powder. Boil the mixture of the three ingredients in water. Apply the solution in areas which bedbugs breed and on the entrances of your house. The irritating smell of the solution will prevent the parasites from spreading. You will manage to eradicate them without struggle using this remedy.

Tea tree oil

The tree tea oil is a precious item to have in the house. The oil has multipurpose uses like helping you get rid of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. The main reason is tree tea oil has antibacterial abilities. Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial properties. The oil is an effective home remedy for getting rid of bedbugs. You can put droplets of the oil in the infested clothing or other areas.

You can also decide to clean your house with it. Mix the tree tea oil with lukewarm water, and sprinkle it on the cupboards, walls, furniture, mattresses, clothes, beds, and drapes. You can do this at least one day in a week to get rid of the parasites.

Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs using Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum is a mixture of chrysanthemum, coccineum, and C flowers that are dried. The natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum is an effective remedy to eradicate bedbugs. The remedy works by attacking the bedbugs’ nervous system.

home remedies to get rid of bed bugs

The insecticide releases toxins in the parasite’s body making it weak and killing it. You can apply the insecticide that contains pyrethrum and canola oil. The solution is strong and deadly to the bedbugs but it is safe for your children or pets.

Bedbugs don’t have to be a bother and nuisance to you anymore. Now you know the ways to get rid of them through the home remedies. With the Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs above you can work your way to a bed bug-free environment.


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