How Long Does Almond Milk Last? | Things You Need To Know

How Long Does Almond Milk Last

Well, this is not an easy question to answer. When almond milk sits in your refrigerator holding back to be used, all you stress over is how long does almond milk last and how should you store it? Let’s see our kitchen hacks.

You may think that the label on the carton says how many days you can use it after opening. But what if the milk tastes and smells even after that specific date. Let’s clear our confusions today!

What’s Special About Almond Milk?

Milk and dairy items are the main sources of calcium in our diet. Being a veggie-lover you need a plant-based, natural and solid substitute for cow’s milk. This milk acts the hero with its numerous health benefits and simple accessibility in the market. It is very simple to make at home as well.

Almond milk has some extra supplements when compared with dairy milk. It is a great alternative to regular dairy milk. It is highly nutritious and boosts immunity. You can strengthen your bones and maintain a steady weight drinking it. This milk also improves eye vision.

Mothers can use it as a substitute of breast milk for their children.It also comes with some beauty benefits such as it gives a flawless and glowing skin. 

How Soon You Should Consume Opened Almond Milk

Before I tell you when you should consume Almond milk after opening it, let’s explore what some of the leading milk brands say about the issue.

Almond Breeze

“After opening, REFRIGERATED Almond Breeze should be used within 7 days. SHELF STABLE Almond Breeze should be used within 7-10 days of opening. ”

Almond Dream

“After our shelf-stable beverages are opened they will stay fresh in your refrigerator from 7-10 days.”


“Once opened, they need to be consumed within 7 to 10 days. It is not unusual for our products to remain good past the 10-day mark; however, we only guarantee that they will be good for 7 to 10 days once opened.”

So Delicious

“Shelf-stable and refrigerated beverages, consumed within 7-10 days after opening.”

Califia Farms

“You should drink our products by or before their expiration date, and within 7-10 days of opening them. It is not unusual for our products to remain good past the 10-day mark; however, we only guarantee that they will be good for 7 to 10 days once opened.”

From the above remarks, we can understand that it is preferable to consume milk within 7-10 days of opening. But Almond milk is not a daily dairy drink for many people. So this lasting time period is not convenient for them.

Some of the producers of this milk have said it’s not abnormal for their product to last more than 10 days. But we discourage you to drink almond milk after 7-10 days of opening. Although we have found out people had no issues in drinking it after several weeks of being opened . 

You should use homemade plant-based almond milk within 3-4 days. The fresh products last slightly longer than the ones bought from pasteurized stores. 

What About Unopened Milk?

Take a look at the ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ dates labelled on the product to know about expiration. The milk brands don’t give the assurance about the freshness of their product beyond the labelled date.

Although we don’t say that after the printed date of expiration the almond milk will become bad drastically in a day. It largely depends on the storage condition. If the shelf life of the milk is maximized i.e. kept refrigerated, the almonds last really long. 

But always be aware of following the manufacturer’s recommendation about these products. You should keep in mind that unopened shelf stable products must always be kept under room temperature. 

Once the shelf stable almond milk is opened, it must be refrigerated like the regular refrigerated product. Don’t treat store-bought refrigerated almond milk as shelf stable product. It should remain in the refrigerator.

Spoilage Signs of Milk

You can easily understand from just a smell that cow milk has gone bad. Similarly only from appearance you will be able to tell whether curdled milk is spoiled or not.

But it is difficult to tell if almond nut milk has gone bad. The reason is it does not show any sure spoilage signs. Here are some signs that indicate its time to stop drinking the almond milk.

  • Change in color and texture
  • Smells differently 
  • Tastes slightly sour
  • Mold and curdling starts
  • Begin to clump
  • Abnormally bloated carton

Storage Tips for Almond Milk

It’s not only about how long does Almond milk last but also about properly storing it. You may have found the best brand of this milk among so many options available in the market. If you want your almond milk to last long, you must store it carefully and appropriately. Almond milk can be found both refrigerated and unrefrigerated in the market. Let’s take a look at some useful tips to store almond milk.

  • You should store unopened milk as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some say to store in the pantry and others in the refrigerator.
  • Refrigerated almond nut milk always must be kept in the fridge. Homemade nut milk should also be stored in the same way. 
  • We advise you to store milk away from the refrigerator’s door because that is the hottest part of the fridge and may distort temperature.
  • After the milk is opened for the first time, it should be stored in the freezer, no matter what company manufactured it.
  • The first time after opening the milk it should be stored in the fridge. At that time it doesn’t matter which brand the milk belongs to. 
  • Unopened milk should be stored in some dry and cool place in your kitchen. Try to keep it away from heat.

Is It Risky to Drink Expired Almond Milk?

Drinking expired milk is not a good idea. There is a high possibility that the expired milk is spoilt. It wont hamper for just a sip. But avoid drinking expired milk in large or even moderate amounts.

The possible health risks that may occur due to drinking expired almond milk are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Diarrhoea and dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Cramp in abdomen

If any of the above symptoms and problems arise in your try to consult with a doctor as quickly as possible.  

Final Remarks

Almond is good for health if we drink it before it gets spoiled. Therefore we should know how long almond milk lasts! I hope this article will be helpful for you to find out the shelf-life and signs of bad Almond milk.


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