How Much Does a Pedicure Cost? | Health Benefits That You Need

how much does a pedicure cost

You know, Pedicure is an important part of beauty care but before discussing the value of the pedicure, let first know what pedicure means. A pedicure may be a treatment for tired and worn feet. The Latin word “Pedis” means “of the foot” and “cure” means “care”. It is also a spa treatment to clean, scrub, trim, and pampers your toenails.

Early History of Pedicure

After doing a few types of research, we get to understand that the primary notes of foot care are given from Hippocrates 460-377 v.Chr and also the history of pedicure starts from 4000 years back to the civilization of Babylon, China, and Egypt. Especially in China, the Chinese people use nail color to point their social rank.

A Greek mythology Adonis who is known for beauty and desire god is that the person whose operative treatment and an ingrown nail described in 1707.

It doesn’t matter what age and gender you are whenever you feel your feet are very sore and can’t be able to take any more pressure a good foot massage, after soaking your feet in hot water you can feel your legs and feet feeling renewed, it may also help you to reduce all your pain and calm your mind. You can do pedicure at home by yourself or the saloon.

Getting a nice pedicure will not only make you feel relaxed it will also help you practice good hygiene. A pedicure helps to protect your nails from getting diseases. Polishing your toenails, exfoliating dead skin cells, moisturizing your skin, and massaging your feet can improve the blood circulation of your feet and legs.

Health Benefits of Pedicure

We know that our feet which bear the weight of the whole body so pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible is very important. Here we are going to discuss some health benefits of foot massage:

Promotes better sleep:

A calming foot massage can facilitate you to sleep peacefully at night so it’s better to do foot massage before going to bed for better sleep. After soaking your feet in warm-hot water you will be able to feel all of your tiredness just vanished.

Improves mood and fights depression:

It’s a very good medicine for depression without any doubt. Massaging certain points within the feet applying pressure on them for some minutes daily can help to relieve symptoms of depression.

Fungal Infections:

The fungus may be a common infection of toenails.  Pedicures help to get rid of any nasty bacteria and it cleans any dirt so infections don’t have a fighting chance. Keep your toenails safe. Professionally cleaning and cutting your nails will help to stop ingrown toenails and infections.

For cracked heels:

Everyone wants a pretty foot but in winter our skin absorbs all the moisture and our skin gets dry. A winter pedicure can help you to moisture your feet which prevents cracked heels which will cause bleed, pain, and discomfort. Massaging your lower legs loosens your muscle and helps with a joint performance.

Increase blood circulation:

Poor blood circulation is that the main reason for varicose veins so a nice foot massage and a good amount of pressure not just remove your stress, and tiredness but also help to increase blood circulation which may help to keeps your feet healthy.

Types of Pedicure

There are many ways you can maintain your beauty, health, and freshness. You can find varieties of pedicure in beauty saloon with different advantages. Like-

Standard pedicure:

This pedicure is best for regular users that want to relax and moisture their feet. Scrubbing, nail trimming, removing dead skin, and formation is completed in an exceedingly standard pedicure.

French pedicure:

The foremost common and popular pedicure for women. The processing as the same as standard pedicure but it comes with nail polishing.

Gel pedicure:

This pedicure is for those that want nice pedicure and polish for an extended time. The benefit is nail polish is applied and so affected with UV rays.

Hot stones pedicure:

Same as standard pedicure but feet scrubbing and feet mask comes additionally with this pedicure. A hot towel is wrapped in your feet for several minutes then warm stones and aromatic oils want to massage your feet to alleviate pain in your legs and feet.

Fish pedicure:

A very unusual pedicure. Small fishes are used for this process. You just need to soak your feet into an aquarium with little fishes. It is good to do this pedicure because it’s very rare. This little fish eats all of your dead skin from your feet.

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost

You have to keep in mind that the cost of the pedicure depends on what type of pedicure you are taking because every pedicure is different. If you want to do pedicure in small shops then the price will be around $15 to $25 for standard and deluxe, it will cost $25 to $35.

In a spa or salon, you can get a standard pedicure within $35 to $40 and deluxe $45 to $60.  The price range will be high if you are doing your pedicure from hotel or resorts spa it may cost $45 to $55 for standard and $75 to $135 for deluxe.

You may know that everything from our lungs, hormones, sinus are controlled by the different points within the feet. So if you’re having a problem with headache, asthma, or sinus then these problems may be removed by massaging the proper pressure points within the feet.

For a happier and healthy life, several minutes of nice feet massage can offer you everything. It can take all of your stress, depression, and tiredness and help you to sleep peacefully. Try to take pedicure at least two times a month and make your feet look beautiful. Getting a pedicure could be a wonderful way to pamper your beautiful feet and look it more pretty.

Painting your nails is a creative way to express your sense of fashion and might be fun. The world is changing the taste of fashion and style is also changing. People are adopting new beauty trend in their lifestyle. During a busy lifestyle trying to find some time for your own to pamper yourself and make yourself beautiful.


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