How to apply hair mask? All the best tips

Hair masks products are one of the most used hair care treatment today all over the world. But many still have questions of how to apply hair mask or either to do it after or before shampooing the hair. This brings confusion to many and we understand that and ready to give a clear understanding on how to apply the hair masks product you like and also to tell you either to do it before or after shampoo.

how to apply hair mask

A hair mask is meant for hair treatment in spite other beauty benefits one gets after using it. This to mean as one is required to follow the prescriptions equal to the ones doctor requires one to follow as indicated. Hair masks when applied the right way grantees good results but when you mess when applying definitely bad results. So, one is required to know exactly how to apply hair mask before applying it. There are several popular DIY hair masks like egg hair mask, avocado hair mask and so on.

When you are sure of a thing are doing you do it perfectly. You require enough knowledge on how to apply hair masks so as to be confident that you will get the results you are seeking. You should not do guesswork as you can even ruin your hair. Here will give enough knowledge on how to apply hair masks and after going through you will have gained more than you were looking for.

It is recommendable one do hair shampooing after applying hair mask. This is to ensure that all the ingredients in the product are removed from the hair. Some products like coconut oil products leave your hair greasy sop you should use shampoo to remove all the all left.

Shampoo also should be done before applying the hair mask. This is to remove other products you had used especially if you are using a new product. This to mean shampoo is applied both before and after applying hair mask product.

Step by step guide how to apply hair mask

First method

  • Read the instruction in the product carefully

Hair masks products manufacturer put some instructions on their products. One should take time and go through what is written there. By this, you will get the prescribed kind of hair, the cautions that should be taken or for how long will the product last in the hair after application. This will give one the basis if to trust the product or not. You will even know if you have chosen the correct product or not.  If you follow the instructions correctly as prescribed the results will be best as you wished. If you get negative results or not as amazing as you desired to know there is a step you didn’t follow as required.  Never rush to open the product without reading the instructions there of importance.

  • Wear protective clothes

Hair mask can mess with your clothes when it gets to them. One should wear even old clothes such that you will not mind when they get ruined. Another way you can;

  1. Wrap towel in the shoulders when applying the hair masks
  2. You can purchase a hair styling cape available at beauty shops
  3. By doing this you will not incur other losses like when your best clothes are ruined by hair mask product.
  • Make your hair damp

This the crucial part when many misses. One should make his or her hair damp not water running. It is done best by first wash your hair as normal, use a towel to dry it but don’t dry completely ensure you leave your hair damp. This to make hair masks stick in the hair not to fall down when you have you running water hair.

  • Divide your hair into sections

This will make it easier for one to apply the hair masks without much struggle. You can make sections of up to 7. For people with long or thicker hair will require more than 7 sections. To those who have short hair, the sectioning may be avoided as you can manage to apply without.

  • Start applying the hair mask from the root to tip

Begin by massaging the hair mask into the scalp. Start to apply the mask from the root of the hair to the tip. Do all means to ensure all areas in the hair has been reached. This can be done by evenly dispersing the masks through the hair.  One should focus to ensure the mask reached the tip of the hair as it is known the tips are prone to dryness and need care.

  • Comb hair

After ensuring there is enough mask in the hair, start combing it. This can be done using a combing tool which one as in place. Either way for those with curly hair can comb using their fingers. The comb required here should be medium or wide-toothed. The combing is meant to ensure the mask is properly distributed in the hair.

  • Rinse out the mask

After ensuring you have exhausted the time required when applying the hair mask, one should rinse it out. One should use a running water to remove the mask. You can rinse once or twice depending on the product description. Warm water is always good for rinsing out the mask.

  • Condition your hair

You can use any kind of conditioning product you like and you are ready to go.

This method is the basic one and it is easier to follow. The results will depend on the type of hair mask you are applying.  For those looking for optimizing, effects will have extra steps to follow.

Second Method

After reading the instruction and familiarizing yourself with the product, then apply the hair masks you will have to prolong the time you remain with the mask in the hair.  That the difference when looking for optimizing effects in your hair.

Cover your hair with shower cap and wrap a hot towel

After you have applied the mask in the hair and confirmed it has reached all the places in your hair, put on a shower cap and wrap the hot towel as you will remain with the mask for a longer period.  You can remain like this up to 15 minutes so as the mask can have direct contact with your scalp which gives effective results overall.

Know the time you are required to have the hair mask in the hair and what purpose are you treating

You should be aware of the time required while with hair mask at your hair. Different products have different time so you should refer to the instructions given. For homemade hair masks, time will depend on the purpose of making the product. Different hair problems are solved by how long you keep the mask in the hair for example; for hydrating hair problem the mask should remain in the hair up to 10 minutes contrary to dryness problem with is 25 minutes.

Another factor which makes time vary is the kind of ingredients making the product. Example; coconut masks products remain in the hair up to 30 minutes as compared to Olaplex mask 10 minutes. This to show one should be curious to know for how long I will be having this hair mask in my hair before applying it.

You will be required to rinse out the mask when the time lapses. Do it thoroughly with running warm water. You condition your hair afterward and you are ready to go.

If you have dry hair and you want effective results you will have to sleep with the mask in your hair. All require is you wear a shower cap and place a towel above your pillow so as not to ruin it in case the mask licks. When morning comes you rinse the hair mask. Your hair will be left smooth and soft.

If you use method two you should use less hair mask next time. This because your hair will be greasy. In case you notice that your hair is greasy you should use less next time. Note if you have oily hair you should use product prescribed for oily hair.

By this steps, you are ready to use the masks at you a hand. A reminder is to read the instruction in the mask product and add up to these steps if required.  Different product makers have given other additional steps which are of importance to be followed. Check and read carefully.

The results you need or admired you will get after following these steps. There are very easy to understand and practical even at home. Hair masks give hair softness, make hair shine or even soft and have beautiful hair. More so, hair masks do hair treatment from all hair from kind damage either dryness, locking or frizzing. This shows how to apply hair mask, in order to acquire this follow the correct way when applying it. Here they are and after reading them and practicing grantees of good results.


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