How to attract a girl even if you’re not handsome

How to attract a girl have long-time been a mystery to men. Especially if we are shy or not too handsome, charming any woman could be definitely challenging for us.

Besides all the self-inflicted insecurities that men already have, we’ve always been subject to a lot of myths and supposed rules that actually take us away from the goal of attracting that dreamed girl.

How to attract a girl

One good example is that myth that says “if something works, keep doing it” as if women would never get tired of the same thing. Also, other mistaken customs such as “you just need to get her attracted and nothing more” or “that kind of girls don’t like men like me” keep men around the globe insecure about getting their girl.

Let’s forget about stupid clichés, and concentrate on what you DO need to do to actually get that girl you like to really like you back! Follow these pieces of advice and you’ll be holding hands sooner than you though.

How to attract a girl: tricks and advices

There are some common tricks that are always mentioned in this kind of articles, so we’ll pass through them quickly, as they need to be mentioned. Therefore, we’ll pass to some more specific tips.

Be confident

As we mentioned before and you’ll probably have heard before, insecurities are one of men worst enemies. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing girls will notice and probably get bored of you even before you can actually approach her.

So, forget about making yourself feel small, and about being too “self-conscious”; believe that you’re confident and keep your body language calmed. Taking up space around you with looseness will give the impression of confidence. If being confident is hard for you, try taking deep breaths, and focus on every part of your body for a second.

Be funny

Making her laugh is maybe the most “cliché” trick anyone can mention when talking about how to attract a girl, but it works. Women are complicated and the world is hard enough for them already, making her laugh will allow her to feel relaxed around you.

In this matter, being playful and maybe tease a little can be pretty effective as must guys are too afraid to do this (especially if the girl is a 9 or 10). With that kind of moves, you’ll kill two birds in a row by making her laugh and also showing confidence.

How to attract a girl

Be kinesthetic and build sexual tension

There’s only one thing that differences “friends” and “boyfriends” for a girl, and it is sexual tension. Girls are capable of sharing a lot of feelings with their friends, as well as with their partners. So, getting into her thoughts is not enough for winning on how to attract a girl. You need to get her to want you too.

One of the most effective ways of doing this with girls is by touching. But obviously, touching in a very discrete and respectfully way. People who touch while they speak are called kinesthetic and have a great advantage when it comes to attracting a girl; simply touching her face, hair, hands or shoulders, while you’re having a light conversation can get her to get melted.

The most sexual tension you build, the most likely a girl is to end up the night being attracted towards you. Another good way to build sexual attraction is by looking directly at her lips while she talks, and looking her right into her eyes as if you wanted to say something important but not saying anything. All these tricks will give you an irresistible, mysterious air.

Finally, slowing down your voice and moves will make her comfortable by anticipating what you will do and will also hypnotize her a little. This way, she’ll feel safer about you touching her or being nearby, and therefore, it’ll be easier to build the tension.

Attack her feelings

Yes, we said before that sexual tension was the key to keeping you away from the friend-zone, but women are undoubtedly moved by feelings and they’re also key on how to attract a girl. This means that you need to find a balance between these two chemistries to actually win a girl. The problem with only feeding sexual tension is that she can get interested at first and then bored, or worst, she’ll be crept out.

Getting in contact with your emotional part is going to make things really easier and she’ll be more open to you. Of course, it’s not like you’ll say “I love you” the day you met her, it’s all about letting her know you feel things.

How to attract a girl

For doing this, try using the “I” sequence to express about any topic, instead of presenting it as a fact. One good example of this is when talking about any good show or book and saying “I love the book” instead of “that book is good”. This will make her get in contact with who you are instead with the rating quality of the show or book. Therefore, she’ll be more open to express what she loves or like and you’ll get to know her.

Forget about “that kind of girl”

Girls like some kind of guys, that’s a truth. But what they really like is to feel important, valued and respected among other emotional virtues. If you figure out what attracts a girl and can cope with it, you stand a chance even if you’re not “her type”.

Make her want to impress you

Girls are used to be the center of attraction just because of their looks. If you present yourself as a man interested in more than that, they will feel the need to impress you with other qualities, so they’re not depicted as uninteresting. Here you can also kill two birds in a row as you show yourself confident and with standards, and also get to know what she’s into. This is one of the less discussed but most effective tricks on how to attract a girl.

Be interesting, have something to say

Girls also look for attractive men; that’s a truth. But, they’re also easily bored by handsome and stupid guys. So, be sure you have something to say before you approach a girl with a good joke as your only tool; remember that you’ll have to maintain the conversation for a while before she actively gets into it.

It’s important that you actually talk and don’t keep just asking questions and making her talk, she’ll get bored or crept soon as she will have absolutely no information about you and given too much about her (she’ll feel like you’re stalking her or investigating her life).

How to attract a girl

Nice shoes, hair, and teeth

This might be the most superficial of all tips but can win you a lot of points; keep your shoes clean your hair clean and modern and your teeth as neat as you can. Girls look into details and taking the time for looking nice will talk good about your general habits; this will put you in an advantageous position on how to attract a girl.


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