How to bake your face without any harm

When someone uses the word bake, many can assume that we are talking about food or something edible but in the real sense, your face can also be baked without any oven or any source of heat needed. How to bake your face! Baking soda is a great multitasking agent. Someone might ask the best way of how to bake your face. The best way of baking your face is by use of baking soda face wash.

how to bake your face

Some people might advise you to mix the baking soda with honey while others may instruct you to mix it with a little water to form a paste. According to enough life experience, I advise the user not to take note of their friends’ fake opinions but go straight up and use up baking soda. Everyone got face skin issues so often because of several reasons. Foundation might be a reason, so you have to use the best foundation for your skin.

How to bake your face properly

Baking soda in some ways might not give the best outcome to every user because it may or may not work with every person’s face. For the avoidance of all the inconveniences, disappointments or any bad reaction on your face, test it out first on any other part of your skin like the arm first to test whether you will have a positive or negative result before using it on your face.

For more efficient results, I would use my index figure and thumb to apply a pinch of baking soda on my face to form a uniform mask and then rub it smoothly like using normal face wash. My skin felt smoother and less dry after rinsing off the mask of baking soda from my face. My face appeared so beautiful with the smooth texture on it. This was results observed after day one of the facial experiment.

On the second day, my face still had a soft texture and was still a little red in color. My skin became more even on the third day and this was so encouraging. I, therefore, decided to use CC cream and face powder and a few drops of raspberry seed oil as a preferred moisturizer. It was day four and I was proud of my skin for it was glowing beautifully and it appeared so healthy because it had all the evident qualities that healthy people refer to when they talk about perfect and healthy skin and this was so exciting.

It was the fifth day and I decided to add some essential oil to the baking soda to give it a scent of baking soda but I did not add any other forms of chemicals because I was not ready to ruin the perfect change my face was going through. On the sixth day, I didn’t wash my face very well and I experienced rough crystals on my face throughout the day, this was quite irritating and boring and this gave me a very tough and bad day but I had to take heart and complete my full week experiment. It was the last day and I was super excited for the change on my face was visible and it was nothing else but perfect.

My skin texture was so smooth and there was no pimple visible on my beautiful skin. I was very satisfied and pleased with the outcome and I thanked God for everything. From the awesome experience from day one to day five, I would, therefore, encourage you to use baking soda which is made of sodium bicarbonate with no doubts at all for whatsoever reasons for it is harmless because it can also be used for consumption purposes. But make sure you test it first with your arm to experiment whether your skin is sensitive and reactive because it does not work on everyone, so don’t spoil your face.

It is evident that baking soda is one ingredient that may not miss in your kitchen cabinet but so many people have never thought of including it in their beauty regimes. How to bake your face with baking soda is so interesting and important because your skin might get spoilt if the baking soda does not fit your skin. This is the main reason why you need to test a pinch of it with your arm first before applying it on your face.

Baking soda might sound wired but the fact remains that it has a lot of benefits on your skin. It is alkaline in nature. This means that it balances the Ph levels on your sweet skin to make it glow beautifully with radiance. It also reveals new freshness on your skin because it exfoliates the dead skin cells.

Baking, in other words, can be referred to allowing translucent powder to mask on your face for five to ten minutes. This allows the excess heat from your face to set your foundation or concealer before dusting your face off leaving your skin smooth, beautiful, flawless and with a pore less-look. I can assure you this lasts longer than expected and therefore there is no need to reapply frequent powder on your face.

How to bake your face perfectly depends on the materials you use to bake it. For efficient results, one needs a concealer and any translucent loose powder like baking soda ash which should create a shade or two shades much lighter than your normal skin tone. Pressed powder is not used in baking because it does not work. How to bake your face is very easy because you start with your normal foundation routine.

Gently smear the concealer uniformly under your eyes gently to blend it out. An amount of translucent powder is applied gently under the eye area, on your chin, cheekbones and also forehead immediately after blending and allow it to relax in that position for ten to five minutes. The relaxed powder on your face melts the concealer into your face to fill the creases and lines because it works hand in hand with your skins natural heat. This should, therefore, give the foundation and concealer time to set for that extra radiant effect.

A wedge sponge which is dumped in a setting spray may also be used (but it is optional). After five to ten minutes, sweep away the masked powder on your face with a blush brush using a very short, smooth and flicking motion. You can, therefore, say that you have baked your face successfully. You will experience a smooth texture on your face and you will, therefore, glow beautifully with a uniform even tone on your face.

The pros experienced in baking your face depends on the method used in baking. Normally, you will experience a pore less and creaseless finish, no visible signs of oily skin experienced, noticed or seen, a very high coverage is offered and most importantly this is the perfect way of enlarging your pores to reduce excess fats on your skin and it is also the perfect means to cover scars on your face. For everything that has its own advantages and goodness, the cons might also be evident.

It is evident that it aims at clearing up and opening pores on your face to prevent the clogging of pores, therefore, preventing pimples which might spoil your face. When pores on your face get clogged with sebum, a pimple is formed. Forehead, nose, and chin are the main glands which produce oil known as sebum and this makes pimples more prone to these areas.  Baking soda also whitens your skin in case you need extra beauty.

After the practical experiment on your face, you will definitely notice that the face baking consumes a lot of time, this should, therefore, be applied during your free time for you to do a perfect work on your face. It may also clog your pores if used frequently for face baking should never be your daily routine. I discourage those who have very dry skin with little wrinkles to keep off from face baking for it may damage your normal skin.

How to bake your face depends on the main reason why you want to bake it. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are present in baking soda. This helps to dry your skin out and relief you from itching and swelling to prevent you from getting skin rashes since baking soda is alkaline in nature. The alkaline nature in it helps in softening the sebum debris on your face.

Your skin is so precious for it is symbol beauty and we, therefore, need to protect it from harmful rays of the sun. Everyone likes getting exposed so it is very hard to avoid the sun. 0n the other side, the sun is important to our bodies for it helps in creating vitamin D to our bodies so the best way to manage your skin is by baking it to prevent sunburns.

In case of a sunburn which is itchy, baking soda is the best substance to use for it has the best cooling effect evident in it. For efficiency or the best way to stop itching effect on your face, apply a paste of baking soda and cold water on the affected area uniformly and rinse it off with clean water. Baking soda is also very useful when you are experiencing skin tan for it removes the skin tan. Skin tanning damages your skin leading to the emergence of wrinkles and therefore increasing your chances and risk of getting skin cancer.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a chemical that helps neutralize acid and it is therefore used to reduce heartburn. This may also apply to your skin because a normal skin is a bit acidic. A protective barrier which is important to your skin health is formed due to the acid mantle.

On the other side, baking soda can remove the protective oil barrier on your skin, it interferes with the Ph and spoils the natural bacteria on top of your skin which is important in preventing infection. This can make strips on your skin leaving it prone or exposed to infection and breakouts. Baking soda is prone to causing redness on your skin and also burning for some people but this happens mostly when you use in natural or homemade deodorants.

Baking soda is not harmful generally but it can cause harm to your skin. The best way of dealing with this condition if it reacts negatively with your skin is using fragrance-free lotion to moisturize your skin until the damage clears or ends.

So many people forget to wash their faces before bed. Washing your face every night before retiring to bed should be your first rule when we talk about caring for your skin, this gives out an efficient result even if you don’t use make up for it is important to wash the excess fats on your face. Avoid washing or rinsing your skin with hot water especially on the sensitive parts like your face for it may damage your skin making it dry out faster and becoming itchy, this may, therefore, cause wrinkles on your face making you appear older than your normal age. Lukewarm water is the best water to use in rinsing or washing your face.

To prevent breakouts from your sweet face, make sure you wash your face every morning and evening before going to bed (at least twice in a day) for more efficient results. Don’t over wash your face or over scrub for this might cause harm or irritate your skin. Avoid popping pimples because this may lead to increased swelling, redness and it might even give you a scary look due to the spread of infected materials from the infected part further into the skin.

In conclusion, I can assure you that face baking is the best way of maintaining your skin for it helps you smoothen your skin if you really know or take note on how to bake your face perfectly. Use of soda ash is completely discouraged for use if like a natural look. Your skin is actually a reflection of the general cleanliness of your entire body. So, take good care of your skin and make it healthy, smooth and beautiful giving it a glowing appearance.


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