How to Delete Poshmark Account | The Best Way to Do It

how to delete poshmark account

Poshmark is an online shopping mart for people who like to avoid the hassle of going outside or are more comfortable ordering right from their home just with a click.

The site is loaded with many successful and respected brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Coach, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and more uprising brands like paparazzi, La Blanca, and many more.

Poshmark gives the opportunity to any seller willing to sell their unique and stylish collection through their website and earn money, however, there are many problems that go undiscussed when it comes to the flaws of this vast marketplace.

Due to some reasons, many sellers don’t want to continue further and want to Delete their Poshmark Account. If you are one of them, feel welcome because today we’re talking about How to Delete Poshmark Account.

How to Delete Poshmark Account:

Deleting your Poshmark Account is fairly easy, and doesn’t involve much of a hassle. You can delete your Poshmark Account following these steps mentioned below:

Deleting Poshmark Account using the app:

  1. Go to the Account Tab
  2. Tap on Poshmark Support Center
  3. Choose Manage Account Status
  4. Select Delete my account

However, to delete your Poshmark Account, you need to make sure that there are no pending transactions or redemptions remaining in your account, or else they will not be able to process your account deletion request.

Why would you want to Delete Your Poshmark Account:

As we said earlier, there are some annoying reasons why many sellers quit Poshmark. Let’s go through some of the major reasons why sellers Delete Poshmark Account:

Trolls and Unethical Buyers:

Despite the majority of Poshers being classy, there is also a fair share of Trollers and Unethical Buyers on Poshmark. There are some men who would want you to try on the tight dress for the fit-again or some other perverted comment, which is very annoying and should be monitored by the authority.

There are buyers who would want you to rush the delivery and yet not mark it as received and you have to wait for 3 days for the payment. More annoying ones are the buyers who give you a 1-star rating for no reason or explanation. 

Along with that, there are some people, who supposedly do not even come to buy but ask dozens of questions, most of which have already been answered in the description which they don’t even bother to read.

The site also has some Lowballers, who just ruin the spirit of selling by offering very low prices for items, a lot of times even less than the manufacturing cost.

Questionable Protection for the Seller:

A lot of times, buyers have to go through discrimination for no reason. For example, if you sell a perfectly fine piece of garment to a buyer and they report it to be not working or damage it and then report it as damaged before they received it, then the odds are that the Poshmark support team will take the buyer’s side and not yours, and you’ll have to return the money. Many sellers have to go through that. Due to this kind of discrimination, many sellers quit Poshmark.

Consumes Too Much Time:

Any kind of business requires a lot of time, but is it worth investing so much time where you have to face problems like the ones discussed above? Constantly checking the questions, answering them, communicating with parties, and replying to them ASAP so that they don’t become uninterested, it is just too much hassle for some people. Thus, many people do not like the consumption of time and want to Delete their Poshmark Account. 

Final Verdict:

Every business requires a lot of time and effort, no matter where you do it or how you do it, even if it’s online or offline. Poshmark is not exactly a bad app for selling, but due to the reasons discussed above, it isn’t the best as well.

Sometimes, you just have to try different things when one doesn’t work. If you have been facing similar problems selling at Poshmark and want to Delete Poshmark Account, then hopefully this article helped you, and good luck for the steps you’re going to take ahead!


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