How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Naturally |Some Effective Remedies

how to get rid of yellow jackets naturally

If you are looking for how to get rid of yellow jackets naturally then this article is for you! Select your natural method from below and try it out right away. Like our others life hacks this one’s results will amaze you. And yes, it’s almost free of cost too! 

They Hate Cucumbers!

Not only yellow jackets but also wasps hate cucumbers. To use cucumber effectively you have to cut a fresh cucumber into slices and place them on aluminum dishes. Wherever you see occasional visits of these flies just keep a couple of these dishes with cucumber there and you will see the magic! 

You don’t need to spray any chemicals in this process. Aluminum reacts with cucumber and it itself creates a chemical scent. Humans cannot detect this scent but it’s sufficient to keep yellow jackets or any such flies flee from your space.

Wormwood Planting

In some places, this plant is also known as Artemisia. It has a boxy shape. This shrub is perfect to repel yellow jackets. Planting these boxy shrubs will keep your house free from yellow jackets. You can plant them outside your house around the border. These plants are very poisonous.

So it is better not to plant any other Plants near wormwood. If there’s any pet in the house they should not touch these plants as well.

Use Peppermint Oil to Drive Them out

Yellow jackets hate peppermint. Not only peppermint they hate all types of mints. So it’s very effective to use peppermint oil to drive them out of the house. Peppermint also repels other flies,spiders or any other insects from the house.

A great result has been published in a study of the journal named Pest Management and Science which shows that peppermint oil is one of the best natural repellents for these genres. 

To make a good use of peppermint oil,soak a cotton ball with peppermint oil and place them around or in your home. Specially keep these balls in the target areas where pests usually make their nest. Keeping it around your home will repel yellow flies to enter you home from outside.

Planting Thyme Gives You Two Benefits

Another plant that will help you to get rid of yellow jackets is Thyme. Yellow jackets will never come to visit if you plant Thyme around your house. It is very easy to grow and requires very little maintenance. Thyme can also be used for cooking. It gives a pleasant flavor to your meal.

Thyme needs bright sunlight to grow. You don’t need to water the plant frequently. Thyme is a very useful plant. The oil made from it can be used for toenail fungus as well.

Essential Oil Blend Helps a Lot

Essential oil mix not only helps to get rid of yellow flies but also helps to stop spiders from living inside home and building a nest. It is a very good solution to get rid of yellow jackets. Combination of geranium,lemongrass and clove essential oil completely repels yellow jackets or any type of wasps.

If you don’t want yellow jackets or any other wasps to enter your house then mix water with several drops of liquid dish soap and several drops of each oil and spray around your house. You will see your house is free of these insects within no time.

Spearmint Planting is Very Effective

Spearmint smells so good that it will cheer you up besides repelling yellow jackets. It is very easy to grow. This plant spreads like crazy so it’s better not to plant it in the ground if there is not enough space. To keep it from spreading,plant it in a tub or pot so that it will not take over more space. Keep a hole in the downside of the pot for proper drainage.

Eucalyptus Planting is Another Way

Eucalyptus is known for its beauty. But not only for the purpose of increasing the beauty of our yard, but you can also make use out of it. Eucalyptus is a great yellow jacket repellent. Eucalyptus needs water after planting it.

Make the ground watery before planting it too. The growth of this plant depends on your climate. Try to handle this plant with full care as they have very sensitive roots.

Sugar Water Traps

This solution won’t repel yellow jackets. It will attract yellow jackets and trap them inside. Sugar water is favorite to the yellow jackets. Seal the container of sugar water in such a way that yellow jackets will be able to enter the trap to drink sugar water but won’t be able to come out. An easy way to make these traps is to use hummingbird feeders.

Lemongrass to Repel Yellow Jackets

Lemongrass is used for making soups delicious. But these herbs have a lot more benefits too. Yellow jackets and other insects, even mosquitoes hate lemongrass. Lemongrass is listed as a safe natural insecticide by the Environmental Protection Agency. It needs a lot of nitrogen so you have to fertilize it every month.

Pennyroyal Will Keep Yellow Jackets at Bay

Pennyroyal plants are one of the most beneficial ones to repel yellow jackets. Other similar wasps also hate these beautiful plants. These plants can be grown from seeds,spring division or cuttings. You must keep the plant bed moist to keep it healthy.

Final Words

Following the above mentioned natural solutions are some of the best and most convenient ways to get rid of yellow jackets. Try these remedies immediately to keep your house free of yellow jackets!


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