How to keep spiders out of your house effectively

If you’re arachnophobic you probably want to know how to keep spiders out of your house. Even if they’re not too big or rarely appear, anyone that suffers from this condition will completely panic at the sight of the smallest arachnids.

Nevertheless, killing them or applying pesticides may not be a viable solution for you, whether because getting rid of them by yourself is even scarier or because of the toxic agents. That’s why we’ve collected some natural ways of getting spiders at bay.

how to keep spiders out of your house

How to keep spiders out of your house

Here are some simple but most effective ways of keeping spiders out of your house. Let’s see how to do it……….

Citrus essence or peels

Spiders simply hate citrus smells because of its acetic acid. That’s why you can use these fruits in several ways to clean your house from the little animals. First and easiest, you can smash the citrus peels (such as lemon, grapefruit, orange or tangerine peel) and scrub them around the windows and doors. Another way that you can use citrus is by making an infusion with the peels and then spraying your house with the water.

Tobacco leaves

Even if you’re not a smoker, tobacco can help you to dismiss this hateful plague; as well as with the peels, use hot water and soak the leaves to create an infusion, and therefore spray your house with it. Another way to use it is by spreading the leaves in chunks or making tobacco balls with some flour or honey and leaving them in strategic places.

Horse chestnuts

Horse chestnuts are the best long-term natural way to keep spiders out of your house. Not only they will keep arachnids out, but they could even make a good decoration. Simply put them in the mark of windows and chimneys and spiders won’t get near. Also, as these nuts don’t get decomposed quickly, they will maintain the bugs out for longer than the other solutions.


Turmeric is a very strong spice that spiders simply hate. To use this spice for getting the spidery plagues outside, you need to very careful as it tends to stain any surface. To avoid this, don’t apply it directly to the surface but, instead, mix a generous amount of the powder with some water until you create a paste. Then apply it to cotton balls and put it in strategic spots.


As well as turmeric, cinnamon has a strong scent that spiders can’t stand. The good news is that cinnamon CAN be applied directly by spreading the powder around your house. Besides setting you free from spiders, it will leave your house smelling delicious!

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Eucalyptus and peppermint

These essences are especially repellent for spiders. You can own some of these plants at home or you can simply use some essential oils. For the second option you can mix the oils with water and spray the house or you can apply the pure oil in cotton balls and leave them in strategic points that spiders live in.

White vinegar

As well as citrus, white vinegar contents high levels of acetic acid which is an excellent element to keep spiders out of your house. Mix the vinegar with some water and spray it at home once every two days and you’ll have your house very clean, disinfected and free of spiders.

Finally, we hope that you got ways how to keep spiders out of your house. If you face any problem please leave us a comment below, we will try to help you out the best ways.


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