How to make a baby laugh | The easiest way ever

Most babies begin to laugh at around four months of age and by the time they are five months they laugh in response to anything that is absurd to them. How to make a baby laugh? At times they laugh independent of whether their parents are laughing or not. Laughing is good for a baby’s health and often it’s always the best way to bond with them. So always make them laugh as often as possible.

how to make a baby laugh

Most of the time you find out even though you are not the parent to a child, whenever you do something silly and make a baby laugh, a strong bond is usually created between the two of you. A baby is always interested with someone who keeps them happy than someone who just stays with them just looking at them without doing something to keep them busy or playing. Some babysitters try different types of game. Best babysitting games to make the task easy.

Let’s discuss a few things about how to make a baby laugh

There are various ways to make a baby laugh at different stages of their ages.

How to make a baby laugh (Newborns to 12 months of age).

  1. Give Eskimo kisses– As you are holding your baby at times it is always nice to hold them close, rub noses a few times and share Eskimo kisses and as a result, your baby is likely to giggle away.
  2. Play peek a boo– this can be done by use of colored blankets or sheets and this will make a baby laugh endlessly. Also, appearing to a baby from behind an object such as a screen is another enticing way of making your baby break in laughter.
  3. Tickling– you can do this at different body parts eg. The stomach, chest area, around the neck and also at the armpits. Babies often find this a playful activity and the more you tickle them the more they continue to laugh.
  4. Pretend to bite– Another way to make a baby laugh is to gnaw at the baby’s body parts such as cheeks, stomach and this really make babies especially those between six months and one year to really laugh hard.
  5. Rip paper– the sound of a paper being torn makes a baby laugh especially when done repeatedly.
  6. Blow raspberries– Blowing on bare skin brings unusual sensation and when done in the prime tickle spots such as the neck, tummy makes a baby giggle.

How to make a baby laugh (Babies over one year of age).

  1. Pretend sneezing-This at first appears to be surprising but if you do it repeatedly your baby tries to mimic and he or she ends up laughing.
  2. Bubble blowing– blowing bubbles can be done in a bowl of water whereby you blow with a straw and most babies find it hilarious and end up breaking into laughter. This can also be done in a basin when you are helping your baby to take a shower and this is one way that keeps babies busy while showering and makes them live as they enjoy doing it.
  3. Round up the sibling – Bringing older children in the house, maybe cousins, neighbors or even some little brothers and sisters and engaging them in some games makes a baby laugh.some of the activities that they might engage in include; dancing, singing, clawing etc. You find that when a baby sees other children doing such, they enjoy it and tries to jump around and they start giggling out loud.
  4. Raise the volume– If you want to make your baby, you can at times do it by raising your volume as you talk in a funny way. This can be done while calling out the baby’s name or even calling out some names that seem familiar to the kid – names that the baby is used to hearing them being called out.
  5. Sing silly songs– As a parent, to keep your baby lively, you ought to be as creative as much as much as possible. Always try composing some silly songs that your baby can really enjoy listening to you as you sing for him or her. A baby will always find such songs funny and end ends up laughing each and every time you sing the song.
  6. Mimic some animals sound– Babies always enjoy listening to some funny sounds. You can, therefore, try to mimic some animals sounds such as a cats sound, or even a dog’s. The baby will think that the animal is around and as she or he tries to look around to find up will laugh all along.
  7. Bring along a pet– besides mimicking the pets sound, you can bring it close to the baby and this is really some nice moments for the baby and the child will really enjoy seeing it around as it does its stuff and ends up smiling and laughing as long as the pet or the animal is around.
  8. Make a favorite toy come to life– children of more than one year of age enjoy having toys around them. The moment you give them the toy to play with it, this becomes one of their best moments. As they play, they laugh all the time the toy produces a sound or moves with a speed of their interest or moves to a certain direction.
  9. You can also turn your baby’s favorite stuffed animal or toy into a walking and talking puppet. Make it move and supply a funny voice. The unexpected animation and transformation will end up working like a charm.
  10. Carpet ride– This is an activity that is comfortable for babies who are at a position to hold their head up. So you have your baby sit on a carpet and begin to ride them around the house. You will find out that the baby who will enjoy such will end up laughing the whole time as you move around the house. This will be always a good moment for both the parent and the child ad they end up having a good time together. Close bonds are also created during such an activity and also trust since the baby begins to believe that he or she cannot fall as the parent is there to support as you ride the carpet.
  11. Making some funny faces– babies really find this very hilarious. One can make funny faces especially when a baby is crying to make them smile all over again. Most children always find this funny especially when accompanied by some voices and smiles.
  12. Get close to Nature– This should happen with you there to supervise. Live animals can amuse as they lumber around, run, hop, lurch forward or stare back at your baby. Have your baby watch them. Your baby may giggle with delight upon seeing such funny behaviors eg, seeing a squirrel climbing a tree or a cat yawning.
  13. Make them dance– lifting your child to your knee and making them dance can be highly amusing for both of you, especially if there is some music in the background.

Other ways to make a baby happy:

Pretending to put on their way too small clothes or swinging them into the air teaches a baby that being silly at times is good. Your child, therefore, will always use these experiences to develop their humor even as they grow with their friends.

Baby’s health fitness is very important to make him happy. We should be used different types of fitness tracker to track his activities.

Clowning around by parents around their babies is another valuable tool for a parent and can be used to diffuse the mundane activities of everyday life.

Singing a silly song while brushing the tangles from your child’s hair or attempting to sit in the pram when they refuse to get in it is likely to get a better response and make a baby laugh and happy than a barking order.

Embracing the ridiculous– it is believed that the base of humor comes from the ridiculous. Therefore at times mixing up words that seem funny is another way of making your baby happy.

At times being there with your child is what makes them happy. This time you can spend it playing with them, running around with them and this makes them feel a sense of belonging and ends up been happy and laughing around all the time.

Teaching babies of around two years of age to pronounce some words usually seem to be very thrilling. Even when you are not within you find your baby trying to pronounce the words and the baby keep smiling and laughs out loud when he or she manages to pronounce the first words you taught them.

Watching cartoon– have your baby, especially those of around two years of age and above watch cartoons or animation programs and this is something that really keeps them lively and happy all through.

Playing chasing games with your baby– when your baby starts to crawl, you can always crawl behind him or her making some funny noises and this keeps your baby happy. You can also try and run after her as she crawls.

Start a ball rolling–  outside your house you can also start a ball rolling and have your little toddler follow it. This creates a good happy and jovial environment for both you and your baby.

Tickle the baby with a feather– Wow! This can be the most exciting thing for a child. Look for a feather or some feather-like substance. Tickle your baby with it and sometimes play with it around the baby’s face. This will really make the baby keep laughing all through due to the feather’s sensation.

Click your tongue– This is another fascinating thing to do to a baby. A baby will really smile and laugh all along as long as you keep clicking your while staring at your child. Keep doing this while trying to produce different sounds and your baby will try to imitate you while laughing.

Give thumbs up– most babies find this really interesting. You will find that every time you do this,  your baby will start to dance or try jumping to the rhyme as they smile or laugh. As you do this, to make more interesting you can give thumbs up as you sing along with a song.

WinkWinking is another thing that really carries a baby’s attention. Babies keep wondering how that happens and as they try to mimic you, they smile. A baby also finds this funny and will always laugh when someone passes by and winks to him or her.

Mimic the baby– when a baby begins to cry and you begin to mimic him or her, most of the time or find that the baby will stop crying and start to laugh instead. Also whenever you imitate what a baby is doing or whatever sound the baby is producing, the baby ends up breaking into laughter.

Pretend to be crying– you as a person, you can pretend to be crying especially when your baby is around one and a half to two years of age. Your baby will move close to you to find out what the matter with you, and when you look at your baby producing that weird sounds, your baby will end up laughing out loud.

Laughter is contagious– you laughing also makes your baby laugh. It always good as a parent to keep yourself in a happy mood so that also your baby can always maintain the same jovial mood.

In conclusion, you must have to know the answer to the question “How to take care of a baby properly?” to make it happen. There is no better mood lifter when you’re a parent than seeing your baby happy and jovial all through. Learn all about your baby evolving the sense of humor and exactly how to tickle his funny bone so as to always keep him in the mood always. Have all his toys around him, his pets to keep him smiling.

Babies above two years of age also enjoy physical games and so as a parent you should always keep them busy with such games. You can even opt to buy them a ball and play outside with them whenever you not too busy. In addition, you can buy them a bike and teach them to ride and every time you doing this you will always find your baby jovial. Encourage the babies to watch their favorite cartoon program and you will always find them laughing all over the house.


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