How to make your nose smaller in a proper way?

While noses come in all sizes and shapes, it is very normal to find people who are unhappy with how their nose looks like. The main reason could be because of cases where the nose may be bigger and at times may seem not proportional to the rest of the face organs. If you happen to be one of those who are dying and looking for the answer “How to make your nose smaller?”, then this is the right place to be.

how to make your nose smaller

There are many ways in which one can make their noses appear smaller by using natural methods as well as by using makeup. These methods range from exercising to using home remedies such as ginger or ice. Sources have it that a well-shaped nose conforms to any makeup look. It is, therefore, worth it to go after what you really want to achieve. Meanwhile, some of these natural exercises may help you achieve a smaller nose. Be sure to try them out!

A few methods of how to make your nose smaller

Nose wiggling

Nose wiggling will surely aid you in making your nose smaller and involves much of muscle building. The good thing about it is that it helps one to strengthen Nosal muscles and also make the nose appear to be sharper. One should ensure that they wiggle their noses with at least no facial movement. For best and quick results, repeat the exercise often throughout the day.

Nose straightening

These can be your best remedy among the many ways to make your nose appear smaller. All that you require to do is smile as you use your fingers to shove the nose upwards. This exercise does wonders as it helps one build physique on the sides of their nose. So as to obtain the optimum results faster, it is important that one exercises about twenty to thirty times a day.

Nose massage

This kind of activity is recommended for several occasions to obtain different results. At times it is used to treat any kind of headaches and other times for the purpose of shaping as well as narrowing of the nose. All that one is required to do is simply massaging every section of the nose beginning from the bridge as well as the tip going towards the sides. The fingers ought to be moving in circular directions as they get to massage the nose. The frequency of the exercise should be five times a day. However, the more times one does it then, they are able to live to see the results sooner.

Nose shortening

Aging is the major cause of deformations of the facial figure. It is associated with the weakening of cartilages, muscles as well as bones. This exercise happens to be the simplest among the rest of natural exercises. It helps to shape the nose as well as make it shorter. Besides, it has a special effect of preventing cartilage deterioration. One should simply place their index fingers on the tip of their noses and gently press against it. Proceed on to exerting pressure downwards on the finger with your nose. Repeat this procedure at least several times a day to achieve notable results.

Nose shaping

Are you worried about your nose shape? This is for you! Nose shaping ensures prevention and reduces the sagging of the nose. With the help of your index fingers, press the side sections of your nose. Proceed on to exhaling with some kind of force but be sure not to overdo it. For best results, ensure that you apply pressure on the bottom of the sides of the nostril. Do the exercise several times and watch your nose shape changing from shapeless to an adorable shape. Also, this particular exercise enables one to carve their noses in any way they desire.


Often, workouts and yoga offer very effective breathing exercises. Usually, deep exhalations as well as inhalation have countless benefits and nose shaping happens to be among those benefits. Wondering how do you do this? Simply sit at a comfortable position and block one of your nostrils, inhale via the other unblocked nostril for about four seconds. Alternate the nostrils, and proceed on to exhaling with the same nostril you initially held. Repeat this exercise with the other nostril. Do this three sets of time with ten repetitions at each set.

Eliminate the smile line

Usually, as one age, smile lines grow more visible and get deeper and ugly. This exercise helps to eliminate those annoying lines. One is required to fill their mouths with air and ensure to swish it in any direction while posing for at least five seconds at each section. Eventually, release the air once each section of the mouth area is moved upon. This exercise can be done at least once a day to obtain the desired results.

In the recent past, various people have been arguing that facial exercises may not be as effective as other sources claim they are. This is because collagen gives shape to a face while the nose is usually made of cartilage and not muscles or fat. Therefore, toning as well as strengthening the certain muscle of the face would end up not making a huge difference in the appearance of the size of the nose.

How to make your nose smaller using of makeup

Use of makeup is also a brilliant way of making your nose look smaller. It could include highlighting and contouring in other ways. It may create an impression of the nose appearing smaller without really changing the nose in any kind of way.

Shadow helps to scale back a wide nose

Draw the shadow from the inner corners of the eyes down to the tip using a clean and angled brush. Preferably, a blending brush should be used to balance the shadow upwards to the highlight. Get to apply the shadow to the sides of the nose if you desire to scale back wide nostrils. Easy, right!

Selecting the correct highlighting as well as contouring makeup

In this case, you can choose to go for powder makeup or a cream based product. Most people find it easy to work with powder as they claim that it blends easily. Feel free to use special highlighting, contouring makeup or matte eyeshadow. When it comes to the shadow, it is advisable that one goes for a shade that is two to three shades dimmer than your natural complexion. On the other hand, for the highlighter, one should choose a color that is two to three shades lighter than their natural complexion.

Apply shadow below the tip of a long nose to make it appear shorter

Get to draw the shadow below any section of the nose. Slightly extend the shadow below the tip of the nose, just beyond the nostril region. Ensure that you balance the shadow that is on the bottom upwards to the tip of the nose.  Amusingly, this will help to lift up your nose and as a result, make it look smaller.


All said and done, it is essential that one notes that it is not compulsory that they paste their faces with a large amount of makeup in the course of looking to make it smaller. Instead, they should shift their attention to other areas of the face such as the cheeks as they could possibly contribute to making the nose appear in some kind of way. Add some bit of shimmer blush to make your nose shorter and it shifts attention to your cheeks away from the nose.

How to make your nose smaller using natural remedies

Other than concentrating on exercise as well as makeup, one may use another approach to the same goal of making their noses smaller. At this particular stage, one is required to use homemade natural remedies. There exist two major remedies that are commonly known and they include; ginger as and ice.

Use of ice

First and foremost, wrap ice cubes using a clean piece of cloth. Proceed on to placing them on your nose for about ten minutes on a daily basis. This cold makes the nose to look as though they are less bloated.

Use of ginger

Notably, the ginger powder tends to be a popular home remedy for making noses looks smaller in the Middle Eastern homes. Be sure to use the rich ginger powder and water to make a paste and apply it on the part of the nose which you are interested in reducing. Allow it to dry for fifteen minutes before cleaning it off. However, since this paste can cause a burning sensation, it is recommendable that one washes it off if they cannot withstand the hurt.

How to make your nose smaller using of nose shapers

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Nose shapers

This type of technique has been found to be working more successfully when it comes to kids as compared to adults. On the other hand, the manufacturers of one pulsating concoction argue that they can make your nose to not only straighten but also lift their nose in the minutes a day. To use it, one places the device into their nostrils with the plastic legs extending to the sides, bottom and also the bridge of the nose. However, remember that this kind of method can be harmful to one’s health.

Also, DIY injections products, as well as facial molds, have evolved and one can use them to try reshaping of their nose bones. However, most of these products have not been approved by the United States and Drug Administration. Since evidence proving how well these remedies are working lack, this cannot be trusted criteria to make your nose look smaller.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty happens to be one of the effective ways that one may use to make the nose look smaller. It involves a procedural injection of various temporary fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm into the nose structure. The role of the fillers is usually to even out bumps, divots as well as other asymmetries of your nose temporarily. Arguably, the effect of the fillers may happen to last up to a period of six months.

Surgical remedies help one to change the structure of their nose permanently. If one happens to be among those that are considering to face the knife for this process, they might have heard of rhinoplasty. One is supposed to talk to a cosmetic surgeon and let them know the shape and size of the nose they would like to have in the long run. After the cosmetic surgeon puts one under general anesthesia, they proceeded on to removing some cartilage and tissues so as to reconstruct the nose. These kinds of surgeries happen to be the third most popular kind of cosmetic surgery in American countries. This information was revealed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that also states that the surgeries are not covered by the insurance.

Evidently, there are many options for one to consider before making up their mind on what to go with to make their noses look smaller. Non-invasive remedies such as contouring techniques or fillers are reversible ways that one may use to experiment with the way the nose looks. It is worth to note that the size of the nose is dependent on outside health factors. Some of these factors include; pregnancy, melanoma, weight gain, rosacea as well as much consumption of alcohol. Therefore, consulting a doctor would be a brilliant idea once the shape of the nose keeps changing drastically.

In conclusion, reshaping the nose can prove to be a bit difficult but that does not mean that it absolutely cannot work. The above ways will, however, assist one in making their noses smaller. Also, one has the freedom to choose whether to go natural or use makeup products. The choice rests upon the party that happens to be interested in reducing their nose sizes. For permanent nose reshaping, one may undergo surgery to adjust the size as well as the shape. Want something so badly, go for it!


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