How to release anger? 6 Effective ways

Anger is a natural emotion for the human being and it can be triggered by different things depending on the person. Most people think that anger is negative, but it does not have to be like that. Anger is only negative when we don’t know how to properly handle it and we end up hurting other people or saving everything we feel for ourselves. Today we will share with you 6 effective ways how to release anger, so you know what to do next time you feel angry.

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how to release anger

6 Effective ways how to release anger

How to release anger? We are giving some ways to release your anger. We all know that anger is very destructive and the main reason for most of the unexpected situation of your life. Here we are discussing 6 of the ways how to release anger….

  1. Take a step back and think about it

When we are angry, some of us may act impulsively and hurt those we have around us, even if they are not involved in what is going on. Before releasing your anger, try to calm down and breathe slowly. Then, think about the situation. What is making me angry? Do I only fell anger or is there something else (frustration, disappointment, etc.)? Is a fight worth it? Is there a solution for what is making me angry?

Once you have identified the aspects above, you will be able to find the best way to release your anger. Remember, do not project your feelings or issues onto other people and think if an argument is worth it or if you could regret something you say or do while being angry.

  1. Screaming

One of the best ways of releasing all of the things that make us angry is screaming, but no, you are not going to scream or fight with other people.

When you feel like you reached your limit or you have too many things stuck in your throat you can go somewhere by yourself and start screaming to release all of that. You can do it with a pillow, alone in your house, in your car or even with a friend that is helping you or giving you advice.

  1. Talk about it or write it down

Another important part of releasing your anger is avoiding the repression of your emotions and feelings. Many people think that saving what they feel is better, so they can avoid problems. However, doing this will only accumulate problems and bad sensations in your head and you will have to carry too many things on your back over time.

If you had a problem with someone, once you both calmed down, try to talk to the other person to solve the situation and decide what to do next. If you cannot talk with that person or you are not angry with someone in particular, try discussing the issue with a friend, a relative, your partner or just someone you trust. Tell them everything you think and let them listen to you; they may even have some solutions to your concern.

In case you don’t feel comfortable talking about your feelings, you can try to write everything down. You can start by narrating what happened and then go with your thoughts and the things that are bothering you, just like a diary. Doing this can be liberating and you will feel like you took a weight out of your shoulders.

  1. Do some physical activity

Another great option in our list of 6 effective ways how to release anger is releasing what you feel through physical activity. You can try to hit things, like a wall or a pillow when you feel bad, but can also try a regular activity to keep yourself calm.

If you are a quiet and/or spiritual person, you can try doing some yoga or tai chi. Here you will learn how to control yourself and you will learn how to redirect your emotions in a healthy way.

If you are a more active person, you can try things like boxing, lifting weights or running. By doing this, your body will release anger while going physical activities and you will feel calmer afterward.

  1. Try to change the way you think or act

Sometimes we stress way too much about things that aren’t as important as we think and some individuals are more likely to get angry than others; that’s why two people react differently in the exact same situation. Consider the things that are making you angry and ask yourself if it is worth it.

Something very important is letting go. There are people who are constantly angry about things that happened years ago, and when a little thing reminds them that event, they remember everything and become furious. Try to solve the situation and finish it. Forget about things from the past and focus on what is happening right now. Forgive those who hurt you once, they are not worth your mental health.

how to release anger

Don’t be afraid of changes, because sometimes we need to change our surroundings or our routine to be able to change the way we think or react to things. Is there something in your job that bothers you? Are your neighbors the reasons why you are always grumpy? Is your partner the one that makes you crazy every day? If the answer is yes, maybe you should find another job, move from where you currently live or end that toxic relationship that does not give you anything good.

Sometimes the best option is walking away from the things that make you angry. This does not have to permanent, but changes give you a new perspective on things and you will discover other wonderful aspects that you did not see before because you were too busy being bothered by your anger.

  1. Have a group of people that support you

As we mentioned in item number 3 from our list of 6 effective ways how to release anger, talking about the issue can be really helpful. It is important that you have at least a person that is trustworthy and with whom you can talk about anything, not only when you are angry.

If you have more than a person you trust, even better! The important thing is that the person you chose is calm and objective.

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone they can talk to, but if this is your case, you can see a therapist or a counselor; they are always ready to hear you and give you good advice. They will also give you solutions if you have troubles controlling your anger.


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