How to take care of a baby properly?

A baby is a ray of hope that illuminates all families but you have to admit that it is quite intimidating, especially if you are a first-time father. But do not worry because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how to take care of a baby.

A baby is a precious creature and it is wonderful to hold it, to see it, to feel its warmth. But they need special care and you have to be alert for any sign of danger.

how to take care of a baby

The most advisable thing is that you advise properly. Surely you’ve already devoured all the books on the subject but it never hurts to listen to the opinion of the other mothers in your family.

The first thing you should know about how to take care of a baby is about rest.

A good rest is necessary

Your baby needs a good night’s rest. It does not mean that he sleeps all night, just the opposite, being so small he wakes up several times to get feed. But it is important that you have a good night so you can have a good day.

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Here we give you some very effective techniques to help your baby’s sleep be refreshing.

  • In the first months, the most advisable thing is that you do not put it in a cradle but in a bassinet, since it will rub the edges and this will make you feel more secure, protected and comfortable.
  • It uses blue lights. The yellow lights and produce heat. That is why it may cost you to recover your sleep when you feed it at night. Change all the bulbs in the places where you have the baby at night.
  • Place the bassinet next to your bed but in reverse, so you can have eye contact, which will be comforting for both. Place it in the bassinet just before it falls asleep; in this way, if you wake up at night, there is more chance that you will sleep alone.
  • You can put a handkerchief with your smell in the bassinet to feel accompanied.
  • Every night put the same song to sleep. Children adapt better to routine habits.

To feed your baby

Another vital factor for your baby’s well-being is nutrition. To learn how to take care of a baby, you must know his eating habits. This will make him grow healthy, strong and happy. Your baby does not understand hours so if he’s hungry, do not wait to feed him just to meet a schedule. But neither do you wake him up to feed him.

All pediatricians agree that the best food for your baby is breast milk. For this task, the most important thing is that you find a position that is comfortable for both. We will give you some recommendations on the proper posture.

  • If you do it sitting, make it in a place with armrests and back so that your back and arms rest. Your baby should be as upright as possible so he can suck and belch comfortably.
  • Another advisable position is that you are lying down with your baby next to you. That his face is at the height of your nipple. If you place a cushion between your legs, on your back or under your head, you will be much more comfortable.

You will know that your baby is well nourished if he stays calm at the end of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. The normal thing is that I will ask you for food again in two and a half hours. Another sign that your baby is well nourished is if he is gaining weight. The measure is 200 grams every week.

Something that is also important to know how to take care of a baby, is about gases. You will have to help your baby to get gas to avoid digestive discomfort. Place it upright reclining on your shoulder. You can pat him lightly on his back. You can also place it face down on your legs.

To avoid staining your clothes, it is best to carry a small towel for these cases.

The hygiene of your baby

The first thing is changing his/her diaper. Every time you change the diaper, leave it in the air a little, so you avoid moisture. Put it tight but do not press the skin. Remember that it is important to apply cream and you should check your diaper every two hours.

About the bath.

You can bathe him in the morning so that the contact with the water clears it. Or at night to relax and sleep better. It is important that you do it every day and at the same time. Remember that it is important to create routine habits.

how to take care of a baby

Some recommendations for bath time.

  • Have everything at hand, previously prepared. If you need to find something, take your baby with you, never leave him alone.
  • Be careful not to burn it. Before putting the baby in the water, check the temperature of the baby with a thermometer. You can also try the water but with your elbow. Dip your elbow in the water to test the temperature.
  • Support your baby’s head and back on your arm and use your other hand to stroke and stroke the soap.

If your baby has more than two weeks, you can take advantage after the bath to cut the nails because they will be soft.

It is important that you wash your clothes separately and that you use a neutral detergent.

How to calm your baby’s crying

This is something everyone wants to know about how to take care of a baby. You should know that your baby will cry several times a day and for various reasons. It is normal that at first we do not know why our baby cries but with time we will learn to identify their cries.

It is normal for your baby to cry, he is still adapting to the world and crying is the only way he has to communicate.

When he cries, check his diaper or if he’s hungry, take him in your arms, wet his clothes if he’s sweaty or throws him up if he has a cold nose.

Now you are informed about how to take care of a baby. Caring for a baby is an adventure and day by day you learn new things. Little by little you will learn to satisfy all your baby’s needs.


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