How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Properly | Best Guide to Get it Working

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are the most used sinks in a home. When it gets clogged, many people end up calling the plumber to come and fix the problem. You might be thinking about “How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink?”.

However, today, I will teach you how to unclog a kitchen sink in a more comfortable and more straightforward manner.  You don’t need any plumber skills so as to unclog a kitchen sink. I will teach you ways which anyone can apply.

These ways will help you save a lot of money bearing in mind a kitchen skin is used daily, and it means it is a recurring problem. All the ways will assist you to end the agony of looking for a plumber all the time to unclog your kitchen sink.

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One thing I wish you have in mind is that clearing a clogged kitchen sink is not a difficult task. I will enlighten you from the simple ways to the complex ones to unclog the problematic stoppages. All the ideas will suit to clear all your kitchen skin pipes.

I know many of you may have their kitchen clogged tried everything and failed, but these ways am going to detail for you in this article will suit to unclog your kitchen skin when it jams.

I know there are many ways to unclog a kitchen skin but, I do recommend ways which don’t involve the use of chemicals. There are many products in the market you can use to unclog your kitchen sink but remember this is a sensitive place where you prepare your meals.

Hence when you sink is clogged the best kitchen sink unclogging home remedy is to use the following ways.

How to unclog a kitchen sink with standing water

Unclogging kitchen sink with standing water is a simple way. It is a systematic way to deal with kitchen clogging quickly. Here is what you should do;

First of all, clear all debris. When you noticed your sink is clogged, you were using it; thus, the sink is full of water and waste. Before attempting to solve the problem, remove the debris in the water. Wear gloves while carrying out this task.

The sent thing to do is remove all standing water from the sink. It is good to observe if the water is draining slowly or not if it leaves the water to drain if not, you have to remove it yourself.

Apply any kind of vessel to scoop the water and dispose it away from the sink. Now the sink is clear it’s time to unclog the sink. To that, you can unclog there are three tools you can use.

The third thing to do is find a plunger and place it over the drain. You do this to create a vacuum and then push the handle in and out.

By doing this, you will move the blockage towards the plunger. It takes time to get the results, so be patient while working with the plunger. Later listen to the sounds coming from the drain, if you hear the pipes sounding empty know you have succeeded unclogging the blockage.

The fourth thing to do is to remove the p-trap, which is the curved part of the pipe beneath the sink. It is one of the areas that are common gets clogged up by debris.

So as to clean the sink draining system properly, remove the p-trap, and rinse properly. Place the bucket under the p-trap due to that once you remove the p-trap water will spill together with the trash.

In case the blockage is not located at this point, try the drain snake. All you have to do with the drain snake is to push the end into the drain and turn the handle to enable the auger enters fully down the pipe. After that, remove the snake out and run hot water to clear the pipe. I am very sure the clogging problem will be solved.

How to use the plunger to unclog sink

The plunger is one of the tools that are easier to use and be able to unclog a kitchen sink quickly. This is how to go about it; first of all, fill the sink with hot water.

Secondly, position the plunger over the drain. In case you have a double sink then close one drain to make sure the plunger pressure is concentrated on the clog.

Thirdly, work the plunger up and down quickly. Repeat several times and check if the water starts to drain. If not continue using the plunger until when the clog is unclogged.

How to use plumbers snake to unclog kitchen sink

Plumbers’ snake is another toll and consists of a coiled spiral snake which is ¼ inch thick with a handle at one end. The coil is meant to reach down into the drain, and then the handle is cranked, dislodging up the clog.

The plumber’s snake differs as some are manually cranked while others are electrically powered to attain extra strength so as to unclog the sink or drain.

How to unclog a sink with a garbage disposal

Many households have installed a garbage disposal unit under their sink in between the sink’s drain and the trap. It is meant to shred food waters into small pieces enough to pass through plumbing.

However, if you send a larger portion through it will not shred and will result to sink clogging. The kitchen sink won’t drain if not clogged and will require you to unclog the garbage disposal.  This is how to go about it;

First of all, unplug the garbage disposal. Don’t anytime try to work on a sink with garbage disposal while it’s on. Secondly, use a natural cleaner comprised of ¼ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar.

Give the two cleaners time to fizz in the drain for some minutes before washing it out using very hot water. Thirdly, allow water to run for some time to clear the clog. Fourthly, repeat the process. Lastly, plug the garbage disposal back in, running water, and turn it on.

How to unclog a sink without a plunger

Sometimes you may experience sink clogging, but you do have a plunger to assist you how do you go about it? Sinking clogging is a situation that is confusing and problematic, especially if you don’t have tools to help you out. Don’t worry as you will learn ways to unclog a sink without a plunger or any tool.

Use bent wire hanger. Look for a regular wire clothes hanger, straighten it out and bend one of the ends. Form something which looks like a hook and push past the cover of the drain or sink.

When you do this, you will be able to get rid of all possible gunk which may have blocked your sink. It is an effective way because you can pull out gunk such as stubborn debris.

Use vinegar and baking soda. These two products have a magical way of unclogging sinks quickly. Measure a third cup of vinegar and baking soda, mix the two, and pour into your sink.

The products will unclog the sink through removing hairs, gunk, and any grime which has built up in the sink or pipe. To get the best result, to leave the products overnight. Use hot water to flush the sink.

How to unclog a sink with hair

It not only the kitchen sink that can be clogged even the bathroom sink can completely get clogged as well as the bathroom sinks. This should not worry you as I have a solution for you on how to unclog sink with hair.

Sinks have narrow openings and hair tends to tangle around plumbing fixture, it is hard to remove the hair by hand. The best is to use natural products to unclog rather than chemical products. Chemical products will end up destroying the sink pipes.

To unclog a hair clogged sink or drain you require to use baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water. This is how to go about it;

Start by measuring one cup of baking soda and pour it down the sink or drain. At the same time, follow the baking soda with one cup of vinegar down the sink or drain.

Observe for a fizzing in the drain and after the fizzing stops which take around five minutes, flush the sink or drain with hot water. Repeat the process until the clog clears.

How to prevent a kitchen sink clogging

To prevent is better than cure, there is a need to avoid kitchen sink clogging. To be able to do so you have take care of what enters into your sink pipe. Some of the foods that cause clogging include;

  • the Meat or grease
  • Coffee grounds,
  • Starchy foods,
  • High fiber foods,
  • Bones from meat and poultry
  • Banana peels and pits from fruits such as mangoes, plums, peaches, and apricots

When you experience kitchen clogging I think you can handle the situation easily. Sink clogging should not confuse you gain having these ideas at hand.


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