Les Twins Net Worth in 2020 |How They Make Money!

les twins net worth

Though people thing – dance in a girlish activity to perform but the stereotype has broken nowadays.

A lot of younger male is coming to hip hop dance or rapping dance. In some cases, they are doing far better than females.

Today we will tell you about two brothers who are famous for their hip hop dancing. You can say they have the Outlook of dancing in France.

They are known As Les Twins. We will get in detailed information about their net worth, education, personal life, etc.

So don’t skip if you are interested in the Twin brothers.

Les Twins- a two siblings brand

Les twins are two identical brothers, born in France. They are familiar with Their hip hop dance style.

Though both of them are self-taught dancer, they become the apple of French culture’s eyes so quickly with the extraordinary hip hop dance style.

Their hip hop style is familiar as “Twins Style to the teenagers. You can also identify them for their dressing. They are crazy followers of Michael Jackson.

They are good at a couple of things like dancing, acting, modeling, choreography, designing, and producing.

They combined known as Fewer Twins but officially, they are Larry Nicolas Bourgeois and Laurent Nicolas.

People call them “Lil Beast “and “Ca Blaze” These two brothers launched their brand “Eleven Paris.” Here Larry sings, and Laurent raps with him.

Till now, the two brothers released two songs, and you can say these are their signature songs.

Short Biography of Les Twins

Official NameLauren Nicolas Bourgeois & Larry Nicolas Bourgeois
Celebrity NameLes Twins, Lil beast, Ca Blaze
Birthdate  6th December 1988  
Birthplace  Sarcelles, France
Age31 years old
Weight85kg (Lauren) and 79 kg( Larry)
Zodiac signSagittarius
EducationNot known
Net worth$5 million
Last updated2020

The net worth of Les Twins

These bro gang earned an estimated net worth of $5 million. All of these come from their dance performance, street dance, choreography, designing etc.

However, this duo worked with a couple of prominent faces. Besides these, both of then walk-in ramp to launch the world’s best collections. Modeling also adds penny Jn thief pockets.

Beginning of their career

 Les Twins started their career at a very young age. When they were just 12, They went to concerts and music. According to their fans, they both are born talent.

In 2005, they formed a five members group to build their dance club,” Criminal Crew. And In 2007, they danced at the Frances Avignon Festival.

Both of the brothers came from a reality show “Incroyable Talent” in 2008. They were the finalist of this French show.

In early 2009, they were cast in the two-person hip-hop comedy stage revue Twins. It choreographed, Abibou “Playmo” Kébe at the Théâtre Trévise in Paris. Abou was their coach from the very beginning of their commercial career.

Later their fame has also spread in the USA through their performance in “The world of dance tour.” The video went viral in 2010, with 40 million viewers.

In 2011, they won the International hip hop Dance Competition, “Juste Debut.” They won another reality competition, Six-year layers, World of Dance, but this time they were the USA champion.

These two brothers add their name with some prominent stars by featuring their albums, such as Missy Elliot, Meghan Tailor, etc.

These twins also shared a ramp. They have a height of 6’4″, and most probably this is the reason behind their modeling.

However, they have walked in french stages and worked for the famous French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

They also worked for many high profile brands Like Channel, YSL, Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc. These brothers also contract with the Jordan Family.

They were MARVELLOUS in choreography. They traveled most of the countries as a trainer. Even they choreographed masterpieces dances like: “Jump” by Kriss in the “WI” Video game.

Moreover, they were the show’s choreographer, “So you think You can dance “arranged in 2011 on the D-Day occasion. Currently, they are in a contract with Paris. And this is for the “Next Model Management” project.

Final Words

Though Les twins had no academic background in acting, modeling, or choreographing, they were passionate about learning.

Maybe now they aren’t the ultimate shining face in rapping with $5 million, but they are trying to be at the peak of success Because they have proven that there is a way if there is a will.


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