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maria bartiromo net worth

Beauty with the brain – is a popular term for women. Most of them want to listen to the phrase as a compliment. But as you know, getting a real compliment needs much effort.

If you see in Hollywood, maximum stars only focus on their external beauty. But wisdom is more attractive than beauty.

Well, Maria Bartiromo proves that beauty with the brain exists in the world and Hollywood too. Her fantastic career compelled you to consider that women are no less than a man.

However, if you still have any confusion, than be with us for the next 1.30 minutes. I think all your confusion will be evident. Here you will get to know about her personal life, career, and massive net worth.

Who is Maria Bartiromo?

Maria Bartiromo is also known as Maria Sara Bartiromo, is an author and an American actress. Besides, she is an anchor and columnist. If you are a regular listener of Fox news, Then you may know Maria.

She hosted the—show “Morning with Maria” and “Sunday Morning Features” on the popular business channel ‘Fox news.’

Maria is also a familiar face on CNN. She was famous as a ‘Honey money.’ Maria ha the record of being the first lady who directly covered news from the New York stock exchange.

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Maria’s  short bio at a glance

NameMaria Sara Bartiromo
Celebrity nameMaria Bartiromo
Date of Birth11th September 1967
BirthplaceBrooklyn, Newyork, USA
Zodiac sign 
Age53 years old
Weight63 kg
EducationNew York University- College of Arts and Sciences   New York University Fontbonne Hall Academy
ParentsVincent Bartimoro( Father) Josephine Bartiromo( mother)
Marital statusMarried.
SpouseJonathan Steinburg
Number of ChildrenTwo children
Net worth $50 Millions
WebsiteBarthiromo .com
Last updatedOctober 2020

Maria Bartiromo Net Worth

Maria was o0ne of the high paid news presenter. She took an annual salary of more than $6 million from CNBC, and in 2018 she took $10 million yearly salaries from Fox. Now she has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Though most people think that her net worth got a rise after marrying financier John Steinberg, it’s not that much accurate, as you see, she is a multi-talented person. So it’s apparent that her net worth is because of her extraordinary talent, nothing else.

The career of Maria Bartiromo

Maria is a talented graduate of New York University. There, her major was Journalism and Communication Arts.

At that time, she was interested in starting her career as a journalist. That’s why she did an internship at CNN in 1988.

From 1988 to the next five years, she handled the responsibilities of an executive producer. She has experience with the assignment editing of CNN.

She was also an enthusiast to work in the spotlight. So, she gave a few continuous auditions for the tv program on CNBC, and her dream came true in 1993.

During this time, she started live- reporting on share- markets. And you know the New York Stock Exchange is the best place for casting this news.

There she was the first reporter to cover any news from any stock exchange office. She also has the honor to host the ‘Market Watch’ and ‘Squawk Box segment.’

From 1995 Maria anchored at NY City’s Columbus Day parade. She continued it till 2010.

From 1998 to 2000, she hosted a show Market-wrap on CNN. During this show, she joined the show; Business Centre’ from 1997 to 1999.  As we mentioned above that she was famous as ‘Money Honey”.

However, in 2007 she filed the name as a trademark and permitted the name to use a children’s accessories brand.

After Joining to Fox Business

Well, in 2013, the anchor left CNBC and joined Fox Business. And here she took interviews with Donald Trump and Barak Obama.

Maria then shared some disputable issues regarding Obama and Trump also. Later all of her allegations came true.

However, this lady loves to practice literature based on her profession. Most probably that’s why she wrote three bestseller books in 2001.

The second one is “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success in 2010, and her third book was also published in 2011, which is “The Weekend That Changed Wall Street.”

Maria started her column writing with a column for the international newspaper the USA Today, and the name of the unique column is: “One-On-One.”

Wait a moment. Maria has more things to surprise you. You may find the beauty in action films like: “The Taking of Pelham 123′ in 2009.

She also cast for three documentaries such as “Inside Job and “Arbitrage in 2010. She first appeared for a documentary film in 2003, and it was a story of the lives of women of wall street. The film shoot in 2003.

Her acting was so spontaneous that everyone suggested her to join the Hollywood industry.

Final words

If you want to earn more, then there is no shortcut way. You have to work for your dream, and then one day you will get all the things you want now- Maria is the real-life example of this quote.

So don’t just follow the celebrities blindly. Try to learn from them also. And if you are interested to know more about more celebs, than inform us. We want to serve you with exciting facts.


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