What is microblading? Microblading before and after effects

Microblading, also known as micro stroking, is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool made up of several tiny needless is used to add permanent pigment to the skin usually down on the eyebrows. It makes a significant difference Microblading before and after views. Hence, it can be of embroidering the eyebrows using an incredibly fine and thin row of needles to creates marks on the on the skin that looks likes eyebrows.

microblading before and after

In short, it is an art of applying semi-permanent blow to your current set of brows using special pigments. Micro blading after creates beautiful and perfectly shaped brows that look make-up ready without any fuss or any hassle. It is semi-permanent tattooing. The blade of the instrument used is made up of a row of very fine needles. The needles are dipped into a color pigment usually ink and placed into the skin with a slicing motion. The technique leads to an impression of a fuller and natural eyebrow.

Microblading before and after step by step

For you to look best as you age, beauty experts can agree with me that having your eyebrows to frame your face makes all the difference. Micro blading doesn’t hurt as much and usually, it takes about one and a half hours with much of it being the numbing gel time. The journey to fantastic eyebrows is usually around two weeks. So there is no need to panic when you decide to take up the task. All that is need is you pick a well- respected and skilled practitioner and trust their skills before and after micro blading since there is no specific, legally-required training for people offering the services. It usually takes about 7- 10 weeks to heal over and around one month for them to full color.

How to get your skin ready for the Microblading procedure

You should not tan or get your face sunburned two weeks before micro blading.

Also, you should not have any facial done two weeks prior to the procedure.

Do not also wax, or perform any electrolysis about one week before.

One should also not take any fish oil or any vitamin E one week prior to micro blading since these are usually natural blood thinners.

You should also not wax or tint your eyebrows before.

Also, avoid working out a day before the micro blading.

In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit, you should;

Not drink alcohol for about 24 – 48 hours before having your micro blading done.

Also, do not take any blood thinners like Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief and also avoid taking coffee before the service.

Now after micro blading has been done, you need to take good take of the eyebrows so as to get an incredible and amazing outcome. So the question is; how do you look after your eyebrows after micro blading?  After the procedures, gently blot the area with something clean to absurd excess lymph fluid and this should be done every 5 minutes for a full day until oozing stops completely.

Afterward, some of the things you should do are to always use your lotion that you were given to apply always near you. Apply it as many times as possible if you don’t mind to appear a little wet on your forehead.  This help to prevent scabbing and also it makes healing swift and easy. On the other hand, there are things that you need to avoid before healing. One of them is that keep your eyebrows wet. Always keep them dry.

And therefore you should avoid washing your hair. You can wash it before you get your hair done. This means you can always dry clean your face for that period of about 10 days. Number two; don’t wear your make up for about 1 week because the pigments are still settling into the shallow cut caused by blading. Three, avoid hot and sweaty exercises for a period of about one week.

Fourthly, avoid sun exposure or tanning for one month after Microblading and if possible wear a hat when it is hot and you are outdoors. Also, do not sleep on your face. Sleep on a clean pillowcase. Don’t rub and scratch the treated area.

There is also another type of healing called the DRY HEALING. This is healing without using any water, moisturizers or any ointments. That is Bone Dry. This is because at times these moisturizers can get into the micro blading wells and sometimes push the pigments hence interfering with the expected outcomes. And eventually, when water gets into those wells it loosens the pigments. However, doing dry healing or otherwise depends on your own preferences and training. Also, you can do the Aquaphor healing, can still get beautiful results.

Some other procedure that you may also consider:

Between day one to day seven- Wash

Always wash daily to remove any bacteria or any other build-ups of other products, oils, and dead skins. Wash each and every morning and nights with antibacterial products. Afterward, to dry up the area, pat with a clean and dry tissue. However, you should not use any cleaning products containing acids which may include lactic acid or any other exfoliants.

Between day one and day seven- Moisturize

Try and apply a rice grain like the amount of aftercare ointment with a very clean cotton swab and spread it across the treated or rather the micro bladed area. You should not over apply the ointments to avoid suffocating of the skin which can result in delayed healing of the affected area. The ointments, in addition, should be barely noticeable on the skin.

In addition, it is usually very normal to have some pain and some feeling of discomfort in the treated area during the procedure and also you might feel a slight residual stinging afterward. However, it is not normal to have severe pain in the affected area once you leave your technician’s office. Always pay careful attention to the micro bladed area to see if it becomes puffy or raised. If you notice any sign of a yellow-tinged discharge or excessive redness this could be a sign of the beginning of an infection and should seek some medication.

Most importantly, it always very much advisable that you do a very proper research on who or which technician or expert to service you. This is because not all technicians are created equally. Anyone or some may go and search some micro blading photos from Instagram or from websites and throw them on their pages so as to attract more customers. So do proper research to avoid getting trapped by such unfaithful technicians.

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On the other hand, there are some other questions that are usually asked when one decides to microblade. Some of them are:

  • Why do micro bladed eyebrows tend to appear dark right after they have been done? And the answer is that this is caused by rubbing of the pigments into the new tiny hair remains on the skin and also in the miniature scabs that form as one undergoes healing. But over sometime, bit by bit the surface pigment will disappear so there is no need to worry when you see these happening to you.
  • Why do you need to follow up on other appointments? This is important because so as to fix any gaps or areas that the pigments did not take up so well. This should take place during week five or six.
  • When to expect the final results? Results will start to show up by week three. But it’s always nice to be patient up to around 1 month since in between there might be some pigments that are not sticking so well and this may seem like its fading away and might appear funny and discouraging so patient is very key here.

Advantages of micro blading.

Microblading like any other thing has got its advantages.

  1. It has long-lasting effects- micro-bladed eyebrows can last for 2 -3 years. They retain their shape and size for precisely a long time and therefore there is usually no need of rushing to the salon often. This ends up saving your time and making you have a natural look always and very attractive and classy lady.
  2. Micro blading is hassle-free and needs absolutely no maintenance – having these flawless eyebrows, you do not need to worry or bother about waxing, plucking or getting them in an ideal shaped as they are already are. No upkeep at all. You only need to wake up to some other makeup and go on with your daily activities.
  3. Micro blading is an easy solution of regaining eyebrows – this is usually ideal for someone who might have undergone chemotherapy due to an illness and ended up losing their eyebrows. One can through micro blading regain natural looking eyebrows.
  4. Micro bladed eyebrows are waterproofs – you find that most of the artificial eyebrows at times they get smudged and distorted due to the effects of water or sweat. But when you have micro bladed, you do not need to worry anymore about getting into the water. You can even go swimming with no worries take a shower anytime with no worries that you will have to waste more time to do your eyebrows again.
  5. It is painless and very safe- micro blading is absolutely painless It is also very safe as it gives you that natural looking appearance. The Microblading process is also very effective and harmless.
  6. Micro blading is a very quick process – it always takes around one to two hours to be done. Also, you don’t have to remain indoors for a long time due to swollen skin or cuts as this does not happen. It does not demand for any time for recovery and hence cannot stop you with carrying out your daily activities.
  7. Having micro bladed your eyebrows saves your time- for many women, it usually a daily routine to have their make-up done each and every morning. But when you have ready and good looking eyebrows you don’t waste too much time trying to fix artificial eyebrows. This time even as a ready you can even extend your sleeping time by 30 minutes of your waking time since the time you could have used to fix your artificial eyebrows has been saved once you decided to micro-blade.
  8. Your eyebrows are not subject to turning into some funny colors such as red or gray- some peoples eyebrows tend to turn to different colors and you wonder what went wrong. This is always caused by some change of color of the ink used. But with Microblading you do not have to worry as micro blading uses some organic pigments designed not to change in color but can wear off with time.

Disadvantages of micro blading.

Everything that has advantages has also some disadvantages.

  1. Microblading at times is expensive- though this mostly depends on where you live usually, the service itself is expensive as it is usually around $300 -$700 very highly priced. However, it is not as expensive as such it always requires dedication and commitment
  2. It is at times prone to infections- this normally happens when especially the needles used are not well treated and this can lead to transmission of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and also can lead to some skin infections.
  3. Microblading can cause allergic reactions- some skins tend to be sensitive to many metallic things and so some of the needles used in micro blading can lead to allergies.
  4. Microblading at times if not done by skilled professionals can bring dissatisfaction leading to some stress or feeling of being uncomfortable and sometimes discouragements from our peers.

In conclusion, Microblading is usually an artwork and you have to find the best performer for you to have an incredible outcome. Do not confuse it with tattooing since it can evade after 3 years or so but the tattoo is something permanent. In addition, with proper preparations and aftercare routine, you will have much better Microblading before and after results.


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