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Be it in the house, your retail shop or general business premises, a mouse is a rodent that can mess you. The rodent has a tendency to chew and destroy anything it comes across. Mice have been a menace that has left business people and homeowners both counting losses. Some of the methods used to get rid of these rodents do not seeming to work. The ability of the mice to reproduce massively can create endless problems. Instead of using means to get rid of the mice which may have some effects on other animals like rat poison, you can use natural mouse repellent methods which are simple and easy to implement.

Here are some natural mouse repellent methods

natural mouse repellent

Clean the environment

With a little food and a comfortable environment, mice can dwell and hide in your home. To discourage this, clean all places which act as the sources of food. Foodstuffs such as grain, pet food, and other dry foods should be stored in containers. Ensure these containers cannot be chewed easily by the mice e.g. metal containers. Make sure the mice won’t find material they can use as their nesting place. Safely store all fluffy and soft items like rugs blankets, towels, and sponges. The storage can be heavy metallic or plastic boxes which mice can’t penetrate. Ensure that you don’t leave soft material like papers, light plastics, and cardboards which the mice can chew.

Block off all loopholes

Mice have the ability to penetrate through tiny holes and cracked spaces. To address this, carry out an inspection of your house to check for these and seal them off. Poke heavy steel wool into the spaces or board the whole area. This will keep the mice from getting into the house. The small body and ability to squeeze themselves even in tiny spaces give you a reason to seal the loopholes.

Use of Ammonia

The ammonia chemical substance can be a good natural mouse repellent. This is because it has a similar smell to that of the urine of a predator. Putting some of it in the path the mice are to pass through such as under the sink or the pantry will hinder them from progressing. The smell gives them the thought of a predator. Ammonia can be harmful if ingested so you should be cautious when handling it. You are recommended to keep it away from the reach of children or pets.

Use of peppermint oil

Mice in their nature don’t like the smell of most spices or spicy oils and pepper. This can be a good thing for you. Soak some cotton wool or a piece of cloth in the peppermint oil. Place it in areas where the mice stay or pass through. The peppermint oil will repel them into seeking alternative places. Other forms of natural mouse repellant remedies include the cayenne peppermint and cloves which can be processed to make cheesy sachets that can be put in mice prone areas such as dark corners and under the bed.

natural mouse repellent

Use of cat litter

If you don’t have a cat in the house, that shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. You can repel the mice from your house without a cat present. Put some cat urine in a tub and place it in the areas you think the mice will be. This will confuse them into thinking there is a cat nearby and scatter off leaving your house mice free. It may be an awkward mouse repellant method to use but is effective.

Use of safe traps

Most traps are safe to use but not all. The old model traps can be dangerous as they can snap and trap your baby’s fingers if playing with them. The trap can also harm your dog if it steps on it. Instead, use a humane trap as a natural mouse repellent which allows the mice to get in but doesn’t allow it to come out. If killing the rodents is not an option to you, then you can dispose of them far from your house so that they can find other habitats e.g. bushy vegetation or a wooded area. Check the trap on a daily basis. Trapped mice may die if left in the trap for more than two days without being taken out.

natural mouse repellent

Beeping gadget

You can visit your nearest electronic shop and with $30 you can purchase this electronic beeping device. The object acts as a natural mouse repellent. The gadget produces noisy beeping sounds which mice do not like. This method is effective in keeping mice away from the house. This is because mice prefer quiet and cool places. The beeping device doesn’t have any effect on cats and dogs when it is operating. With time the strength beeps of the machine wears off.

natural mouse repellent

The advantage of using these natural mouse repellant methods is that most of them are easy and quite safe to use. The ones that require purchasing are bought cheaply and affordable to every person. Keeping the persistent mice away from your house, and staying in a mice free environment can be a reality. It is high time you gave one of these natural mouse repellant methods a try. Experience their immediate and long-term results you’ve wished for a long time.


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