Norm Macdonald Net Worth 2020! How He Makes Money!

norm macdonald net worth

Comedy shows are full of fun and enjoyment, right? Most of us find it relaxing after a hectic schedule. What do you think about a comedian’s earning? Let’s see How much Norm Macdonald net worth and how much he earns…..

Please don’t tell me that you are a comedy lover without any idea about the show “Saturday night’ Norm McDonald. As a netizen, you should have Lil bit idea about the blue-eyed man.

Well, if you are curious to know more about the coolest guy, then stay tuned with us. In this article, we are going to inform you about Norm McDonald’s net worth in 2020.

And one more thing if you are new in the celeb world, try to read out the whole writing. We promise you are going to be his craziest fan.

Who is Norm McDonald?

Norm McDonald is best known for his stand up comedy. This Canadian man belongs to a glorious career. Besides comedy, he signed as an actor, writer, editor, director, and producer.

Norm’s bio at a glance

NameNorms McDonald  
Date of Birth 17th October 1959  
EducationQuebec High School Carleton University
Age 60 years 
Birth PlaceQuebec City, Canada
Nationality Canadian 
Height 6 fit 1 inch (1.85 meters.)  
Weight 85 kg
Eye colorBlue  
Hair colorBrown
Zodiac SignLibra
Religion Christianity
ParentsFather: Percy Lloyd Macdonald Mother: Ferne Macdonald  
SiblingsTwo brothers Neil Macdonald ( elder brother) Leslie MacDonald (Younger Brother)
Marital status  Divorced
SpouseConnie MacDonald
ChildrenDylan MacDonald
Residence  Los Angeles
Net worth$2million
Last updatedSeptember 2020  

The net worth of Norm McDonald

Till September 2020, Norm McDonald’s estimated worth is $2 million. His excellent cast in many stands up shows, acting in the different film and directing, producing give him the money. We must say he is worthy of this wealth.


Norm is a versatile talent. He is passionate about his work. Most importantly, he knows the actual art of an artist. Everywhere he put remarks of his talent.

Norm started comedy in 1987 through a Laugh Comedy Festival. After five years of struggling, he got a chance to wrote a television show, ‘The Dennis Miller Show,’ in the late ’90.In the Jackie Thomas Show, Norm acted as a guest.

His turning point was ‘Saturday Night Live’ (1993). It was a humor and Parody show. He never looked back after joining there. He acted there and later wrote the play.

Though the NLC authority sacked him once, he came back again with his elegance. As we said earlier, he owned a versatile career. Norm has a great strategy to hold his listeners. The Chicago Tribune praised his storytelling approaches.

Do you know about ‘The Norm Show’? He is all in all at that program. ‘A minute with Stan Hooper’ was telecast by his co-producing.

He was also famous for scriptwriting. Roseanne was one of his creations. He wrote for many favorite films named: ‘Dirty Work”,’Back to the norm,’ etc.

His voice is just as unique as a host. He hosted ‘High Stakes Poker,’ and from 2013, he has been hosting ‘Norm McDonald live.’ He’s still hosting the program with grace. These shows provide him a fair amount.

He gave his voice and acted in films like ‘Farce of the Penguin,’ ‘Christmas is here again,’ ‘The 7th Dwarf’, ‘The Orvil.’ He also gave the voice of the Dog in Dr. Dolittle 1, 2, and 3 series.

Apart from all these quality Norms is also a great writer. He loves to write on humor. One of his books became a bestseller. It also added a penny to his basket.

You may be surprised by the fact. But its true, Norms had a severe addiction to gambling. The star still repents for it.

Because this addiction leads his life towards lots of uncertainty, he lost his family for these heinous acts. But on top of that, it helped McDonald to make some money.

Norm Macdonald owned awards for his tremendous contribution to the industry. Wherever he went, he got the recognition of passion.

He is the best actor in the new series by Peoples’ Choice Award. Moreover, he has a Goodreads Choice award for best humor and a Canadian award for show hosting.

Final words

McDonald Norms is an ideal example of struggle and success. He proved that potential could make your dreams real.

Norms McDonald’s net worth is now around 2 million dollars. Day by day, he will increase it with his MARVELLOUS talent. You can watch his stand-ups, film series to experience a veterinarian brain of Hollywood.


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