Peter Popoff Net Worth in 2020 | How He Makes Money!

peter popoff net worth

Most of us have a misconception about the term televangelist that they are fraud and misuse our money. We should say it is not a myth. Most of them are fraud, and they played with the belief of an innocent believer.

However, if you don’t know who a televangelist is, then let me clear you the fact. They are television personalities who preach evangelically and promote beliefs among us. Sometimes they ask for the funds to help the needy community.

Today in this article, we’ll discuss about a television personality who is also an evangelist. He is none other than Peter Popoff.

His story behind the journey with a small biography may help you to be more religious. You will also know about Peter Popoff net worth, how he deceived with people, and earned money.

Who is Peter Popoff?

Peter Popoff is a German-American faith-healer. He preached faith among youngsters through television programs. He was also a writer, but the unfortunate fact is he wrote these to earn more money from mass people.

But all his plans and clever came into daylight in 1986. A magician revealed all his plans of being the god-sent preacher.

Popoff’s Bio at a glance

NamePeter George Popoff
Celebrity namePeter Popoff
Date of Birth2nd July 1946  
Birthplace  West Beeline, Germany
Zodiac signCancer
Age74 years old
ParentsGeorge Pop, Gerda Pop
Marital statusMarried
SpouseElizabeth A. Armstrong
Net worth$10 million
WebsitePeterpopoff .org
Last updatedOctober 2020

Peter Popoff Net Worth

In the 1980s, he was the owner of 4million USD.and 2003, his ministry received an amount of 10 million dollars, and two years later, it became doubled to 23 million dollars.

But his maximum financial data was incomplete because the wicked man turned all his wealth into a religious charity to avoid the tax issues.

However, he had an estimated net worth of $10 million. But all of his wealth is cursed and came illegally.

Career of Peter Popoff

Pop’s father preached various revival meetings in the USA. This impacted on child Pop, and at his young age, Pop also started it.

From 1960 he was preaching that God sent a prophet, and he has miraculous power. He claimed that he could cure chronic diseases by God’s Magical words.

He used an ear[piece to listen to His wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth spoke through the earpiece, and everyone believed it is the spiritual words.

The mass people followed all of his orders, gifted him wealth as satisfaction-gift.

Later he started his television program, and his show became the center of attraction to the people. He threw out the doctor prescribed medicine that they are ‘evil’s weapon.’

His most patients were paralyzed. In front of the camera, he ordered them to stand and walk without any assistance. The fake patients would do so. But the main, they weren’t so sick it was just a plan of Popoff.

Career After 1980

In 1985 he openly asked for a donation to the people. He convinced people to give money to send the bible to the Soviet Union, tieing with ballons.\

But nothing was like that. In the interrogation period after arresting, he created another p9plot to materialize the fact.

But in 1986, all of his dramas nipped in the bud because of the skeptical agency’s promptness. They found out that Pop uses an electronic device to deceive people.

Specially Magician James Randi, associate Steve Shaw and Alexander Jason, a crime scene analyst and electronics expert, played a significant role in the operation.

With the help of a radio scanner, Jason identified Pop’s wife, Elizabeth uses a microphone to send her word to Pop.

Then, Pop listened to them and uttered in the same chronology in front of his believers. Later he went to jail for provoking this kind of misleading trend in society.

In 1987 Pop went bankrupt with unpaid 800 credits. And later in 1998, he tried to come back in the disguise of an African American audience of BET.


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