Most significant pros and cons of being a teacher

Being a teacher is a very hard job. You have to deal with a lot of kids of all kinds and ages and you have to read tons of papers, etc. It’s really a very exhausting job, but it also has a lot of advantages as you can also learn a lot. You have to be familiar with pros and cons of being a teacher.

pros and cons of being a teacher

Pros and cons of being a teacher

If you’re planning on training as a teacher, a good place to start could actually know what you’re going to face. That’s why we’ve brought you the pros and cons of being a teacher.


  • Self-employment opportunities: one good thing about being a teacher is that all you need to work is already in your head. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get hired by an institution, you still can impart particular classes.
  • Good vacations rate: many jobs only give you one or two weeks for vacation, depending on how many years you’ve worked in the institution. When you’re a teacher, you get almost as much vacation as students (minus some administrative work after the exams), also you get to enjoy almost EVERY festive day.
  • You can make a difference: your job is to forge the men and women of tomorrow. This means that if you’re good and care about what you teach, not only in terms of the subject but in terms of life, you can make a difference in the world.
  • Friendly schedule: schools rarely are functional over 4 pm while some of them only work till noon. Also, you don’t necessarily have to have teaching hours all-day-long, maybe a couple of classes a week.
  • Solid benefits: when hired by an institution, teaching provides insurance and retirement plans.
  • Respect: good teachers are respected and admired by students and parents. This profession has a very good status in many societies.
  • You can always grow and learn new things: knowledge is infinite and therefore, your possibilities to learn and teach new stuff.
  • Students may be friends: you can develop very deep bonds with students that can be life-long friends.

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  • Inadequate pay: sadly, you’ll never be wealthy by teaching and many times, it’s not even a fair payment leading to a need for side-jobs.
  • Lot of paperwork: as we mentioned, it takes a lot of paperwork as you need to check assignments and tests. This commonly leads to you having to take work back home all the time.
  • Dealing with students may be frustrating: the fact that you’re good at teaching doesn’t mean you’re good at managing students and this can simply become a nightmare. Kids may be cruel and if they feel you’re weak, they’ll take advantage of it. Also, an incorrect management of the classroom may prevent you from teaching as you might. All this is a lot of pressure.
  • You work under deadlines: schools have a very tight time-period for each year so you have to be very organized and plan everything from classes to tests, in order to meet the program.
  • Parents can also be a problem: there are all kinds of parents and those ones that don’t want to understand the difficulties of their kids can make teaching a really harder job.

Teaching is a noble profession although it has some pros and cons. It is important to be focused and make the society and world great spreading the knowledge.


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