Some Pros and Cons of Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes

pros and cons of online classes vs traditional classes

Online classes and traditional classes both represent the preferences of the past and present generations. The debate over which method is more effective is still going on. Here we try to cover up the pros and cons of online classes vs traditional classes.

Traditional learning helps us to interact with people. It also lets us experience the golden time of our life. On the other hand, the online modules provide us the opportunity to learn from anywhere.

So, which one is the best? We can observe the benefits and drawbacks of both methods to decide that. The main objective of this article is to provide you the pros and cons of online classes vs traditional classes.

Online Classes

Over the past few decades, revolutionary changes have come into educational sectors. With the blessings of new technologies, everyone has got access to online classes. It gives numerous opportunities to those potential students who can not attend conventional schooling because of their life obligations.

According to a report of 2019, most American private schools are getting into online classes. Again, in 2018, The GOOGLE Company has invested about 20 million dollars in creating an online schooling platform.

Pros of Online Classes

Online Learning is Flexible:

Many people do not pursue higher education because of family or financial problems. Some may have to raise a child, or some may have to support a family. In any situation, online classes can be a solution to their higher education.

You can take online classes from home or work at your flexible hours.

Online Classes Are Fun:

As a part of distance learning, course instructors often try to gamify the lessons. Doesn’t it sound fun to learn while playing games?

You Get Time to Think:

It is one of the best advantages of an online class. If anyone asks a question in the forum, learners get time to think and respond to the subject.

Learn in Your Pajamas:

For many of us, it is a torture to get ready and attend lectures. Well, the trouble vanishes with the blessing of the online class. You can learn your lessons wearing your casual dress, lying on the bed.

Save a Lot of Time:

The online classes can be a time saver for most people. You do not have to get ready, drive to the college, wait for the teachers, or attend the so-called seminars.

Traveling is Not a Dream Anymore:

Planning a tour with family or friends according to everyone’s schedule is next to impossible. Well, not anymore. You can take online classes from anywhere and complete the tasks at a comfortable time. So, traveling and learning can go together.

Cons of Online Class

Most Students End Up Dropping Out:

A stat shows that a majority of online students drop out of their courses. It is because of their lack of self-discipline and social contacts.

Communication Breakdowns Are Frequent:

Virtual communication has a few drawbacks. You may experience miscommunication with your teachers or fellow students. Again, if your internet connection goes down, or the laptop gets issues, your online class schedule will become a mess.

Social Interaction is a Dream:

Online classes can teach many things but not social interactions. Less social conductance will make you socially awkward.

No Practical Training:

Each degree requires hands-on skills and practical knowledge. An online course will always lack any practice session.

Traditional Classes

The conventional schooling system is the oldest form of delivering education. Face to face interaction between the teachers and students opens up more opportunities for learning. But this schooling system is losing its popularity as everyone wants to be digitalized.

So does this method need to be revised or it is the most effective way to take education.

Pros of Traditional Classes

Everything is Organized:

In traditional classes, the organizational manner is significant. From the benches to the class lectures, everything is pre-planned and organized for the students.

Traditional Classes Are About Discipline and Punctuality:

In each course, the schedule of classes is fixed. Students do not have the freedom to break the period. In traditional classes, everything happens according to a time table.

You Can Practice Equality Here:

Equality plays a vital role in the education system. If you read world history, you will know, people have been deprived of education because of their race or cast. The traditional class can break the rule by treating everyone equally.

Social Interaction is a Way to Make Friends:

We need to do face to face interaction while taking traditional classes. It is really an excellent opportunity to make new friends. And also, we can learn a lot from others’ experiences, which is good for our brain.

Cons of Traditional Classes:

It Will Empty Your Pocket:

Traditional classes cost a lot. It is because the management needs to hire teachers, staff, and rent places to conduct everything.

Traditional Classes Consume Your Valuable Time:

It is hard to live a dream life balancing with the traditional schedule. Your schedule will clash with the class routine more often.

Routine Life is Boring:

While taking traditional classes, you have to maintain the same timetable every day. And the repetition of anything becomes annoying to the human mind soon.

Differences Between an Online Class and Traditional Class:

Online classTraditional class
You can complete the course on your flexible time.You have to follow the management’s time to attend class.
It doesn’t cost much.It costs more.
You will gain not practical knowledge.You will acquire practical experiences.
It does not offer any social interaction.You will become more socially active.
You will need tech materials and internet connection.Traditional class doesn’t require tech materials.
Miscommunication can happen more often.There is less chance of miscommunication here.
You will lack social discipline for the outside world.It teaches you discipline and punctuality.

I have tried to explain both benefits and drawbacks of each learning method. Now, what do you think is the best way to learn?


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