Protective styles for natural hair to avoid the stressing factors

Since the hair iron and the hairdryer where created, the woman lifestyle has changed very much. The majority of women spend money in saloons making them special treatments for the hair. Some of them damage the hair, so some ladies have decided to not use that kind of methods to style their hair. We are discussing here, protective styles for natural hair what will make sure the style of maintaining the safety of the hair.

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protective styles for natural hair

Protective styles for natural hair

Here are some of the protective styles for natural hair to avoid the stress of the environmental factor on natural hair. Let’s check out the article to get your’s…


This style is the most used among the ladies. It has different types that adapt to different fashions. Among them we can mention:

  • Classic braids: these are the most known braids. They are very easy to make. You just have to take three small strands of hair and interlace them. The maintenance is very easy and it can last for over 3 weeks. It depends on how much you care about them.
  • Crochet braids: this style has been making popular nowadays. It was and trend in the 90’s and now is back. It is a way of adding extensions to one’s hair. You can take advantage of them because you don’t have to be an expert to make it. And also, very cheap.
  • Ghana braids: they are long-lasting braids also known as banana braids. This is a protective style for the curly hair community. They were invented around 500 B.C in Africa and it survived the Middle Passage and made its way to western civilization. Now in 2018, many women use this style and it has a very important story that all of them should know.
  • Fulani braids: you can wear them alone or with beads. It is inspired by the Fulani people. They have variations but the most common elements in the pattern are:
  1. A cornrow braided from front to back of your head in the center
  2. A cornrow (or two) braided from front to back but on each side of your head
  3. A braid wrapped around the head
  • Faux fishtail braid: the fishtail isn’t very difficult to do but if you haven’t learned yet, you have to concentrate and follow all the steps:
  1. Make a pony tail
  2. Divide the pony tail in two sections
  3. Start to wave: you have to take a little strand from the corner of one of the sections and cross it over to the opposite side. Do the same with the other corner and repeat the process on each side.
  4. When you have embraced all your hair, finish the look with elastic.
  • Box braids: these braids are characterized by square-shaped hair divisions. You can be creative with them because there are many types:
  1. Neon Box Braids
  2. Box Braid Bun
  3. Wrapped Box Braids
  4. Floral Box Braids

Hair Twists

This is a hairstyle consists in twist several sections of the hair. It may not be confused with the dreadlocks. There are many different types of twists that you can choose between them. It is one of the best protective styles for natural hair that you can use for your hair. The twists might be the same technique but it usually looks different between the various types of hair.

  • Marley Twists: the use of Marley hair extensions, this means you have to buy it. They are not especially cheap, you can spend from 50$ to 60$, but they are not expensive. If you like this style you must now that when they are wet they become very heavy.
  • Havana Twists: use Havana hair extensions. They are similar to Marley twists but are more expensive than them.
  • Flat-twist out: it is a style that is made by parting hair into cornrowed sections but flat twisting the hair so it can set before unraveling them for the style you want. Not everyone can flat twist their hair.
  • Twist out: it might sound the same as the flat-twist out but is not. It is simpler. It consists in putting hair into the twist and then you have to release it.

Halo Braid

If you want to look more elegant, the Halo Braid is just for you. It is a very simple braid and it can be used as one of the best protective styles for natural hair. Basically is made the same but it has different variations:

  • Halo Braid: it consists in weave a braid around the head so it looks like a sort of halo.
  • Boxed Halo Braid: you have to have boxed hair and make you the halo braid. It adds texture to your hairstyle.
  • Cuffed Halo Braid: it consists in add some hair cuff to your halo braid.

protective styles for natural hair

What is the difference between protective styles than styles for straightened hair?

While there are hairstyles that you can create on every kind of hair, there are the protective styles for natural hair that are for a woman of African descent and it is very related to the Natural hair movement that consists exactly in encouraging women with African ancestry to be proud of themselves and enjoy their physical characteristics. The most highlighted characteristic is the hair.

This movement started in the United States but now it is expanding to other countries. The object is to let the hair to be a relaxed free hair, making sure that the woman is not using chemicals in order to change its hair’s natural characteristics.

But is important to know that because you are looking for protective styles for the natural hair you don’t have to restrict you from getting cute hairstyles or even flat ironing your hair. It is just a proposal for you to celebrate your African characteristics if you have African heritage.

It is also for a woman that doesn’t have African characteristics. Why? Because the world is filled with different species and the integrity of the human is important. To learn to love yourself and learn to respect the others just as you want the others to respect you.

And not only that, is a called for the next generations to keep that integrity and value the others because we are all human.


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