Red Raspberry Seed Oil | The Natural Medicine for Skin

Red raspberry seed oil is a type of oil that is made of only one ingredient and is rich in vitamin A (carotenoids) and vitamin E (tocopherols) which serve as antioxidants. It is clear pink in color and therefore clears the skin leaving it without blemish making it have a uniform and smooth texture. Raspberries grow on thorny canes and thickly bushes.

red raspberry seed oil

Raspberry plant has woody stems. It has a very rich color which attracts the eye making its consumption greater than that of other fruits. We love red raspberry fruits for consumption because they are considered to be very sweet, attractive and most importantly health. Their seeds are best known for moisturizing all types of skins leaving it beautiful, giving it a smooth texture and also giving it a uniform even torn.  According to the research done Rubus idaeus is a botanical name for raspberry seed oil.

Raspberry seed oil is always thick with a strong scent. It is rarely found and therefore low in stock. It is more pronounced anti-inflammatory properties than avocado, grape seed, hazelnut, and wheat germ oils and may prove to be the most effective essential oil. It’s mainly used in the treatment of many skin condition like acne vulgaris, psoriasis and eczema. The oil has all its vitamins in it because it can never be heated when processed to oil from the seeds.

They mature most in warm sand and very well-drained soil with an average PH of 5.6 -6.2. They are therefore grown on a sunny day. They can also be grown along the fence if at all you don’t have space in the thicket thorny place to grow them.

They do not have thorns. Raspberry seed oil is obtained from the cold pressed seeds and its outcome is either in refined or unrefined forms. Raspberry seed oil is cold pressed without chemical processing. The face product can be locally sourced according to local climate and whether raspberries are locally grown. The oil gets a clear strong yellow with the green tint and there is a natural unique scent which most people and researchers describe as earthy, fresh and light.

A percentage of people may not be attracted by the natural scent of raspberry seed oil and they rather prefer to dilute with other face products that use it as a base ingredient. Some people may ask themselves how raspberry seed oil works, here is the answer, the face oil is absorbed by the skin at an average rate and is light, thin and long oil to make your skin a bit oily and moist.

The slight oily substance makes it best to be used as a dilution rather than the real ingredient. The oil has very high levels of phytosterols which helps reduce transepidermal water loss hence keeping the skin moisturized. Phytosterols are also used to smoothen and repair warn out skin which may be damaged by weather including sunburns.

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How to use red raspberry seed oil?

Red raspberry seed oil is used by all skin types. Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal skin and even sensitive types which react with allergies of either food, whether or even different types of oils. It is clear that our skin is an organ which takes the highest percentage over all other body organs in our body. We should, therefore, be keen and consider what we apply or smear on our skins because over 50 percent of what we apply on our skin may get absorbed into our body systems.

Unlike other skin care products which are made of many ingredients mixed together which are not even known, red raspberry oil is made of only one type of ingredient making it the best choice over all other skin care products, this makes it natural, organic, cold pressed and also pure.

Red raspberry seed oil leaves your skin moist and smooth after use making you glow beautifully.

According to the research done, the manufacturer ensures that there is no alcohol, any forms of drugs or other dangerous chemicals added to the bottle.

Red raspberry seed also prevents someone from sun damage or even aging because it makes your skin smoother than normal to prevent unnecessary wrinkles from the users face due to sun damage and also aging wrinkles.

The product also has natural sun protection factor properties to protect your skin against U.V rays and therefore it can be best used together with your sunscreen for better results than normal. In cases such as eczema (a disease which makes your skin to turn red in color, become itchy and inflamed), psoriasis (it seeds up the life cycle of skin cells), rashes, skin diseases, various burns that is fire burns or even sunburns, red raspberry seed oil is a good choice as it has high amounts of anti-inflammatory properties.

Red raspberry seed oil is evident for richness in Vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and polyphenols (chemicals that naturally occur in plants).  Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which helps reduce free radicals that lead to premature aging. Vitamin A makes it a good choice for inclusion in blends for an acne skin.

This nutrient combines uniformly to moisturize the skin, give it a smooth texture and a sweet complexion to prevent it from unnecessary signs of aging and enhance skin cell regeneration. It clears all marks on your skin leaving it even and giving it a smooth touch. Unlike most oils, red raspberry seed oil is non-sticky and not too oily but makes the skin glow in a good way.

The face oil is used in cosmetic products because it is hydrating and does not form loid on one skin. The sweetest part is that the oil also serves as a luxurious because it can be added to lip balm and other forms of lip products to make it smooth and protecting the skin from getting damaged and prevent moisture loss. The face oil contains great anti-inflammatory qualities and is evident for sunscreen qualities which makes it efficient for us as a face and lip applicant and a suitable sunscreen product. Surprisingly, raspberry seed oil is also used as a hair and scalp product.

A few drops of the oil are added to the hair conditioner to sooth and moisten our scalp and make your hair more shiny than normal. This oil fights dandruff when the hair is dry on the outer part and the oil is massaged on the scalp. Two drops are also smeared on the ends before blow-drying. Rasp berry seed oil strengthens your hair, rejuvenates, adds shine and most importantly it also fights split ends of the hair leaving your hair beautiful and attractive.

When using the oil as a face product, a few drops of oil are smeared into fry and blemish skin to get all the sweet outcomes like skin smoothening and even tones on your skins. Efficient results can be seen when one applies it as the first layer on the dry clean skin before applying any other needed product. One can only apply the red raspberry seed oil second if she is using a natural floral toner for efficient results. This face oil should be best used during winter or when your skin is a bit dry because it is a very moisturizing oil.

The oil has phytosterols which are best known to keep you hydrated and moisturize your skin for a longer time than normal because they reduce the water loss on the skin. When one uses it as a body oil, a few drops are smeared with your body lotion, sunscreen or shower gel. Two drops are mixed with your body lotion or can be used on its o as a body oil. It gives a perfect mixture with facial formulations like face oils, serums, lotions and creams for all skin types that is; normal, oily and dry.

Due to daily use of the face product, your skins natural oil production balances out since it will experience the moisture, smoothness, wrinkle disappearance and an even skin tone.

The oil is known to have a very high amount of omega 6 (linoleic acid) and omega 3 (alpha linoleic acid) essential fatty acids together with omega 9 (oleic acid) fatty acids. Oleic acid prevents the skin from sunburns, gets into the skin uniformly to get it moist and giving the skin a smooth surface, it also ensures wounds get healed faster, repairs damaged skin and reduces inflammation, and it is also great for dry skin.

Linoleic acid is used to maintain the skin moisture, it is based in cell regeneration, it is also based used as an anti-inflammatory, ensures quick recovery of the damaged skin.

The oil should be stored in a cool dry environment away from sunlight and children resulting in prolonged life. It is preferred to refrigerate the oil after opening. Raspberry seed oil performs almost the same function as pomegranate oil because they are moisturizing anti-oxidant agents, offering potent anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities.

They are both lights, have similar absorption power of oils and are applied to all skin types. Despite all the many advantages, this face oil also has its disadvantages and therefore not preferred by some people. This face oil does not have any scent of the red raspberry and this discourages a lot of people from using this face oil. Some people may also have views that the oil level of the product is lower compared to other face oil products.

Red raspberry seed oil has features which are commonly used to identify this type of face oil easily. It has no alcohol or other dangerous and harmful chemicals. It has vitamins A and E, it is natural, organic and 100%   pure, sun protection factor properties are also evident to prevent the skin from sun damage are U.V rays, it is packaged in a dark amber glass bottle and also has a glass stopper and therefore it should be stored in a cool dry place away from fire . It can be used by all skin types; it minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, strength marks, dark lines under eyes and facial blemishes.

Anti-inflammatory properties are also evident to reduce burns, rashes and other serious skin diseases, it is sold to you with a guarantee of a money back, the presence of one fluid OZ  of red raspberry seed oil is evident perfect for daily skin care use, it is also not animal testing.

The face oil offers anti-aging benefits which improve skin elasticity and flexibility leaving your skin soft and skin hence preventing it from wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging rough skin.

From the observation carried out, it is evident that most ladies, girls, and women are prone to leaving their chests open to show off their beautiful breasts or even some put on strapless tops and dresses to show off their unique shoulders. In such conditions, raspberry seed oil is the best oil to be smeared on you’re showed off chest or shoulders to prevent sunburns because the UV rays are naturally absorbed by the oil without adding artificial chemicals.

This is a simple way of taking care of your beautiful skin because the chest gets a lot of sun and very little care due to careless assumptions. Sometimes the sun might damage our skins and we cannot even see or notice the hidden burns but raspberry seed oil is the best sun damage, restorer. Photo-aging is another name for sun damage and it is discouraged in the natural beauty realm, so take precautions and use the oil before your skin gets damaged.

In conclusion, I can confidently say that red raspberry seed oil is the best oil to be used to better your skin and for more efficient and admirable results since it is very natural, 100 percent pure and most importantly made of one ingredient which makes it unique and suitable for use.


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