Is Salmon good for weight loss? | Top tips

Weight is one of the thorny issues for many individuals in the contemporary world. This has led to the emergence of burning issue like how to lose weight, build muscles, and maintain the fitness amongst others. Various mechanism has been invented by health professionals with the intention to salivate individuals from weight loss or gain, they including dieting, weight loss supplements and sundry of weight loss training programs. In this article, we want to see why professionals are quoting salmon good for weight loss.

Salmon good for weight loss

Did you ever ask the question yourself, “What do I want for dinner considering taste and health benefits?”. Foods that are easy to digest but have food values and helps for weight loss. Salmon good for weight loss or not!

What Salmon fish can you eat?

Salmon has gain popularity and is third most sea products being consumed in the US because of its nutritional benefits, it is classified as oily fish and they are anadromous species type of fish. We have different types of salmon fish that can be consumed they include Atlantic salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, Coho salmon, and chinook salmon.

Salmon fish nutritional facts

This fish has a high protein content, omega-3 fatty acids, cholesterol and vitamins as its nutritional value. According to the American Heart Association, they recommend eating wild salmon fish at least two times a week. That salmon is a good source of protein compared to fatty meat products.

Serving 85g of Atlantic salmon that is cooked dry heat, you get 17g total fat per serving at 17%, cholesterol 55mg at 18%, proteins 19g, saturated fat 2g, selenium 50%, 180 calories 90 calories from fat 85.

Serving Coho salmon 3oz that is 85g will give you 120 calories and 35 calories from fat(calories per gram is fat-9,carbohydrates-4 and protein-4), 3.5g total fat ranging at 5%, saturated fat 2g at 5%,cholesterol 45mg at 15%,sodium 50 mg at 2%,vitamin A 2%,vitamin C 2%,Calcium 4%,Iron 2%,vitamin D 100%,selenium 45%.

Health benefits of salmon fish

Salomon fish has proven beyond doubt that it can help the body in some ways, it has a high content of omega-3 fatty acid that is great for the heart. This omega-3 fatty acid is helpful for people with high of cancer or those who have cardiovascular disease, according to research.

The omega-3 is capable of decreasing the risk of abnormal heartbreak known as arrhythmias which is dangerous, it can lead to loss of life. Another health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are that it decreases the level of triglyceride levels. That did not stop there, it lowers the growth rate of atherosclerotic, this is a disease in which plague develops in your arteries. Pressure is one of the issues that contribute to weight, the omega-3 fatty acid is known to be good at lowering the blood pressure lightly.

Which Salmon good for weight loss, especially for you?

One will not be in a position to get health benefits from all the salmon out there, we have wild salmon and farmed salmon. Wild salmon fish is healthier and much leaner, it’s the one recommended to have all the benefits, unlike farmed salmon fish.

Wild salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, Potassium, selenium, anti-oxidant and many more which helps in reducing weight loss and heart diseases. Farmed salmon is not rich in nutritional contents because of the environment in which they are living in. Some of them may make contacts with harmful foods that are not good with their metabolisms. The famed salmon fish also might have unhealthy levels of fat content.


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