Tea tree oil for hair, the magic solution oil

Having strong, soft and shiny hair is not an easy task. We often find ourselves searching and testing different oils, ingredients, and creams looking for a solution to the most common problems: hair loss, dandruff, brittle hair, itchy scalp, among others. There is a natural and healthy solution for all these problems, that very few know, and we are eager to present: Tea Tree Oil for hair. Its antibacterial and nourishing properties have turned it into the integral resource to have the healthy and beautiful hair that we so desire.

tea tree oil for hair

Origin of the Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, as the name says, comes from the leaves of the Tea Tree, a plant native to Australia also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia, so the oil can also be found as “Melaleuca Oil”.

It was discovered by the Australian aborigines, who crushed the leaves of the tree and applied them on wounds, burns and other skin conditions to eliminate or reduce the infection.

This was how it was known about the antiseptic and anti-microbial properties of Tea Tree Oil, and was spread around the world by the chemist Arthur Penfold, so it began to be used in a variety of body products and remedies for different uses, such as acne, athlete’s foot, sinusitis, viral infections, and more recently, to restore hair health.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair

tea tree oil for hair

The Antiseptic and Anti-microbial properties of Tea Tree Oil are extremely effective in restoring the health of the scalp, and therefore, of all hair. The Tea Tree Oil helps solve or at least greatly reduce all the common problems that our hair can have, such as the following:

Hair loss

Hair loss is very often due to the hair follicles being blocked by the accumulation of scalp grease or affected by other bacteria that do not allow the hair to continue to grow.
First of all, Tea Tree Oil is responsible for destroying the germs and microbes lodged in our scalp, perhaps by old residues of hair products, by dead skin cells, or simply by weather conditions, heat or sweat.

After that cleaning, Tea Tree Oil for hair begins to control the production of grease on the scalp, preventing the accumulation of grease in the hair follicles that can completely block them, causing hair loss or preventing their growth. This is also extremely useful so that we do not have our hair extremely greasy, but regulate it and stay with only the amount of grease suitable for the health and shine of the hair.

Finally, the Tea Tree Oil for hair performs a process of moisturizing and nourishing the roots of the hair, to enlist and motivate them to resume hair growth, now thicker and stronger.


Dandruff is an accumulation of dead skin cells on the scalp caused by small fungi lodged in the skin, which cause dead cells to adhere to the scalp in the form of sheets and cause stinging and irritation.

This can be easily solved with Tea Tree Oil, since it has antifungal and antibacterial properties that fight what is causing dandruff while it works as a natural conditioner and keeps the scalp moisturized.

Scalp Itching

Not only dandruff can cause our scalp to itching. There are several types of fungi, bacteria or scraps that can be lodged in our head, due to heat, sweat, or the use of hats, and then remain there irritating and producing itching. This not only can be really annoying, but it can also lead to more serious problems, such as hair loss.

The Tea Tree Oil for hair is perfect to stop it and avoid any future problems, because it is responsible for eradicating all possible residues or bacteria that are lodged in the pores of the scalp, including the scalp eczema and scalp folliculitis.

By cleansing and moisturizing the pores, not only does the itching feel go away, it also allows the hair to grow more freely.

Lice and Nits

Forget about having to cut your hair or paint it with strong chemicals to get rid of this unbearable threat. Another excellent application for the properties of Tea tree Oil is the eradication of lice and nits. Its main components, 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol work as insecticides and repellents, both for Lice and Mites, another type of parasite that can live in our heads and generate embarrassing itching and other plenty of discomforts.

So, basically Tea Tree Oil for hair makes our scalp as an uninhabitable place for any parasite, so it is proven efficient to kill or repel all lice, from its nymph stage to the adult stage.

In addition, completely removes the gummy compound used by lice to stick their eggs to the scalp, so all nits are gradually loosening, and it becomes extremely easy to extract them with the help of a comb.

The best methods to use Tea Tree Oil

Once we know all those useful properties of Tea Tree Oil for hair, we must resort to certain application techniques so that their beneficial functions are activated in our scalp and begin to tone our hair.

The first and most important is that it is not recommended to use Tea Tree Oil totally alone, since its direct use on the skin could cause adverse effects. On the contrary, combining it with other oils, creams or shampoos, its properties are enhanced and we can obtain all its benefits.

tea tree oil for hair

Here we will explain four simple ways to mix and apply it so that you start to see your hair more beautiful, bright, strong and even with faster growth:

Massaging the scalp: One of the simplest and most efficient ways to apply Tea Tree Oil is through a massage to the scalp. Mix a few drops of Tea tree oil for hair with some carrier oil, such as almond, olive or coconut oil. Then apply over the head and massage until it covers the entire scalp. If you want to achieve a deeper effect, apply this mixture at a warm temperature, to get the pores open. Once you cover the entire scalp with the massage, wrap the head with a towel and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then you can wash it with your normal shampoo. Repeat this treatment two or three times a week.

Spray on the scalp: Sometimes we do not have enough time to devote to perform a massage, so another efficient and effective method is to brush the tea tree oil on the scalp. Fill a spray bottle with water and Tea Tree Oil, exactly 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil for hair per ounce of water. Spray it on all your scalp in the morning before leaving home and let it act all day, to remove it in the night before going to bed. You can repeat this procedure every day.

Combine it with the shampoo: This is the most comfortable and convenient way, especially when we no longer have a serious condition but we want to permanently maintain the antiseptic effect that Tea Tree Oil for hair offers us. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil for every 8 ounces of shampoo, mix well and wash your hair as you usually do, but let the shampoo rest on your head for 10 minutes before removing it.

All-night treatment: One of the most effective procedures, because the Tea Tree Oil components are activated more efficiently. Mix 3 ounces of olive, coconut or almond oil with 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil for hair, and apply the mixture on your entire scalp, massaging it well for a couple of minutes. Then cover your head with the bathing cap or with a plastic bag, to concentrate the effect, and keep it throughout the night. In the morning you can wash it as you usually do with your shampoo and apply conditioner. This treatment can be done twice a week at most.


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