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tommy james net worth

Who is the pop music lover here? Nowadays, our teens are excited about the new genre of pop songs. But don’t be surprised by the fact that Pop music has an age-old story.

In the early 1960s, pop musicians were the heartthrobs. Tommy James was one of the brightest names of that time.

Well, you may guess that we are going to talk about Tommy James net worth today. We know he was a star of our grandparents’ time, but what’s the hassle to know about a legendary singer. So if you are interested, then have a look.

Who is Tommy James?

Tommy James, also known as Tommy Tavder ks, is a famous pop-rock musician of the 1960s.

He is also a songwriter, record producer, and the well-known brand leader, ‘Tommy James and the Shondells.

He was also a model at a very early age. You can say James was a born singer. His grandfather gave him a Ukulele at the age of three only.

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Tommy’s Bio at a glance

NameThomas Gregory Jackson
Celebrity nameTommy James
Date of BirthApril 29,1947
Birthplace  Dayton, Ohio, United States
Zodiac signTaurus
Age73 years old
Weight76 kg
EducationNot found
ParentsNot found
SiblingsNot found
Marital statusMarried
SpouseLynda James
ChildrenNot found
Net worth$10 million
WebsiteTommy James and Shondells
Last updatedOctober 2020  

Tommy James Net Worth:

Till today, more than 500 people covered Tommy’s song. So can you guess how much he earned through his songs?

Not only songs but also his band concerts were also famous for youngsters. The band released a Platinum album, and there they sold around 150 copies all over the world. It is a record for any pop band.

And all Tommy James owns an estimated net worth of $ 10 million. And his splendid career deserves it.

Well, we think he should earn more. The superstar is still working with his passions, so who knows when he may cross his boundary and surprise us with the fact that the 60’s star has become a millionaire.

The career of Tommy James

James signed in the cam3ra at the age of four. He was a child model. But his singing career also started early.

When he was only 12, he formed a band name ‘The Echos’ in 1959, Later this band transferred into ‘Tom and Tornados’

Later in 1964, he finally gave a new name to The existing brand as ‘Shondlles.’ Tommy’ Shongdlles was one of the local brands to record on WNIL radio station.

The brand created enormous songs. Hanky Panky was one of the famous songs. But due to no national promotions, the song lost his popularity within a few times.

Later in 1965, A famous dance promoter, Mack Bob, found the song’s original copy and used his dance club. Within a few months, it became a signature song of Bob’s studio and started realizing more copies.

And The song did a record with 80000 copies sells in ten days. By 1966, the album became one of the best-selling albums in Pittsburg.

Billboard, Cashbox, and Record World listed the album as one of the regional hits. And at the end of the 1966 ‘Hanky Panky’ won the best single award in The USA.

All the name and fame of Pittsburgh compelled James to go Pennsylvania, and there he met with many famous musicians like Rubin and Chunk.

Then James, Chunk, and Rubin started to sing withal collaboration and reformed the band Shondells.

The interesting factors of Tommy James Career

After bunches of rejection of musical companies, the Trio broke, and then James started to work with Raconteurs, a house band, and then they became Shondells again.

And that time, Tommy received his name as Tommy James. Don’t be confused like me, please. His Official name is Thomas Gregory Jackson.

They continued the band for more than thirty years. The band released 40 hit albums. James and The Shondells reunited in New Jerzy to re-record songs in 2007. They recorded the song “I love Christmas “together.

In 1971, he started to sing some solo albums. The singer had two billboards hit solo albums. .James has some solo albums like ‘Dragin the line,’ ‘Three times in love,’ ‘Tighter, Tighter,’ etc.

Later he joined Fantasy record, and there he gained Millennium records. In 2010, he released a musical story based on his life

 It was a love story of a musician who makes his way by Own talent in the music industry. Recently producer Berbera is going to make a movie based on this.

In 2018, James joined a radio program, and he hosted the radio program’ Gettin’ together with Tommy James on Sirius XM Radio Channel. Here he may also join in the late-night show based on Woodstock Music Collection.


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