Tongue piercing snake eyes: the complete guide

Tongue piercing snake eyes are one of the rarest piercing, even though they’ve been popular on some teen population. They consist in piercing your tongue, but not in a vertical way as the traditional and well-known tongue piercing.

This model pierces through horizontally, almost in the tip of the tongue. The two balls of the jewelry remain outside, resembling two eyes in the head of a snake (the tongue). Meanwhile, the curved or straight bar is hidden inside.

tongue piercing snake eyes

The snake eyes piercing needs a lot of precision to avoid incidents. So, we recommend you go to a very experimented, clean and serious piercer or you may regret it later. Remember that the tongue is a way to our entire organism and infections can easily spread through it. Besides, this piercing is particularly traumatic to the tongue as it is horizontal; this makes them more vulnerable to infection. We have another article on infected belly button piercing and it’s treatment.

If you still want to get through this process, let’s take a look to the “before, during and after” of these piercings.

What to know and do before getting tongue piercing snake eyes

Once you get that serious piercer that won’t get you an infection, then it’s time to ask him about absolutely everything. Yes, about his hygiene, his needles, and any sterilization issue regardless the room and the equipment. Also ask him to tell you about any risk you might face when getting tongue piercing snake eyes (a hint: there’re several of them so pay attention and make sure he knows what he’s doing).

Professional piercers won’t have any kind of problem to respond all the questions you have as they know all the risks involved and will see your worries as responsibility. On the other hand, if the piercer is reluctant to answer your questions or encourages you to “not worry” and leave “everything on his hands” run fast! If you notice this or any other suspicious behavior from the piercer, better find a second prospect.

tongue piercing snake eyes

Once you know the piercer is the right one and your appointment is ready, it’s time for buying some aftercare products. But don’t worry, all you need is sea salt for making sea salt water or the ready-made cleaning products based on this same material. Both products are easily found in any drugstore, naturist shop, piercing/tattoo shop, etc. Actually, you can ask the piercer if he sells them.

NOTE: it’s highly important that you DON’T use regular table salt; this won’t work and probably get you a lot of pain and damage. Further, in this guide, we’ll explain better the process of aftercare.

How will it be during the tongue piercing snake eyes process?

The first thing your piercer should do at the moment you sit on his chair is to put on gloves and show you the sterilized needle, clamps and any other necessary tool. You can ask any last-moment question that may have occurred to you (don’t do it if you’re in doubt).

Then, he’ll show you the available jewelry so you can pick the one you like most, or if you’ve brought your own jewelry, then this is the moment for handling it to him (we recommend you use a 14 bar or higher number for avoiding piercing displacement).

Once everything is neat and ready, your piercer will examine your tongue to find out where are the perfect spots for making the wholes, and then will mark them with a surgical marker. Never let a piercer make this process without marking both sides as this piercing needs great precision to not cause a disaster on your tongue. If he tries to do this, stop him and find another professional.

After the marks are done, the piercer or an assistant will hold your tongue using clamps, so you won’t move out of pain and cause yourself greater damage by hitting a vein (or maybe hurt the piercer hands with the needle?).

Then, he’ll go through the marked spots horizontally with a hollow needle. Once the needle has pierced, then the bar is put inside it with one stud on to make sure it doesn’t go beyond. Then, they take away the needle and put the second stud. The tongue piercing snake eyes are known this way because the studs are placed on both sides of your tongue, resembling precisely snake eyes that look towards whoever is in front of you.

tongue piercing snake eyes

What’s the aftercare and what to do after you get tongue piercing snake eyes

Your piercer will give you a detailed list of cares you have to take to make sure your piercing won’t get infected. If he doesn’t, ask for it.

In general terms, the most important thing about taking care of your tongue piercing snake eyes is that you always wash your hands right before you touch it. Even if you’re using cleaning products on it, first wash your hands.

Also, brush your teeth regularly, even more than usual. But make sure to use kids’ toothpaste or you’ll see hell. Use a boiled cup of water with one-fourth of a teaspoon of salt water (wait for it to get cold) and then wash your mouth with it a couple of time after every meal.

The healing process should take one or two months, but the pain, swelling, and redness should start decreasing by the second week after you got the piercings. If this doesn’t happen, make sure you get to a doctor REALLY fast, because you might be facing an infection.

For the first month, at least, avoid:

  • Mouthwash or anything minty.
  • Spicy foods.
  • Cigarettes or smoke in general.
  • Alcohol

Don’t be scared if you see a bit of blood during the first days, but DO worry if it’s still bleeding after a couple of weeks.

tongue piercing snake eyes

Tongue piercing snake eyes risks and possible infections

It could be local (the most treatable one) only surrounding the piercing or it could spread and take the whole tongue (this could be mortal). To make sure your piercings are not infected, be careful with the following signs:

  • Swelling: it should decrease after maximum a couple of weeks; if the swelling holds on or it increases, go see a doctor.
  • Pain: you’ll feel some pain for a couple of weeks as well, but if after that it increases or suddenly you feel unbearable pain, get into a clinic right away.
  • Redness: just the same as the two before; if you see it’s red as if you suck a lollypop after a couple of weeks, it’s no good sign.
  • Discolored tongue: this is the worst sign of infection, if your tongue is not red but greenish, white, yellow, purplish or black, you may be in real danger so please, don’t wait until next day before you get attention.

Among other potential risks of tongue piercing snake eyes, there are:

  • Damaged teeth from contact
  • Gum erosion
  • Migration of the piercing (not always)
  • Speech impediment (less probable).


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