Tricky Riddles With Answers That Will Beat Your Brain Harder

So are you searching for tricky riddles with answers in online? Of course, yes, that’s why you’re here today. If you think you are smarter enough to face any tricky question and can handle the situation brilliantly, then this is the right place to judge yourself. So ask yourself are you ready to play with these brainteaser questions.

Tricky Riddles With Answers

If so then go ahead. No doubt, this will gradually develop your sense of humor. Though most of the times the problems are being silly and people feel shy to face them. Hence, some issues don’t have any correct answer either. In addition, some questions need to solve applying some logic too.

Know About Tricky Riddles with Answers

In most of the cases, tricky questions would be two types. Some are logical, and some are funny. Sometimes you will astonish thinking about how easy the answers were, but why I couldn’t answer them right back. This is the case. Some answers are so common that we thought how could be so easy these answers!

Overthinking about a question makes, the answer tangled, but the answers are staring back in your face. Some answers won’t have any logic instead leave you to laugh out only. To make the way easy we have included a couple of tricky questions so that you can figure out the tricky answers quickly.

How the Tricky Riddles with Answers Will Help You

This set of tricky riddles with answers will help you to have a workout of your brain. In fact, it will work like scratching your head in puzzlement. So to test yourself you can riddle yourself these silly questions and see how many you can get the right answer. Moreover, tricky questions will test your power of creativity, perception, and thinking. Many kids can’t get enough riddles tossed around at the dinner table in their house. Our effort is mainly for them.

Tricky Riddles With Answers

Practicing these tricky riddles with answers is a fantastic skill to learn. We tried our level best to add such beautiful riddles so that you can share with your family and friends. Some people are there who considered themselves as geniuses whereas some people feel tough to solve these problems.

Question: Imagine Bob’s father has four children. If three of them are Mumu, Meme, and Momo then who’s the fourth one.

Answer: A very easy answer if you listen to the question carefully. It should be Bob.

Question: Suppose a family lived in a round hut. When the father came back from work, he found out the mother dead. In that case, the first one said he was drawing, the second one said he was reading, and the third one said he was watching television in a corner. So the question is who did this?

Answer: Here, in this case, the answer would be the youngest one. Because of you may notice since it’s a round hut, so there is no corner in it.

Question: Suppose you are in a pitch-black room with a gas stove, a candle, and an oil lamp. And you have only one match in your hand. Then what say which would you light first?

Answer: Playing some common sense you can find the solution. It’s the match, you have to light first.

Question: Suppose an airplane crashed and every single person in the plane died. If that time only two people survived then who would be that two people?

Answer: Logically every single person in the plane died so the two survivors would be a couple, a married couple.

Question: Imagine, there is one apple tree near your home. In addition, some apples are on there. But after a mild wind, there remain no apples either on the tree or the ground. How could be it possible?

Answer: This is a little bit tricky question. This could have two answers. One could be there were two apples on the tree. All of a sudden, the wind blew and one apple fell on the ground. As a result, where there are no apples on the tree, there will be no apples on the field too. (Here, apples => more than one apple).

In another way, you can also say that the wind blew very hard. So all the apples fell off the tree and flung on the ground.

Question: There was a one-story house at the corner of the road, where the living room was orange. Its bedrooms were yellow, entry hall was red, the sitting room was purple, the garage was green, and the kitchen was blue. Then what will be its stairs color?

Answer: Another tricky question. In this case, instead of finding the stairs color you should notice from the beginning what it told about. Because of there won’t be any stair in a one-story house.

Question: Once two girls went for a dinner together. Both of them decided to have iced tea and ordered for it. The first one drank the tea very fast and had finished five already. In the time between the second one drink just one. But unfortunately, the second one died while the first one escaped surviving. N.B, all of the bottles contains poison. Now the question is how the first girl survived instead of drinking most of the glasses.

Answer: If you think logically, the answer is all in front of your eyes. The second girl died because the poison was on the ice not in the tea.

Tricky Riddles With Answers

Bottom Line

Hopefully, both kids and adults will get the benefit from this tricky riddles with answers collection. Specially, who are adults they will get some longer, more complicated brainteaser to challenge their skill. In a word the more you play with these tricky riddles, the more you can use your brain, and it will get sharper.

Henceforth for many people, puzzles are an excellent source of brain stimulation and real hearty laugh. If you want, it can be an ideal way to get rid of boredom, and sharpen your brain. Practicing them, you can create some new ones and fool your friends.


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