What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner?

Shampoo and conditioner are both hair care products.  The two exhibit a big difference as they function differently. We are discussing “what is the difference between shampoo and conditioner” here to give you a clear idea. Out of quite a number of shampoos and conditioners in the market today, it is easy for someone to be confused which is the best as they are all taken as hair care products. But today know that the two are quite different from one another. Ranging from the definitions of the two you get to notice a difference going forth to their main aim of application you will get to really know each stand as own.

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner

The two though are of importance to hair as they perform different tasks. Shampoo cleans the hair and conditioner conditions the hair to be beautiful. Showing they work hand in hand. it is factual the two are different ranging from even the definition itself.


Shampoo is a mixture of water and soap. It is used to remove dirt, skin particles, dandruff, oils and other contaminant particles that has to build up in the hair as a result of not washing the hair. This gives a clear explanation that shampoo is just meant for general cleaning of the hair.

Shampoo also contains surfactants and detergents. These tw2o ingredients are added to the shampoo as chemicals that will make the detergent lather in the hair and remove the dirt in the hair. There the main ingredient in the shampoo that functions all along when you apply the shampoo in the hair.


Conditioners are hair care products that are more specials as compared to shampoo. When you apply the conditioner you will alter with the texture and appearance of the hair. Hair gets to shine, soft and smooth after you apply conditioner. This implies that conditioner is meant to condition the hair and make it look more beautiful. DIY Leave In Conditioner is an amazing thing for your hair.

Conditioner contains class of chemicals such as emollients like cetearly alcohol which reduces evaporation on the skin and makes hair be moisturized especially if you have dry hair. This makes conditioner be said to protect the hair as to shampoo.

The definitions give the back ground of understanding the two hair products and drawing a clear picture in need there is a noticeable difference between the two hair care products. You might like to know the Top Difference Between Hair Mask and Conditioner. Here are the differences between shampoo and conditioner:

Purpose of use

Shampoos are just meant to clean the dirt in the hair. They remove the oils, dandruff and dead skin cells that have built up inside the hair. They are also used to remove other accumulated hair care products when switching to a new one. This is to give your hair a clean look before apply other hair care products.

Conditioner, on the other hand, is a meant to condition the hair. When it is applied it gives hair soft and smooth texture as well make hair shine. It is also used as to make hair be moisturized for easy combing and styling.

As to the purpose on which each is meant to do, brings out a difference between the shampoo and the conditioner. This makes each important as one cannot perform the duties of the other.

The type of ingredients making the two products

As from the purpose of the two hair care products, the ingredients making them are not the same. Shampoos function like soap although added other products to remove oils and other dirt products from the hair. Unlike conditioners which are meant to change the way hair looks.

Shampoos contain washing agents which protect to remain intact as it is. Conditioners contain protein that moisturizes hair and makes it be soft. More so conditioner makes hair be strong due to the ingredients that make it.

What is the difference between shampoo and conditioner in the Ph level

Conditioners have high Ph level. This makes conditioners promote the development of amino acids. These amino acids make the hair look shinny. Shampoo, on the other hand, have low Ph level as it is a mixture of soap and as soaps have low Ph level as to shampoo.

The way two products are used

All shampoos are rinsed out after being applied. They come out together with the dirt they have found in the hair. Shampoos have no other way rather than to be rinsed out. For conditioners they are used in two different ways; one you can rinse out he conditioner and second way you can leave in the conditioner. To determine whether to leave in or rinse out depends mainly on the purpose of the application.

As from these, it is now very clear that there is an inner difference between shampoo and conditioner. Many users of these two hair care products have questioned which one is of importance than the other? But to us, the two are equally important this because of each as its own works it does. The work a shampoo does a conditioner can do. Implying that neither of them is of more importance than the other when it comes to purpose each does

Without the other, you cannot have perfect hair. You cannot skip shampooing your hair and apply conditioner directly. Due to that, a conditioner cannot remove the dirt that as already accumulated in the Hair. You cannot shampoo your hair and get the shiny, soft or smooth texture in your hair. This gives a clear conclusion that both hair care products are important to our hair. To certain really both are important here is the importance of each in the hair.

Importance of shampoo

  • Shampoo helps to cleanse all the dirt in the hair. Our hair is so much exposed to dirt when going our daily activities and shampoo is the best hair care product you can use to remove this dirt and be left with clean hair. Despite there being many other products available products to clean hair shampoo is one of the best products that do it working well and to perfection. These other products include bar soaps which are not recommended for use on hair as it leaves behind soap scum. The best way to cleanse your hair is by using a shampoo as it will remove all build up of scalping.
  • Shampoo help in managing hair conditions such as dandruff. Shampoo is made to solve certain hair conditions. it is like a medicine to some hair problems one encounters. The problem like lice infection through the use of shampoo to clean your hair you will deal with the problem.
  • Through the use of shampoo, it will help prevent grease in your hair. This is one of the common problems especially to people with oily skin or to those uses wrong hair care products and finds their selves in this state. This way it is recommendable to use shampoo before conditioner as to remove other accumulated oil products in your hair.
  • Through the use of shampoo makes your hair have a nice smell. Many shampoo products have fragrance as ingredients that make them which leaves your hair smell nice after wash. This is a bonus when you use shampoo in your hair.

Importance of conditioner

  • Conditioners are made such a way they condition the hair and have a soft, smooth and shiny hair. Conditioner is the one that gives hair a good look. it penetrates inside the hair cuticles and works to the hair. This is the major work a hair conditioner dos which are so important such that on use of shampoo you cannot achieve.
  • Conditioner helps to have strong hair and prevent any damage. The conditioner gives hair food that is necessary for hair to remain strong and healthy.
  • Through the use of conditioner one is able to manage hairstyles. as conditioner keeps hair smooth and soft one is to do any hairstyle of the wish as your hair will not have the problem in fixing the style.

Which product is of more importance than the other?

This question disturbs many users of shampoo and conditioner but here the answer. Just from these basic importance of the two hair care product, it is of notice that both products are important. Although they have a difference they are equal in terms of significance work they do in the hair. To achieve good hair care results you need to use each. This leads to say that, they work hand in hand in hair care. One should not skip shampoo the hair and apply the conditioner. By doing so your hair will still remain dirty only shiny outside. Do shampoo and then condition your hair.

Again the two products perform different tasks. Conditioner can solve hair care problem a shampoo can perform neither conditioner perform tasks a shampoo can. This rates them as important.

Hair care is very important and should be maintained. Both products are good for the hair only that one cannot work without the other. So have both at your hand when doing your hair care always. Through looking at the common differences in shampoo and whether they are equally important as done away with all kind of confusion in any user of this product.


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