What to do after a break up to overcome?

We have all gone through a love break and we know how dark the panorama can be, so we will talk about what to do after a break up. How to handle the moment when are going through such a situation.

Love is one of the most powerful forces that exist and although innumerable philosophers, artists and even scientists have tried to decipher it, the truth is that it is an indefinable aspect of our lives. It is inherent to our human condition and can make us feel in the clouds or it can make our life hell.

What to do after a break up

What to do after a break up

If you are going through this situation, do not worry, we’ll tell you what to do after a break up.

It is totally understandable that you have that feeling of emptiness and that you do not want to leave your bed. Live your duel, cry, comfort yourself and talk. Letting off steam is one of the best things we can do. Do not get in your storm.

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Little by little you will be able to gather energy but you must put all your mental strength. The most advisable thing is to exercise. You can play some sport, climb the mountain, jog or enroll in the gym. Many studies show the benefits of physical activity but remember that in addition to reducing stress and anxiety, produces hormones of happiness. Your brain will be generating the chemicals that make us feel comfortable.

In addition, constant exercise will bring benefits for your physical appearance, you will look more rested, healthy and little by little you will rebuild your self-esteem.

The most important thing to end a relationship is that you are again available to your time and the best person to invest it is you. Do the things that really fill you with happiness, start a new class or a hobby, start reading that book, make that trip you wanted so much. Go ahead and invest your time in yourself.

Mastering detachment is something very complex but you should try to advance every day, even if it is a little bit. Eliminate all the things that remind you of your ex. Remove your contacts from your cell phone and your social networks. If you have objects that you have given, place them in a box and throw them away. If you do not feel strong enough to do so, at least ask a trusted person to keep those things for you, at least a few months. This is an excellent measure of what to do after a break up.

Do not torture yourself checking the social networks of your ex. Surely you will find details that you really do not want to know and you will only end up increasing your pain.

Do not place yourself in a lower position. Do not beg. If that person no longer loves you, left you for someone else or have differences that can not be fixed, it is best to leave with dignity. If you beg him the only thing you are going to get is to feel worse because besides having your heart made piece, you will hurt your dignity.

It is also not recommended that you try to make him jealous of another person. If your partner left you for someone else, paying with the same currency will not fix anything. You need time to heal. Respect your processes. If you get involved with someone else, you could end up doing more harm and hurting someone else. Dare to cut the toxic circle. Who has control of your life is you.

Dare to change your look. The beauty salon is an excellent ally for the processes of love breakups. Go ahead and try a new look, change your appearance. You can cut your hair or dye it. Looking different will help you feel that you keep changing and moving forward.

Lean on your friends. Talking with them, being able to open up and expressing your feelings is very important. But it is also good to do recreational activities such as going to the theater or having a coffee. This will help you understand that there are many people in your life who love you and are there to support you. Friends can save you in more ways than one. Do not isolate yourself. This pain will pass but you do not have to do it alone.

Go ahead and go shopping. It may seem superficial but it is something very positive what to do after a break up. You can go alone or with some friends. Buying new clothes always encourages. It will help you change your image and delve into that feeling that you are moving forward. Dare to buy sexy clothes that make you feel safe and eager to eat the world.

Have an appointment at the spa. These beauty and relaxation centers are ideal for treatments for your skin, hair and body. A relaxing massage or an aromatherapy session will surely help you recover your emotional health. You can release tension, reduce stress and anxiety. You can also go alone or do it with your friends. It is an excellent activity to heal and have fun.

What to do after a break up

Adopt a nutritious diet. It is natural to have certain eating disorders because many times our emotions are reflected in our appetite but you can not stop eating. Go little by little. If you do not have an appetite, at least take natural juices that help you maintain your energy. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Although you can also afford your cravings, do not overdo it. Adding a few kilos of weight will not help your self-esteem.

Having a healthy diet is not going hungry. It is eating balanced and with nutrients. Beware. You are the best work of art that you can do in life.

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And most importantly, free yourself. You do not have to wait for a wilted flower to resurrect. Your life, your time and your dreams are totally yours. Take this opportunity to learn from the negative things and thank the positive ones. Although they are very few.

Now you know about what to do after a break up. Relationships are very complex and it is best to accept that nothing is forever.

You are about to start a new chapter in your life and it can be as exciting as you can afford it.


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