Where Do Bed Bugs Come From- Bed Bugs Fact and Information

Does the tiny devil called bedbugs irritate you? Want to know where do bed bugs come from? Well, then you have come to the right place. We have to face this nightmare indeed. Bed bud is a blood-eating insect. Today we will try to cover out all the information about bed bug, how it gets in, and what the way to enter the home. Consequently, we have added the negative effect of it and how to prevent bed bugs.

So just what Bed Bug is?

Generally speaking, bed bugs are nocturnal, small as well as wingless insects. It’s originated from the insect’s family of Cimicidae. Generally, bed bugs have six legs and two antennae. Fully grown bedbugs are up to approximately 4-5 mm in length and oval in shape. The life cycle of a bed bug is in three stages like eggs, then nymphs and at last adults.

where do bed bugs come from

Most of the cases, adult’s bug’s skin color are in either deeper red or rust brown, flattened body shaped. On the other hand, nymph bed bugs are a bit yellowish and normally 1-4 mm tall. As these bugs are flattened in body shape, they easily can in the small area or places like cracks, under carpet, baseboard, under the carpet, sofa, bed frames, and different small places which are difficult to find. For this reason, we always think about “Where do bed bugs come from!”

Some interesting facts about bedbugs are

  • Nocturnal, avoid light.
  • Doesn’t have wings and can’t fly.
  • Prefers dark.
  • Female bed bug usually lays 200-500 eggs, 10-50 at a time.
  • An adult bed bug may survive without feeding over one year.
  • Its antenna point is half of its total body.
  • It crawls to hide in dark place.

Where do bed bugs come from?

As the name pointed, mostly these bugs are found out closely to bed. Though the name indicates, they barely found in different places. As bud bugs like dark places and try to avoid light, so small places are comfortable for them mostly. So we can categories it into two parts-

  1. Bed Bugs in the bedroom
  2. Bed Bugs outside the bedroom

Bed Bugs in the bedroom

Bed bugs are mainly parasites which feed on human and others animal including the cat, dogs or other pets. But mostly they prefer human. So we frequently see it nearly the bed. Normally, they bite in the head and occasionally in the neck. It rarely bites in bare hands, legs or arms. They bite such a way people can’t realize. The reaction of bites like a red spot and it goes severe (hives or rash). Moreover, bud bug is the transmit disease of people.

where do the bed bugs come from

Bed Bugs outside the bedroom

Research says bed bugs are found on all over the world and approximately in 50 states. These parasites are searching for the human host. Though it is thought that it list from where it comes from is pretty large. However, let’s dig out some of such places where do bed bugs come from

  • Various transport like trains, Buses, cruise liners, planes, and taxi cabs.
  • Office buildings.
  • Nursing homes and Daycares City Hall and Fire Stations
  • Colleges and universities.
  • elementary schools, middle schools, and High schools
  • Federal buildings or Police stations.
  • Libraries or Theaters.
  • The home of a family member.
  • A friend’s house.
  • Your workplace.

Other causes how bed bugs get in

There are some places that you should pay the attention closely.

  • When you spend the night on resort, hotel or motel, this one may on the top listed. Though it is well kept and clean, be sure there is a possibility as well.
  • If the outsider guest comes to visit at your home, they may carry it without knowing.
  • It may enter it with old or used furniture if its second hand.
  • If you kids go to the friend’s place, they may bring without even knowing it.
Negative effects of bed bugs

Bed bugs become the nightmare for the public. This tiny little monster is disturbing and also has bad side for human mental and physical health. The negative effect of bed bug is more than just physical. Normally we see a red dot type sign on the skin after biting. People often can understand that it attacks them as it hides instantly. Then the question comes to mind “Where do bed bugs come from?”.

Its effect is more mental; it may cause lack of sleep and stress. In this people face delusory parasitosis that refers to though it is gone you will feel it’s still there. As it attacks in the nighttime, people have a fear of it and its effects on sleep. So they feel stress. More than anything, it is harmful to children and might infect as well. If you can’t find it, contact the professional for help.

How do Bed Bugs Spread normally?
  • Being disturbed
  • No host or for food shortage
  • Infested furniture passed or moved down a hall
  • Sunlight that is not suitable to survive for them.
  • Vacuum cleaners or laundry machine that uses for various or multiple rooms
bed bugs come from
Preventing Bed Bug

It is barely possible to prevent it completely from getting into the home. Moreover, you should be careful with few things for preventing it. So let’s have a look on some way to decrease the chances to get in.

  • Use hard-case suitcases instead of fabric ones while traveling.
  • In traveling, the insect the rooms properly before check in to the hotel or motel.
  • Avoid entering any sofas or mattress, luggage, boxes, briefcases, backpacks, pillow from unknown sources.
  • During the inspection-use a flashlight or hand lens or magnifier.
  • Put extra attention on fabric item if it has seams or layer.

In summary

Hopefully, this where do bed bugs come from will be a handful for you. We have tried to point out all the related information that will be helpful for you. Moreover, in a word we can say that it’s a blood-eating parasite that is pretty harmful to both mentally and physically. So try to keep the children away from these tiny devil creatures. Furthermore, you will get some solution to prevent it in our article. We hope you enjoyed our article.


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